Monday, June 20, 2011

Cure For Crime: Hot Police Officers

Yup.  That's what The Malaysian Royal Police is suggesting.

Upon reading the news, I just feel like nothing is impossible in our country, ya know?

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Police is now making it a point to station good-looking, smart and personable police officers at all frontline positions to present a more friendly and accessible image to the public.

 I guess those current ugly ass cops scare the hell out of the citizens.

“We want the public to feel our friendliness, so it isn’t just about placing those with good-looking faces or having a nice body out there. It is about mannerisms and personality, too. They must be good-natured,” he said.

 I see. So it's pretty much something like this then, "Get those pecs/boobs implants done by Monday! And oh, don't forget to be nice.  But seriously, just do something 'bout yo' flat chest.  The citizens will think we're unfriendly."

“Of course, we can’t do it for every (frontline) position, everywhere, that is impossible. But we hope to do our best as we feel this is what the public wants. Of course, not all can, or must, be good-looking, but it is a plus factor.”

"You -- Are those ass real?  Whatevs.  You're in the frontline now.  And you -- are those lady 'stache? Gross.  You now serve coffee for Kim Kardashian here." 

According to the writer of this piece of news, she thought that "perhaps our police force is taking a page out of a new strategy book undertaken by the Indonesian police force to burnish its image in the eyes of the public."

Apparently, the policewomen in Indonesia dressed in smart uniforms, wear 'flawless' makeup and hairdos.  To report the nation's daily traffic.  Flight attendants' got nothin' on these crime-busting gals!

“I hope the public sees this as an indication of us trying to be better.
Of course, academic qualifications alone is not enough. We want our people to have the right skills and values, like integrity and responsibility. “More importantly, they must have courage — academic qualifications alone won’t see them through when they are face to face with hardened criminals.”


Ok, 'nuff with the jokes.  I do think that the IGP meant well (so please don't sue me - I help you, you help me la).  But could this report be 'twisted' a 'lil?  I mean, I'm sure he meant that the police force should be more 'smartly dressed' rather than have faces like Adonis and Aphrodite.  C'mon, he doesn't think we're THAT superficial, right?  We want to be safe.  Send a Ralph Lauren model or an ogre - whatever! Just keep us safe will ya.

And what if other professions decided to follow suit?  Every job ad would go -"Good looks prioritised".  How could somebody judge a pretty face by the way?  Oh I know, just borrow a beauty pagent rubrics.

So people, are hotter men and women in the police force necessary?


Phoebe said...

Seriously? Sy malu oh! Hahaha... I'd rather have a fugly cop with integrity, discipline and courage than an Adonis who takes bribes and lets PATI into the country.

Not to say that all cops with integrity are fugly and all good-looking ones are shallow. I'm just saying that the priority is the cops ability to do their jobs well.

sHeiLa said...

solve the PATI first, baru move to this issue..haih pulis pulis..

but in my opinion, it's not about the look to be the front-liner la,( jadi yg bida di belakang la? kesian btul kena assume gitu..haha) but, the attitude towards entertain their client. ni mo tanya skit kena tinggi suara, baru front liner..deii

Santafire said...

haha baru mau do now knun.

In 2005, my friend went to apply for police job, he get rejected cause he didn't look scary.

They said, "Bagus ko pi jadi artis." na koto, org yg jadi artis skrg mana mau masuk polis XD

Lizeewong said...

You're right Manda. NOTHING is impossible in Malaysia kan? This is probably the most pathetic thing I've heard since that stupid housewife Club thingy.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Phy: heheh...but hey, u now get to have pretty faces around you! :D

Sheila: tu la, bida ka hensem, yg penting attitude ba kan...i think yg hensem lagi yg akan cam tai - coz dorang perasan hensem.

Santafire: hahaha...oh the irony!

Lizee: hehehe...i guess u'll be extending ur stay in NZ then...heh. maybe they just needed a lil publicity.