Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Demotivated Much

The title pretty much sums what I'm feeling right now.

Before I drag you into my negativity, I have to tell you that this is a teaching-related post.  So nothing wicked for you readers in need of wicked entertainment.  Just how wickedly dumb and lazy my kids are.

Yes, sue me for calling my kids dumb. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB. DUUUUUMB.

Not because they can't understand/read a single word of English.  

But because they are sent to school, given pocket money, and blessed with the best, young, hip, dedicated teacher (or so I've been told) - and they took that for granted.  They are frickin' illiterates for Ghandi's sake.  Why won't they just make use of that opportunity?  When kids in Africa are dying to get an education? (pun intended)

And that makes them so dumb I could shoot my legs multiple times and they'd still be drifting away in their own world, just coasting along till the last day of school.

And in typical Malaysian fashion, who is to blame?  Their parents?  The system? Themselves? Me?

I'm out of my wits already.

I'm currently teaching my at-risk kids how to read, like they've never been to primary school.  Even if I have to spend time with each individual kid, pointing at each word and teach him or her how to pronounce it.  For all the 50 goddamn English words.  That's how dedicated I am.

I even promise them to treat them at KFC if all of them manage to improve their next test marks, even if they still fail, even if it is just a 1% increase.

They could at least meet me halfway.

Not all of them are lazy dumb though.  In fact, most of them, especially the alpha males (the boys who always try to get your attention by making lots of noise and say the most inappropriate things e.g. calling me 'darling') are the ones who are psyched with this reading project.  And that makes me feel like a hero.

Then a complete zero when I come to these few quiet kids who just don't give a damn.  Yes, I'd take foul-mouthed, rambunctious kids who give a damn rather than the silent, no-fuck-giving kids any time of the day.

I've demerited them like a hundred times till they are eligible to go for the next Hell Camp, and I've kicked them out of the class like for two weeks now.  But what kind of educator I am if I deny their lazy ass of an education for the whole year or two?

So yeah, I'm out of brilliant ideas already. 

So please, enlighten me - I know most teachers are reading this - how do you handle demotivated kids?


sHeiLa said...

well somehow, those kids are not thankful for what they have. seriously, either primary kids ka, secondary kids ka, the issues are still the same, but only different behaviours la.

if me, i called and talked to them.or if can meet their parents! But if suda sampai hundred of times 'nda makan saman' i asked them to leave my class.. simple. they don't want to study, they just better leave. win win situation :P

Zen said...

its times like these that makes me want to go sit in that corner and start being all emo and stuff.

i think its the gen Y thing going on that makes us/them comfortable with where we/they are now.

from the looks of it, its no surprise if a lot of teachers are on medication. I'll go take my pills now.

♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

don't be demotivated..there's a reason why u choose to be a teacher..
I respects teachers...if not for them, I won't be furthering at Uni..

have grip of urself back..U're a good teacher..who's willing to treat students KFC if they improve.. ^_^

Maybe u should practice the Great Teacher Onizuka style..haha..only this time it will be GTA - Great Teacher Amanda..


Cynta said...

I used to teach dumb-ass students like that. I think I've done everything that needs to be done, belanja dorang, give RM1 for each correct answers, etc, but yet they are still..well, ass-holes. Last I heard, one of them suda jadi penagih dadah. I used to blame myself but I learned that at times like this, just move on because we already did whatever that needs to be done. Educating a child (or multitudes of children) is not our responsibility alone and just remember, there are other kids who needs us more than those students. If everything else fails concerning these self-made retarded kids, move on and focus on others who need us too.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: i guess, as long as you think, you did everything that you can to help them, is better than doing nothing right.

zen: lolz. right behind ya.

Bella Ace: hehehe...ada masuk hospital budak...hehe...yeah, i guess i shouldn't worry too much then...

cynta: u just said the right words that i needed to hear. i guess we cant save them all huh? but thanks, that really helped :)

Santafire said...

maybe draw something on their face, snap a pic of it and post online?

if that's not mean enough.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

santafire: now that's wicked! didnt know u had it in ya :D

chegu carol said...

I know, we have the noblest job in the world...but sometimes, we cant save them all.

So yeah, Cynta have said it well.


On a different perspective, what you feel now shows how concern you are for these kids. And the fact that you are asking for ways to help you help them... that is very good. In fact, it is the key to actually motivates your demotivated self. How? You'll find a way(s). Just don't give up on them even if you know they'll certainly get reds in their result cos bad result doesn't necessarily mean they are doomed forever. ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: i wish i have ur optimism! sigh. i think i'll just ask God to take the wheels la if im really out. heh