Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's Ticking Me

Ticks. Pun intended.

Tick/flea shampoo, injection, drip don't seem to work on my dogs.

I guess it can't be helped that they have acres of free grassy space to play around.

They also like to hump mingle with the neighbours' dogs.

Picking the ticks one by one is an even losing battle.  C'mon, they've been around since the dinosaurs.  What are humans to them?

So I've been doing some research about those damn dog ticks.  And here's what I found out:

  • Those nasties on your dog's neck, ears, legs and between the toes are yes, ticks. 
  • The bitch tick can lay a motherlode of 5000 eggs in her lifetime.  They won't ever fucking extinct, no siree.
  • A tick would kick back, relax and complete its entire life cycle in YOUR house.
  • Then only it would find a dog as a new host for its nasty orgy.
  • Ticks crawl, but they can't fly since they have no wings.  Thank God their evolution stopped right there and then.
  • They have their very own thermal goggles called 'Haller's organ' that sense odor, heat and humidity.  That's how they locate their food.  
  • They're pretty sneaky.  They once again kick back and relax this time on tall grass, and latch on our dogs when they come near.
  • The male tick is small and flat.
  • The female is a greyish fat bitch, the size of a pea.  Now we know who wears the pants.
  • As you can see, they are fucking gross.
  • After sucking the life of your pup, it swells up to the size of a small bean.
  • Then it mindlessly drops off to complete the rest of its cycle.
  • When it sucks blood, it literally buries its head INTO the skin.  Fucking gross.
  • I would like to reiterate that ticks are fucking gross.

You can get more information from here.

Ways to kill 'em?

The best answer I can get from all over the internet: Pull the motherfucker out using a tweezer.

But what about the other 53470 ticks huh?

And that is why I'm absolutely ticked.

I heard kerosene and tobacco ash would do the trick to kill and prevent them.  Have you heard of this before?  What is your method of getting rid of ticks?

Help me pwease?


Santafire said...

ada mau suntik tu. but i forgot what's the name.

suppose to make ur dog's blood pahit, then the tick fall off, and u gotta manual kill if u jumpa/if still alive. at least better than have to cabut.

does not affect eggs. so if they hatch, need to suntik balik.

Dora said...

ya agree with Santafire :) tp kami punya in pills form...

chegu carol said...

Oh yes, that type of ticks memang bikin meradang. and yes, they grow comfortably at the darkest corner of your house while ambushing dogs, jump on them when they fast that insect...err...arachnid.

Tapi via observation, ni kutu only strike vigorously during rainy season...kalau time panas2, jarang dia keluar.

Anyways, we use dog collar on each of our dog. It works, the kutu fall off within 24 hrs but the dog has to wear the flea collar for few months. Even si Bam Bam yg dulu selalu keluar rumah and cepat kena hinggap tick, now i hardly find ticks on him biarpun 1 bulan tidak mandi.

And when i bathed the dogs, i usually use the tick comb to sisir the ticks. You have to part the dog's fur to sisir closer to its skin to make it works. And I think, better than using tweezer. Paling2 pun use the tweezer to pick kutu from its ear and in between kaki.

Good luck!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: That's what the vet, no wonder I thought it didn't work. bloody eggs.

Dora: What pills are they? Where can I get 'em?

Carol: Yes, i think now it's their season ni...tu la i'm worried ni. Hm, what's the brand of the collar? I bought one from Hiap Lee yg around rm5 ja and it only worked for the first week when all the kutu jatuh. but after that, sama jg. even worse, the kutu are more concentrated under the collar :/

chegu carol said...

owhhh not that less than rm10 punya flea collar..memang doesnt work that. the one we bought, ala lupa nama dia..but it's around rm40 each :) for 7 months use.

Santafire said...

ehhh i oso want the pills! whr?!

Melancholic Fool said...

I had a cat once, and it acted as a royal, fuzzy vessel for ticks to live, have sex and die...

what my family did was sending it to a vet and they injected my cat with something... so overtime, my cat became tick-free... i dunno about dogs though....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Carol: wow...mahalnya...5 lg ni anjing sy...haha...mana punya petshop i buy?

Azhar: that's some super dose...for dogs it's suppose to be the same, but the ticks seem immune to it.

Asrih Arif said...

kutu HANJING ... scary oh... but atleast is visible to the eye... bukan mcm kutu manusia... kisil kisil..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

asrih: laa, i thought u wanna give me some tips on how to annihilate them, doctor. i forgot u're not that kindof doctor. haha.

Asrih Arif said...

hahahhahahhahahhahah even as a HUMAN dr... I've never learned how to treat KUTU MANUSIA... hahaha

chegu carol said...

haha...well, our 5 big dogs were tick-free after using the collar as well as si Bam kira worth it la hehe...if in kgau, i dunno where to buy. in kk, century clinic at millenium plaza ada...paragon pet store at kk specialist centre or at GFpuppyhouse Kennel, 1B.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

asrih: adeh...nda blh la cari ko ni if the kutu decided to get onto my skin :p

carol:sy mau la ni...hehe...thanks!