Friday, July 29, 2011


Sookie's pups have opened their eyes.


I'm gonna die of cuteness overload.

Like, serious cardiac arrest.

First, here's one of them when they were still blind - and blindly sucking on my thumb.

Few days later...

 One eye opened! Arr.

 Both eyes open! Albeit China man eyes.


I just had to show you that to you, ya know.  FYI, yes, his name is Gabriel.  He's the first born, born on my mother's birthday.  So you can guess why my mom wanted to name him that.

Here's another pic of a pup that can cause death by cuteness. 

Now we're wondering whether we will be able to give some them up for adoption.



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Microdermabrasion: A Solution to Skin Woes

Well, my skin woes, that is.

I have skin who thinks it's still 15 - and I don't mean that baby smooth young skin.

I'm talking 'bout gnarly acnes.  Well okay, I'm exaggerating.  The doctor said I have mild acne.  But to a vain person, it is considered gnarly.

And because of that, I get acne scars - especially when my mindless fingers itch to squeeze the daylight of the pimples.

So I'm now in a neverending journey to find the holy grails of skin products that would promise me flawless skin.  That would erase my acnes and scars.

Then I stumbled upon a 'short cut'.

It's a procedure called microdermabrasion.  Guy readers who only use soap and sometimes shampoo when your soap runs out to wash your face, you may leave this page now as you will be ever the more puzzled on why women need to wear 20 products on their face after showering for an hour.

Okay, first of all, NO, it has nothing to do with going under the knife, or injections - this pretty face is all natural, oh-kays.

Alright, for those who are made dumb by the Internet and can't read long articles, this is a summary of what a microdermabrasion is:

  •  It is a procedure that can promise smoother skin, erase wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scars.
  • It's like scrubbing your face to remove dead cells - but using a tool like a chisel to slough away dead cells. 
  • It is considered a 'lunch break' procedure - as it only takes about 20 - 30 minutes.  Heck, you can even do it while having your lunch.  If you don't mind looking gross eating lying down.
  • It can be done at beauty salons, and clinics.  Clinics - which are all the more safer as the only face you have is in the hands of professional doctors.  Psychotic ones not exempted though.
  • So what the doctor does is - take a pen/vacuum thingy with rough crystal/diamond particles and swipe away on every inch of surface of your face.
  • This will cause the first layer of your skin to be wiped off into oblivion.
  • Hence, your skin is now exposed to evils of the world.
  • Hence, allowing your new skin cells to generate faster to heal your first-layer-skinless face.
  • Then voila, you get new, smoother skin.
  • Impurities and dead skin cells (the ones that parade your acne scars like a boss) will be removed as the pen/vacuum thingy does its job.
  • As to how it removes wrinkles - when your new skin cells generate, you produce collagen (or something like that) that fills up your ugly ass wrinkles.
  • But of course, this is not an instant  result procedure.  That's plastic surgery, Botox and vitamin C injections' job.
  • Like losing weight the old fashion way, it takes time to see results.
  • And lastly, it is safe.  No foreign objects shoved in your face.  Just removing crap on your face.
Like this:

I started doing it 'bout 2 months ago, and I have gone for 4 times at two weeks interval.  It's only the first 4 times that you need to do it as often.  After that, you only need to follow up every month.

First, the nurse helps clean my face.  Don't expect beauty salon standard treatment - they are nurses for gawd's sake, not trained beauticians.  Then, the doctor comes and sloughs away my dead cells.  How does it feel?  Like someone rubs the coarsest sand paper on my face.  Fuck it hurts.  The first time.  Then you get immune (or you grow thicker skin).  After that, the nurse once again cleans my face, then slathers me up with after-peeling creams and sunscreen.  

Your face will then start healing, start growing new skin cells and collagen.  But it chooses to do it as grotesquely as possible.  In my experience, after a couple of days, red stripes would appear on my face.  I look like the wife of Wolverine as a woman beater.  Then, it peels away like a snake.  The more you cover it up with makeup, the obvious it'd become.  I really need to think of an answer when my colleagues and students ask me what the fuck's wrong with my face.

However, when the nightmare peelings are over, you will wake up with wonderfully smooth skin.  Seriously.  Everytime I catch myself in the mirror, I'd become Narcissus - staring and admiring my flawless skin for a few minutes seconds.  My mom did it with me too, and I did notice her skin being flawless too one day.  Your skin is even the more flawless under makeup, of course.

So at RM100 per session, I don't mind splurging for vanity.  After all, when all my acne scars are gone, I can reduce my trip to the doctor.

I didn't think of taking a Before picture, but I hope this would do to show that I'm not shitting you and that the doctor didn't pay me for blogvertising.

And I know I should take photos without makeup, but sue me for forgetting - the imperfections are still visible under makeup anyway.  Happy?  Just focus on the forehead.

Before, taken in April

After, taken in July, with flash

Note that I do not camwhore myself with flash 'coz it will highlight every imperfection.  But this is one picture with flash that I don't cringe looking at.

