Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time Restricted = Crappy Vs Time Freedom = 101%

Work ethics.

What are work ethics?  What are the work ethics that you abide? What are the work ethics that you are forced to abide?  And what are the work ethics that you ignore, break or work yourself around it? 

I remember reading one article by Zewt (though I can't track back what article is that already) that one company in Singapore requires their employees to deliver their best, and I mean their god damn best.  That's gotta be stressful and a lot of pressure, right?  Well, here's the upside: their employees are not bounded by the traditional working hour of 9-5.  They don't have to punch in at exactly 7.59 a.m., and punch out at 5 p.m.  They can come and go as they like, have their break as many times as possible - as long as they do an excellent job.  Seems incredulous, right? Or was the writer being just hypothetical? Yeah, my memory's pretty hazy these days.

BUT.  Even if it's hypothetical, which working environment would you wanna be in?  The above, or, our real life time restricted 9-5 job?

Let's take a teacher's work ethics for example.  (yeah, 'coz that's the only job I can relate to in this world)

We are required to punch in and out at a fixed time.  Later (when going to work) and earlier (when going back) than the required time would seek the wrath of the principal/headmaster.  'Coz it shows that we're 'irresponsible'.


What if I'm doing a hell of a job teaching my kids?  What if I have never missed a class and always punctual?  What if I'm busting my ass figuring innovative and creative ways to teach incorrigible teenagers?  What if I can improve the school's overall achievement?  What if I have done all my required tedious jobs like writing my lesson plans, taking students' attendance, marking papers, keying in marks, updating my files and so on?

What if I have done all of these things before the last bell rings?  And I decided to go home early?

Would that make me a bad teacher?

Or would they prefer me to sit back, and hang out in the staffroom, spend the next free hours gossiping about who slept with who and who inject her face with what, or flipped through tattered catalogues that I've seen a gazillion time?

When I can go back home and start planning my lessons for the next day? (of course, after surfing the net, cut my nails, squeeze a zit, play with my dogs and watch a serie or two of The Vampire Diaries)

Okay, so you may ask, "Why don't you just spend your free time in school planning lessons?"  Well, for one, my workbooks are all at home.  I'm probably THE ONLY teacher who has NO academic/workbooks on her table.  (Teachers out there who are like me, do let me know you exist!).  And secondly, there's no Internet access in my school.  And we're like, the top 3 school in town yet we don't have Internet.  How am I suppose to plan kick ass lessons without the Internet and my books (but the Internet mostly)?

So yeah, I'm guessing you already know where I'm going and that I'm becoming like 'the others',  but what is so wrong with that when you are always doing the right thing?  For me, there's no reason to judge those teachers who go out for breakfast or to wash their car during free periods - as long as they are doing an excellent job teaching the children.

I'm trying not to make this a habit though, but if I really do think I can use my time more wisely at home (for the kids), I'd do it.  So sue me for not wanting to waste time and be more productive.

Now people, would you rather have a time restricted working hour, yet excusable when doing a crappy job, or a free working hour but required to give a 101% with no excuse?


Shamimi Haniza said...

u boleh keluarr? skolah xpagar ke? my school kunci pagar babe. lebih kurg mcm mktb je. =(

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mi:serious?! depressingnye...:/ hm, guard tu guna la...budak dtg jam 7.30 pun dia bg masuk... (dey have to be in school by 6.45)

Santafire said...

Be the change!
Buat apa la mesti ikut the norms kan.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: yeaaah...but till we're government 'servants',we're still bounded by rules. we just find ways to get by it :D

AnnieMing said...

I sometimes sneaked out of the school a bit early if I have no class during the last period. Haha! Only if it's 'safe' *ehem paham2 la kan* But it's not because I wanna plan for the lesson at home, it's because of the heavy traffic jam I'm trying to avoid all the way from Menggatal to Pinampang. Nah..

Sometimes you sneak out of the school early doesn't make you a bad teacher bah. Even cigu yang ada 'halo' di kepala pun pandai bagi alasan teda2 demi meninggalkan school awal..

Birthmark said...

I punch in at 8:43, 10:56, 9:03, 11:18, 12:13, 1:46.

I knock off at 4:31, 5:16, 6:49, 7:08.

Sometimes at 3:59, 4:49, 5:32 I go for a pint or two, stroll around the mall, or a cuppa tea, and continue 1, 2, 3, hours later. Or simply, the next day.

Sometimes when I knock off, the pubs down the mall had closed.

Sometimes I work till 3.46, 4.53, 5.21, 6.44. In the morning.

Sometimes when I knock off, the pubs are opened for business. On the next day.

I've worked through weekends. Public holidays. Off days. And even sick days.

I've worked through 30 consecutive days. Without a single off day.

Sometimes I took days doing nothing but thinking. Sometimes weeks, or even months to complete a project.

I did good, if not great.

I'm an advertising creative.

You like these?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: heheh...WOW!pny jauh pla ur skool ni...my giod...anyway, tu la. i think everyone does it for a valid reason, and that doesn't make them irresponsible :D

Birthmark: Then there's that scenario when there are times you'd be free as a hobo, and then fucking busy. but yeah, i think i can live with that :D. advertising-where u should never run out of creative juice. must be lots of fun. and pain.

hapi said...

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Birthmark said...

Well, yeah. It's a love-hate thing.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hapi: hey! thanks! and thanks for dropping by! :D

Birthmark: lolz.

Lizeewong said...
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Lizeewong said...

Hmm...I'm with you on planning kick-ass lessons using the internet and being productive at home. If you can get away with it, I guess why not? But if it gets you into trouble, then it's probably wiser to get a mobile broadband stick to use in school.

Anyway, interesting jg tu gossip moi "who inject her face with what" Hehehe.

Phoebe said...

The good thing about having a fixed work time is that if people want to ask you to do something when it's near 5pm, you can always say 'sorry, can you come back tomorrow? It's almost time to go home'. The downside is just like you said, you're bound by the time that you're supposed to be working even when you've completed your task 1 hour early.

The latter (giving 102% but no fixed working time) does sound blissful but your life is totally not yours. Emails in the middle of the night must be answered pronto (cause you're still working remember?), no Christmas hols, etc.

Fixed working hours infuriates me too but what to do, part and parcel kan. Pain in the a*s I know. Have you tried just writing ideas for your lesson plan for you to use the Internet for at home?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: right? yeah,im thinking of subscribing broadband again, but see la...heh...gosh lizee, it happens! :D

Phy: yup, that's totally true. u can get consumed by the job if it's like that. well, i tried, but i just cant. i feel 'timpang' ni without the internet...hehe...oh im so dependent!

afiq said...

the upside to that free working hours system is that to some people they may be able to make good use of their 24hrs,get their work done and go home early, spent more time with family,or jalan2 with friends,duduk dpn tv and watch movies,layan fb,chatting, or just sit there on that cozy couch termenung and then korek hidung rather than wait for 5pm right..the possible downside of this system is that it might encourage a person not to deliver their best. everybody will be in a rush in getting their job done so they can lepak2 afterwards,buat ala kadar janji siap cepat and the result,you ask for cantik macam cake tp yang keluar rupa roti canai pon ade. kalo cake canai tu ade rase cake still can consider bg c- but if someone cirit birit 4hari3mlm lepas makan 'benda' tu xpeloh ketiak bos nak mjawab..if i'm that bos and if that is the outcome that i'll get i rather stick to the traditional way.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

afiq: haha. lols to the shitty cake. but anyway, that's the catch. u have to do awesome. or else u're fired. there's no room for slack.