Saturday, March 5, 2011

Debate Competition: Third place - LOUD and PROUD

We got third place!

Or rather, we beat four other schools to get into the semi finals!

Though we didn't win, and people (including those who needed us to win for the sake of the school's name) gave us pitiful and dissapointed glances, we have something to say to them  - SUCK IT!  The last time my school sent a team was like, 7 years ago.   I'm here now, so, you're welcome.

We have never debated in our whole life, so we didn't know a single thing about it.

Knowing what we were up against, we just wanted to have fun.

But what do you know? We beat the crap out of our first opponent.

And of course, we were reminded not to use harsh language in the next round.  One of the judges was my classmate back in university, and he assumed I wrote the script for them.  Ridiculous! They were already bad ass before I showed up.  Or rather, I'd like to think that way. 

Then the second round came, and we lost to a school with faggy blazers.  They have a teacher who was a national debater champion to assist them, so yeah, they had the upperhand.  Who am I but only a newbie.  Plus, we were the Government believing that sex education is the key to prevent sexual immorality.  (For weeks I wanted to shoot myself in the foot for suggesting such controversial topic - but the tendency to inflict harm to myself has ceased).  But worst of all, we lost to a school with faggy blazers.  Come on, blazers should be in dark colour, not the colour of the puke of a kid who was forced to eat vegetables for the first time!

So I was afraid my kids would feel dissappointed, but they were still as uplifted as they were when it was announced they won the first round.

I promised them that I'd treat them at KFC if we won.  Seeing that they already felt like winners, walking tall and proud, I did fulfill my promise.

We were all first timers, the noobs and the underdogs, and we barely had time to train, but we made it to third place, LOUD and PROUD.

And we are going to kick serious ass next year.


kei-1 said...

cool to hear that, sorry couldn't assist more. I'm pretty much in a shit hole myself lately =_=.

I sure hope you enjoy the process as much as I'm going to enjoy mine starting next week

Memer said...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

K: ' done a lot already...i havent done THAT much thinking for such a long time,so yeah, appreciate it! Good luck with yours!

Memer: Thanks!

kei-1 said...

yeah cept my case is more fucked up coz I'm supposed to win and represent Pahang apparently. The whole school is betting on this and I'm having a shitload of pressure on this one. Failing this is bad. Hey I could turn this into a way to get out of this place too I guess.

Mark said...

who was that fella who won it last 7 yrs ago?

Lizeewong said...

I love your spirit! Tambah2 lagi, I read your post when an upbeat song was played on TV hehe. So yeah, I could almost smell and taste your victory. Congrats! XD

chegu carol said...

Congrats Manda!!!
Next year, make sure you guys make a come back a la The, apa kaitan. LOL!

Nevertheless, that's a great job you did there. Your students too.

Phoebe said...

congrats girl! woo hoo!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

K: Huh...that's heavy man. well, if u need my help brainstorming,just hit me up.

Mark: mintapuji ko!

Lizee: heheh...thanks!

carol: thanks! yeah, especially my students. they were the ones in the hot tumpang2 ja...hehe

Phy: thanks! woot!

nc said...

good job n well done to ur team :)
ya ba,,ingat sanang ka mau debate? especially in English?
i was quite an active debater in my school previously..hehe..i understand what the teachers are going thru (^_^)

Eric Constantine said...

congrats sumandak. pretty sure u will be absolutely wicked by next frighten off the reigning champion.

unlike KK district, we have to go few rounds to reach semi-final. just imagine we have 21/22 schools here.

i wonder who could it be. the school which has 'national debater'? sounds like Alvin or Albert. lol

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: wow! u are?! i would'v consulted you! n thanks! :D

Eric: gosh, the competition must be real tight. btw, that said national debater is the latter. :p

gunsirit said...

Congrats...winning is not everyday, the experience is much more valued.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gunsirit: exactly! thanks!