Sunday, July 24, 2011

Microdermabrasion: A Solution to Skin Woes

Well, my skin woes, that is.

I have skin who thinks it's still 15 - and I don't mean that baby smooth young skin.

I'm talking 'bout gnarly acnes.  Well okay, I'm exaggerating.  The doctor said I have mild acne.  But to a vain person, it is considered gnarly.

And because of that, I get acne scars - especially when my mindless fingers itch to squeeze the daylight of the pimples.

So I'm now in a neverending journey to find the holy grails of skin products that would promise me flawless skin.  That would erase my acnes and scars.

Then I stumbled upon a 'short cut'.

It's a procedure called microdermabrasion.  Guy readers who only use soap and sometimes shampoo when your soap runs out to wash your face, you may leave this page now as you will be ever the more puzzled on why women need to wear 20 products on their face after showering for an hour.

Okay, first of all, NO, it has nothing to do with going under the knife, or injections - this pretty face is all natural, oh-kays.

Alright, for those who are made dumb by the Internet and can't read long articles, this is a summary of what a microdermabrasion is:

  •  It is a procedure that can promise smoother skin, erase wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scars.
  • It's like scrubbing your face to remove dead cells - but using a tool like a chisel to slough away dead cells. 
  • It is considered a 'lunch break' procedure - as it only takes about 20 - 30 minutes.  Heck, you can even do it while having your lunch.  If you don't mind looking gross eating lying down.
  • It can be done at beauty salons, and clinics.  Clinics - which are all the more safer as the only face you have is in the hands of professional doctors.  Psychotic ones not exempted though.
  • So what the doctor does is - take a pen/vacuum thingy with rough crystal/diamond particles and swipe away on every inch of surface of your face.
  • This will cause the first layer of your skin to be wiped off into oblivion.
  • Hence, your skin is now exposed to evils of the world.
  • Hence, allowing your new skin cells to generate faster to heal your first-layer-skinless face.
  • Then voila, you get new, smoother skin.
  • Impurities and dead skin cells (the ones that parade your acne scars like a boss) will be removed as the pen/vacuum thingy does its job.
  • As to how it removes wrinkles - when your new skin cells generate, you produce collagen (or something like that) that fills up your ugly ass wrinkles.
  • But of course, this is not an instant  result procedure.  That's plastic surgery, Botox and vitamin C injections' job.
  • Like losing weight the old fashion way, it takes time to see results.
  • And lastly, it is safe.  No foreign objects shoved in your face.  Just removing crap on your face.
Like this:

I started doing it 'bout 2 months ago, and I have gone for 4 times at two weeks interval.  It's only the first 4 times that you need to do it as often.  After that, you only need to follow up every month.

First, the nurse helps clean my face.  Don't expect beauty salon standard treatment - they are nurses for gawd's sake, not trained beauticians.  Then, the doctor comes and sloughs away my dead cells.  How does it feel?  Like someone rubs the coarsest sand paper on my face.  Fuck it hurts.  The first time.  Then you get immune (or you grow thicker skin).  After that, the nurse once again cleans my face, then slathers me up with after-peeling creams and sunscreen.  

Your face will then start healing, start growing new skin cells and collagen.  But it chooses to do it as grotesquely as possible.  In my experience, after a couple of days, red stripes would appear on my face.  I look like the wife of Wolverine as a woman beater.  Then, it peels away like a snake.  The more you cover it up with makeup, the obvious it'd become.  I really need to think of an answer when my colleagues and students ask me what the fuck's wrong with my face.

However, when the nightmare peelings are over, you will wake up with wonderfully smooth skin.  Seriously.  Everytime I catch myself in the mirror, I'd become Narcissus - staring and admiring my flawless skin for a few minutes seconds.  My mom did it with me too, and I did notice her skin being flawless too one day.  Your skin is even the more flawless under makeup, of course.

So at RM100 per session, I don't mind splurging for vanity.  After all, when all my acne scars are gone, I can reduce my trip to the doctor.

I didn't think of taking a Before picture, but I hope this would do to show that I'm not shitting you and that the doctor didn't pay me for blogvertising.

And I know I should take photos without makeup, but sue me for forgetting - the imperfections are still visible under makeup anyway.  Happy?  Just focus on the forehead.

Before, taken in April

After, taken in July, with flash

Note that I do not camwhore myself with flash 'coz it will highlight every imperfection.  But this is one picture with flash that I don't cringe looking at.

Well, maybe these photos are not so much convincing as it's still too early to see any differences.  But I do feel it!

Fine. Watch this video then.

So if you're looking for a quicker solution (quicker as in than just relying on beauty products) and don't mind the redness and peeling for about 2 - 3 days, you might wanna give it a try.  But you can't stop the first 4 times 'coz it'd be fruitless and a waste of money.  You have to be patient with the result.  Or else just go inject yourself with whale blubber.

So as to fulfill one of my new year's resolution, hopefully, in one year's time and RM1200 poorer, I'll finally have a smooth forehead and flawless skin to the max.


Joan said...

i can imagine the pain of having someone putting like kertas pasir on the face..

but its definitely worth it oh!

TaQuiLa said...

bleh kasi halus kulit juga? weh, which doc u went nih?. mind to share?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Joan: yup! just have to tahan2 and try not to tear up...hehe

Sheila: uhuh...dr nicholas, klinik keluarga. just say mau buat microderm ;)

chegu carol said...

memang sia angkat tangan duluan mau join ni kalau duuulu (before kawin) bcos muka sia pun teruk than you..bukan forehead saja ah, the pimples all merah2 pasal tu jejawat. Lucky now I don't have that much problems with acne. And oh, I do buy facial cleanser and what not...tapi my facial care routine is usually cuci muka pakai air and soft cloth saja. Seriously. :)

chegu carol said...

astaga, apa bah sia cakap tu...i meant *the cheeks all merah2...

Lizeewong said...

Senyum2 sia baca ni post Manda. You know why? In Jan I bought a personal microdermabrasion kit after seeing an ad on TV and after reading so many good reviews about the treatment. Adui. Big mistake. Didn't work at all. Mesti mau jumpa professional jugala, like what you did.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Carol: ARE YOU SERIOUS? well actually i did read somewhere that just washing ur face with just water is good enough already...just that i dont dare to try! takut the next day jadi gunung berapi my face >.<

Lizee: hehehe. do u know how tempted i am to buy those kits on ebay?coz u know, in the long run, mahal jg ba tu...but okay! learned something from ur story :D

Yen said...

sa baca tajuk seja ni pun pening.. :p
(susa mau sebut)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yen:u just have to say it slowly :D

sati said...

Wow, your skin improved a lot after microdermabrasion :)
May I know the Clinic name & phone number? I am interested to give it try. Thanks dear . Email

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sati: it did huh...i've emailed you already :)

PeerMurphy said...

Using microdermabrasion machine procedures has been approved treatment for back acne for over ten years.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

PeerMurphy: That's pretty good then.