Well, maybe these photos are not so much convincing as it's still too early to see any differences.  But I do feel it!

Fine. Watch this video then.

So if you're looking for a quicker solution (quicker as in than just relying on beauty products) and don't mind the redness and peeling for about 2 - 3 days, you might wanna give it a try.  But you can't stop the first 4 times 'coz it'd be fruitless and a waste of money.  You have to be patient with the result.  Or else just go inject yourself with whale blubber.

So as to fulfill one of my new year's resolution, hopefully, in one year's time and RM1200 poorer, I'll finally have a smooth forehead and flawless skin to the max.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm A One Year Old Teacher

It's been one year since I became a teacher!

Ridonk, right? 

I've gotten through that awkward phase of transitioning from student to teacher.

And now I'm a one year old teacher.

Like, what?

So.  Did I enjoy it?


I have my dark days.  And everytime I feel like a loser for not being able to control students, make them give a fuck, I'd be highly motivated to get out from school after I've finished my government bond.  In which I have another 4 years to go.

I learned to care about kids who are not related to me - and I realised that could hurt me a lot.  Especially when they don't care about themselves.  Time, money and energy is wasted, and an array of diseases would come knocking on my door.

I learned that being a teacher doesn't mean just teaching.  You have to do a million fucking odd jobs at the same time.

I learned that your colleagues can be your best friends, and some of them can be sharks.  Shark in a dugong's skin.

And I have learned that I can't save them all.  Which is still utterly depressing for me.  Maybe I'm gonna need another year to gain thicker skin.

But did I enjoy it?

Maybe.  I do enjoy a Teacher's Day Celebration. 

Yeah, we eventually had it like, two months later from the exact date.

And I thought my first Teacher's Day Celebration at my previous school was awesome.

But my current school is pretty rad.  100% organised by students for teachers.

We had a 'sukaneka'.

We had a Fashion Show.

In which of course I won :D

And they build huge wedding-like tents and fed us.
Though I was not so much inundated with gifts this year unlike the previous...

But as a whole class gift, this is radically awesome. And pretty!

So. Do I enjoy being a teacher?

Despite all the shiteous things I have to go through, there is a pot of gold waiting for me at the end of the day.

This is only the first year.  Might as well enjoy the next four years, eh?

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Regular readers would now that when I write in caps, I'm mad excited about something.


Yup, Sookie finally popped! And it was only like seven posts ago when I confirmed her pregnancy.

Groggy and hardly able to open my eyes, this was what greeted me at the wee hours of a Saturday morning:

She started whelping close before midnight.  By 4.30 a.m., she successfully delivered six squealing pups.

The most amazing thing was, she wasn't done yet.

I witnessed my first puppy birth.  Two, to be exact.  If you love newborn puppies with all their slimy pinkish glory and placenta, here's a clear recording of Sookie's whelping.  If not, skip it.  Animal Planet provides less gory footage of animal birth.


Four chocolates, two blacks, and two tri-coloured ones.

Another amazing thing is that both Sookie and her mate are only half Labs - but the pups showed otherwise.  The chocolates and blacks even have their trademark white spot on their chest.  However, the two tri-coloured ones puzzle us.  They are neither chocolate, black nor yellow.  (Which I was so badly hoping that I would have a Sookie mini-me.  But oh well, at least I get to spoil her, without making another jealous.) Anyway, my mom is convinced that Bubut might've played a hand in that (though I'm sure it's not biologically possible.  Or is it?).  My best bet is that Sookie's German Shepard dad's gene might be the cause of their puzzling colour.

We were glad that Sookie did develop her mother instincts (note teen pregnancy), and she became extremely protective of her pups, especially against the other dogs.  She almost mauled Ting Ting just for staring.  But to us humans, she let us touch, check, move, and roll her pups into place. 

A happy coincidence was that the birth of her pups fell on my mom's birthday.  Even more reason to not give them away love them.

Now I just CAN'T wait for them to open their eyes, start walking, then run gleefully towards me, ALL EIGHT OF THEM.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hero

You are a teacher.
Your job is to teach
kids who want an education.

You are a teacher.
Your job is to help
kids who want to have a better life.

You are a teacher.
Your job is to motivate
kids who have nothing else to live for.

You are a teacher.
Your job is to listen
to kids whose voices are silenced.

You are a teacher.
Your job is to care
for kids who feel alone in this world.

You are a teacher.
Your job is to save
kids who are in the darkest pit of society.

You are a teacher.
You are a hero.
But sometimes,
you can't save them all.

But you are a teacher.
You are a hero.
You save one child, you save the world.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yellow Fever

Yup, we're all still struck by the Yellow Fever. 

Just look at your Facebook wall.  Almost EVERYONE is talking about it.  And even arguing on who's right and wrong.

If you're one of my 700 friends on Facebook, you'd know who I am for.

On the opposing hand, Bersih 2.0 is the opposition plot to topple the current ruling party.  Those who think that our goverment is doing an excellent job in ruling our country would definitely be against this.  Why do we want to cause disharmony in an already peaceful country?  Plus, the rally is a huge inconvinience for everyone in KL - being stuck in the jam for hours, plans cancelled.  And also, what would the tourist and people from other countries think of Malaysia?  We'd definitely drive them away, hence a loss in tourism income.

