Friday, June 24, 2011


My lab, Sookie.  Not the blonde waitress that everyone wants to sleep with.

But she's the bitch that every stud wants to mount.

And now she's pregnant!  Well, I have been speculating these past few weeks, didn't think she would get knocked up the first time, but now it's really showing.  I just thought she was uh, pudgy.

It feels only like yesterday when I brought this cute lil ball of energy home.

And it also feels only like yesterday that the guys were sniffing her butt 24/7 since she became part of the family.

And now she has a bun in her oven - no, BUNS!


Since she had her period a.k.a. on heat, the guys went out of their minds!  All they could think of was mounting her.  They even skipped eating for days and wait for her forlornly as she ate in her cage, completely oblivious of their lust - ready to jump on her the minute she gets out.   Bubut, being the alpha male, would not let Sookie out of his sight, as if telling the others "Sookie is miiine!"  The twins on the other hand were at each other's throat most of the time till my parents almost thought of giving them up for adoption, but decided that no one would want them with their ugly scarred faces.

So who's the babydaddy?

Toby.  By the way, he's a Doberman Lab mix. 

Leaving Bubut absolutely sexually frustrated for his 'shortcoming'.  But he's over it now.  Till the next heat.

Now Sookie's heavily (I should say) pregnant, she's more sedated than her usual bouncing off the wall self.

And that gives more chance for Ting Ting to play bite with her, rather than get choked most of the time by Sookie.

It feels only like yesterday when I brought her  home 7 months ago, when she was just 3 months old.  Wait.  That makes her 10 months now.  And pregnant.  I blame MTV for the rise of teen pregnancy.

Anyways.  She'll always be my lil puppy, knocked up or not.



Cynta said...

cute oh si Sookie!!!!

chegu carol said...

Amanda, she's too young to be a mother! *macam mama2 marah anak dia*


I forbid my Bam2 to hump his own daughters you know. Seriously. But am not worry now cos Bam Bam has new playmate. His real match. Nanti sia blog.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cynta: hehe...she is! :D

Carol: heheh..tu la, so how do u forbid him?

chegu carol said...

Err since bam bam is house bounded and the rest of the dogs are outside, senang lah sikit...kalau dia keluar rumah, he's always on constant watch la. Or i will put the bitches in the cage dulu baru kasi si bam bam wander around as he please :)

AnnieMing said...

Yay you're gonna have puppies soon! Punya siok.. ;-D Can't wait to see the puppies..

Melancholic Fool said...

congrats Grandma!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: ooo...if like that senang la...heh..

Annie: me too! :D

azhar: haha...aunty la wei... :p