Saturday, July 16, 2011


Regular readers would now that when I write in caps, I'm mad excited about something.


Yup, Sookie finally popped! And it was only like seven posts ago when I confirmed her pregnancy.

Groggy and hardly able to open my eyes, this was what greeted me at the wee hours of a Saturday morning:

She started whelping close before midnight.  By 4.30 a.m., she successfully delivered six squealing pups.

The most amazing thing was, she wasn't done yet.

I witnessed my first puppy birth.  Two, to be exact.  If you love newborn puppies with all their slimy pinkish glory and placenta, here's a clear recording of Sookie's whelping.  If not, skip it.  Animal Planet provides less gory footage of animal birth.


Four chocolates, two blacks, and two tri-coloured ones.

Another amazing thing is that both Sookie and her mate are only half Labs - but the pups showed otherwise.  The chocolates and blacks even have their trademark white spot on their chest.  However, the two tri-coloured ones puzzle us.  They are neither chocolate, black nor yellow.  (Which I was so badly hoping that I would have a Sookie mini-me.  But oh well, at least I get to spoil her, without making another jealous.) Anyway, my mom is convinced that Bubut might've played a hand in that (though I'm sure it's not biologically possible.  Or is it?).  My best bet is that Sookie's German Shepard dad's gene might be the cause of their puzzling colour.

We were glad that Sookie did develop her mother instincts (note teen pregnancy), and she became extremely protective of her pups, especially against the other dogs.  She almost mauled Ting Ting just for staring.  But to us humans, she let us touch, check, move, and roll her pups into place. 

A happy coincidence was that the birth of her pups fell on my mom's birthday.  Even more reason to not give them away love them.

Now I just CAN'T wait for them to open their eyes, start walking, then run gleefully towards me, ALL EIGHT OF THEM.


~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww :D so adorable~! Remind me of when Bamboo.. if you ever consider to give them for adoption please consider me.. hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Klaraparis: hehehe...i'd love to, but all kena booking sdh...sorriez!

Santafire said...

ala! teda putih??
my fem dog pun like that. she's a doberman-ish, male is white. But all her pups were white or spotted. Langsung teda color mcm dia.

But later, all grow up like the mother's body. Which is nice :D

How many you get to keep now?

Santafire said...

gosh, i forgot to mention/ask.

Saw the fur carpet in ur dog pen. Goat skin kaitu?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: oh? i was really hoping for a yellow one...huhu...we've decided to keep all the males :D. which is only three. anyway,'s just plywood :D

chegu carol said...

Did i hear someone's sniffing, as in crying? must be heart-warming witnessing your puppy (masih bah kena panggil puppy kan) delivered her first off springs. I never witnessed one. Even when I managed to catch my late Tinie whelping, I decided to let her had her privacy. But looking at the recording, I feel like I want to keep a copy too, when Ginger (Bam2's new playmate) whelp...finger crossed in 2 months time.

btw, ya sia pun fikir macam baru saja u mentioned that sookie being pregnant. hahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: sinus ba tu carol...sajuk ba my place especially at that hour...heh..yeah, once u feel like ada2 sign sdh, keep on checking...but most dogs would give birth at night, so a bit difficult la mau bubut dorang...

Yen said...

name suggestion: eric, bill, lafayette, sam, jason, jessica, pam, tara,!telebih suda..hehe.

AnnieMing said...

Oooh they're so adorable!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yen: hehe...i would've done that if my mom didn't have get dibs in naming them :D

Annie: SANGAT!

Lizeewong said...

So sweeeeeet the way you talk about your pup. They are adorable!!:) Labradors are known to be smart ba kan? My friend has one and he's training it to fetch the ducks when they go duck-hunting

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: hehe..trainable, that is awesome - coz that is their purpose as labrador retriever...sookie used to bubut my mom's chickens too :D