Monday, May 30, 2011

LOLessay Part II

So Paper Marking Week is over.

There're 2 failures in my Form 5 Science class, a majority failure in my Form 4 Account class, and a 100 per cent failure in the two weakest classes in Form 4.

Here's Exhibit A:

Ironically, this essay is nobel prize worthy compared to the 3% Fail students.

And I'm actually proud of this prolific writer.

Last year I would've drowned myself in arsenic rather than go through a series of atrocious essays again.

But my holidays are too precious to mope around. 

I just need a brilliant way to teach English to a bunch of teenagers who seem like they had skipped their whole 6 years of English primary education.

Any ideas?

P/S: Sorry for the bad editing. HP Video Editor sucks balls.


Birthmark said...

Now. Should I cry? These will the the future generations. Who may sit in the government offices.

It's in your hand now, Amanda.

Syaa said...

Teacher! I miss you so much, btw, Happy belated teacher's day :) Take care and I love you <3

Daniel Chiam said...

I cant imagine if someone will write a comment here that goes "hey thats my essay! I'm on Youtube!"

Happy Holiday Teacher! :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Birthmark: Hey there! thanks for dropping by.anyways. yeah. it's all on me :/

syaa: THANKS! I MISS U TOO! I wish u all the best for ur spm hon ;)

Daniel: lolz. yeaah...with that kind of proficiency, i dont think so :p

Lizeewong said...

LOL! I love your composure and your confused expression. Sengsara oh.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: heheh...n i still get confused after reading for the 10th time :/

Anonymous said...

Oh no.. I had a wide grin watching this video.

How about you give them some short essay to read and look for words they don't understand in the dictionary? And, after marking their essays, maybe you should ask them to do corrections for the words they spelled wrong, maybe 100 times per word? XD And, ask them to read one English novel/story book every 2 weeks and write a summary about the story.

Anyway, just a suggestion. I'm not a teacher. Sorry :D

All the best!! ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Anon: Well i did suggestion no. 1, i could do suggestion no. 2 but usually they don't answer the questions anyway and as for suggestion number 3, they can barely thanks for ur advice! :D