And on the other,  Bersih 2.0 is what it is.  A rally for a cleaner electoral.  Whoever believes in a cleaner electoral, can join in.  Whether you are for or against the government.  Dirty politics do happen on both sides, right? So whoever wins the next General Election, it has to be based on true People Power.  We want a cleaner election so we can have a ruling party who can actually do something to help our nation e.g. giving back the poorest state its riches back.  It may cause a huge inconvenience to the people in KL for a day - but some has already gone through half a century of inconvenience.  As for thinking what would people think, why bother when we have already been a laughing stock and other countries seem to be cool with our fellow Malaysians holding peaceful rallies all over the world.


Who's right and who's wrong?

We are all entitled to our own opinion.  We will believe what we want to believe - no matter how much facts and non-facts are laid out for us.  And the arguing could go on forever because we already chose to believe our own opinion.

The same goes with the media.  Whether you choose to believe the mainstream or alternative, it is your choice and nobody can change your stand.  Until something/somebody really fucks up and destroys their angelic perception in your eyes. 

Therefore, I decided to withdraw from this arguing and the 'forcing each other's beliefs onto each other'. 

What I'm sure of is, we all love our country.  And that's why we're arguing over who's destroying our beloved land.

So when we're over this Yellow Fever, let's go back to liking and commenting each other's status updates, links and blogs, yeah?

Friday, July 8, 2011

It was a mistake - and now I'm the douche

I'm talking 'bout the 'parent complaint'.

After I lashed out talked to the class about the false accusation, the HEM teacher came to talk to me.

She told me that it wasn't me.  It was a mistake.

When I think about my brilliantly wicked sarcastic speech that I gave to the class, I'm a little bit embarrassed.

So I was fine then.  Glad to know it was a mistake.  Let's move on already.

And today,  I was called once again to meet the HEM.  Great, what did I do now? I thought.

To my surprise, the complaining parent was there.  She was this frail lady who looked terrified upon seeing me.

Then she apologised profusely for mistaking me as the witch who spouts curses.

Damn, I did not see that coming.

And of course, I told her I had no hard feelings anymore as it was an honest mistake.

Then she teared up.


She felt really bad about the false accusation till she couldn't do anything but think of how pissed I am.  Apparently my speech worked really well till her kid went crying over guilt - and now her mom too.  'Coz my student know what a damn good teacher I am (as per told by the mother to me and the HEM - free glowing commendation, anyone?)

And that made me feel like a douche.

So yeah. Intense moment for a while there.  Now that even the issue is settled, I'm not going to delete my previous post as I am speaking for those ill-treated teachers, who don't get to live a day to meet apologetic parents.

As for the moral of the story today, well, parents can be an ass, but they can also be living testimonials of how important you are in their children's life.

If you're not a witch though.  And a douche. 

Gosh, when am I ever gonna get over that?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another parent complaint: I'm on a roll baby!

I am raging mad right now.

Like, this mad:

It happened again.  I got another complaint from a dumbass parent.  That's two years in a row.

Not about my blog again though.  I'm smarter this time, and they are dumber.

Apparently, I nag too much.

Which is true.  I mean c'mon, you don't have to break a leg or sell your baby brother to bring a dictionary to school, right?

But what pissed me off to the max is that apparently, I "curse them to fail".




I don't know who's even dumber: the bastard of a student who spouts vicious lies about their teachers who are trying so hard not to see them fail again, or the simpleton of a parent who believes everything their dumb kid says?

If this kid is smart, I don't mind him/her being vocal about the 'flaws' of the educators.  But this kid  is from the second last class of the form.

And the mother didn't even dare to mention her lying, conniving brat's name.


Retarded parents gives me another reason to NOT stay in the school system for the rest of my sad life as a teacher.

So, my advice to you parents or future parents who are reading this, I know your kid is the apple of your eye, but mind that an apple can be rotten inside.  There are always two sides of every story.

I wish they'd grow a brain.

FMTL. (fuck my teaching life.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Story of A Labelled Delinquent

Once a upon a time, there was a kid in school.

She was labelled a delinquent.

She wouldn't do her homework, and she skipped classes whenever she felt like it.

But above all, she'd go to school drunk.  At 7 in the morning.

So she was a headache for her class teacher, the disciplinary teacher, and of course, the principal.

She was let off with a warning a few times, but she'd still go to school with happy juice in her.

Yes, she was a problem.  To the school.  A disgrace.

Finally, she was expelled. 

No one knew what had happened to her since.

Life went on as normal.  Peacefully.  No drunken kid belting out cheesy love songs at the corridor.

Till one day, a shocking news struck the school.

She overdosed on pills.

Whether she was searching for a greater high, or wanted to end her life, we'll never know.

Yes, she was a problem.  To the school.  A disgrace.

But nobody asked her what her problem was.  Now that's a disgrace.