Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I FINALLY got interviewed yesterday.

And everything went well. Hallelujah!

First of all, I almost screwed my interview.

Complete documents are THE essential thing to land a seat at the er, hot seat.

My documents were well damn ready like, pfft, two weeks ago.

So what could go wrong, right?


There's this interview form to be filled out by our principle, which is noted as SULIT (confidential) that I'm not suppose to see, that should be handed in an envelope to be given to the interview personnel.

The only problem is that I didn't know I had to put it in a darn envelope.

I could've been sent away immediately and to apply this interview again, and wait for another half a year.

Luckily the personnel was nice enough to brush this problem aside.  Or in her honesty, lazy to put up with my whiny crap and near future incessant begging.

If she was one uptight bitch, I would've gouged my eyes and soak it in cyanide for missing a WHOLE two inch paragraph in BOLD script about how important it is to seal the document. *note to self: read EVERYTHING in an official job letter in the future.

So yeah, lucky.

Then she told us something unheard of pertaining the interview.

We were gonna be in a group interview!

It is sweet.  You can plagirise your group member's excellent answers and make it your own.

Or you can screw up as you give an equally wrong answer.

Our first question was:  How many 1000s are there in a million?

Quick, what's your answer?  No changing it once I tell you.

Being a person who studies English, literature, pedagogy and what not for 6 years, and teaching it for 'bout 7 months, I answered 100 000 - confident and proud that I still have that mathematical genius in me when I was in school.

And my group members blindlessly followed suit.  If your answer isn't 1000, go do the maths again.

The interview exclaimed that we would've failed immediately, if this wasn't the prelimenary interview.

To show you how dumb I am in maths now (note that I always got A when in school -I swear!), it took me till the end of the interview to figure out that I was wrong, and that it is not even a 'trick' question.  You know, those questions with ridiculous answers?  Nope, pretty straightforward, my friend.

Then the rest of the interview went well, there were no factual or policy related questions, just him asking general school related questions and him talking most of the time.  Which was pretty fine with us.

So I have a great feeling about this interview.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'd be promoted to a full-fledged teaching stick.

On a side note, for future new teachers going for this SPP interview, or anyone going for any interview at all, this would really be helpful for you:

Thank you Collegehumor!


Memer said...

Congratulations! At least you didn't screw up that badly!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Memer: Thanks!

Lizeewong said...

Hip Hip Hooray. Glad you made it Manda :D

However, I do think it's a stupid procedure. Should be abolished long time ago. But that's just my opinion la hehe :P

sHeiLa said...

wah..group interview? mine last year single single jak..heeeee

ok ba tu, unless u did not open your mouth. They didn't judge you by the correct answer, but on how confident you were when asnwering the question..

u imagine, i was told not to mix malay and english, so this interviewer tanya la sa pasal pipp, nkra bla bla edu things..sedang sa bepikir mo kasi translate this one word to malay, he popped another question, 'kenapa gunung kinabalu menjadi latar belakang bendera sabah?' toinkkk!

Gordian said...

I hate interviews but love to interview people..hehe

Eric Constantine said...

congrats. u nailed it with super rainbow.haha. so good to have group interview oh..during my time, solo2 oh. and it took almost one hour for each person. gilakan...

Phoebe said...

I'll vouch that you always got an A for Math.. Lol.. Congratulations Manda! Hehe...

Zen said...

"How 1000 in a million?"

"......OVER 9000!!!!!!"


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: thanks! hehe...right?! me too!

sheila: astaga! seriously? that question?! haha...punya funny!

gordian: haha. im sure u do...

eric: woah! i guess somebody had too much time on their hands...haha

Phy: THANKS! haha (in case people dont believe it!)

Zen: LOL!

chegu carol said...

Tatap pass tu manda...picaya la. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: picaya! thanks! :D

TheWanderingSumandak said...

hope you'll get the it la moi. Btw, the accompanying pictures are wickedly funny!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ennie: thanks! drop by collegehumor.com when u're bored :D