Monday, June 6, 2011

"So when are you getting married?"


I know you're feeling me, single ladies.

If I had a penny for every time I was asked that question, I'd actually be able to fund a royal wedding of my own. Heck, I could even do it tomorrow.

But seriously.

The day I started first day of work, I was already asked that question.  A few times.  By different people.  Then again by the same people.  Busybody much?

Then I thought it would end there.  Like, what I answered you is the only answer I have.  My answer won't change the following week.  Or the week after.  You don't have to check up on me!

Some say it's concern. 

Concern that I would die an old maid.
Concern that I won't be able to produce eggs (ew).
Concern that I would have a Down Syndrome child.
Concern that my arthritis would prevent me from attending my kid's graduation.

And then some say it's worry.

Worry that I, as a hot single piece of ass would garner their husband's attention.

Really people.

Maybe I'm not like most girls.

I don't have a dream wedding that  I have dreamed of since I was seven.
I don't want to settle down right after school/college.
I don't give in to societal pressure that women should get married and be a mother ASAP.
Marriage creeps me out.
Babies creep me out more (the part where it comes out from your vagina - GAH!).  See, I even refer a baby as an 'it' - not a good sign.
And I'm not afraid of marrying an old maid ('coz I know I'd still look fantastic), or even not marrying at all.  Hey, there's always Plan B in life, right? (read adopt a few kids when financially stable, travel the world, and have the occasional rendezvous like Samantha Jones.

So there you go.  The reasons I'm not hitched yet.

I'm 25, I just finished studying for 6 years, I just started my job - heck, real life is just starting for me.  Why do I need to mess it up with complicated things like marriage?

Note that I'm not condemning marriage, or my friends who just got married.  I am a girl after all, and I do wanna get married someday. 

But not now.  I still feel like a kid.  I feel like I hadn't aged a day since I turned 18.  And I'm sure most of you still feel the same.  And that's why we're awesome.

And we just got through that gruelling Month of Marriage where the pressure is so on that you feel like you should have just worn a fake ring and wave it to those curious faces before they could ask you that annoying question.

Some weddings get rigged too in hopes that you'd be next.  Read Bouquet Toss.

The flowers were wonderful by the way, Carol.

But a wise man did say, "Every time a person asks you when you are getting married, it is a form of blessing."

So for those frequent askers, thanks for y'all's blessings.

And don't worry too much 'bout me and my ovaries - we're gonna be just fine.


Daniel Chiam said...

I'm feeling ya... not that I was being pressure to get married its just that I understand why you still choose to be unmarried.

Me likey the way your mind works. I have witness a few girl friends that got married for all the wrong reason just because the parents said so, or what the society said that's what you should be doing.

Any way, if they ever asked you that question again. Asked them back how much are they willing to pay to watch you get married. You know, perhaps they could fund your royal wedding for real.

Haha, I dont know... I have more respect for girls that really know what they wanted to do and dont just give in to whatever craps that people suggesting they should do.

All the best Amanda.

PrettyJess said...

DITTO. I still feel like a kid too, still trying to find her place in life. Well, it ain't over until we say it is. Raise you glass single ladies! :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Nice one daniel! In fact your come back idea is brilliant! and thanks :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jess: Yeah girlfriend! More parties for us too! :D

chegu carol said...

Hahahaha!...Bah, jadi bila lah? ...*blessing ni blessing* ... ^___*

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

Wait until you married, the question will change to "when you will have a baby". Hahahahahaha.....
I think its already our Malaysian Culture. Something that you cannot change overnight.

AnnieMing said...

Yo Manda, have fun while you still can!

nc said...

so..when are u getting married gia tu? (^_^)..who knows. u might change ur mind suddenly kn?

When ever it will be.. i wish you all the best. tpi.. muda lagi ba.. 25? adui. 25 is the new 17. salah dgr tu.. haha..nyway..gud luck. :)

Cynta said...

hehe..i was also asked the same thing at almost every wedding i attend. betul bah cakap ko, enjoy dulu selagi bulih ;-D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: haha! nice try ;p

SBC: true...then i'll complain bout that too...hehe

Annie: yes i will!

nc: that is so true! 25 IS the new 17 :D.

jacynta: blh buat la kan :D

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

Hahahaha.... Should not take that kind of question seriously. You're still young, just enjoy and add more experience in your life.

Cynth said...

no pressures from my family. only from my friends! hahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

SBC: yeah i dont. if i did i'd be married even before I graduate XD

Cynth: love em or hate em huh?:D

Lizeewong said...

Come on la, you're only 25! What were they thinking?

Oh btw, in future, when you decide to have a baby, consider C-sec. It's a lot less scarier my dear :)

Love this post.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: i know right? eee..gosh, C-section lagi la..where they cut up up n sew u up..gaaaah...yeaah, im pretty much not ready for either..hehe