Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: I Broke My Virginity

Happy Valentine's Day people!

Except for you Malaysian Muslim readers.  I don't want to be held responsible for inviting you to join us Christian's, sinful ways and tradition.  But still, a whole lot of love to you!

Ok, so you usually, I'd be all cynical about Valentine's Day.  It's overrated, a waste of money yada yada yada.

You know those kids who hate Christmas not because they are spawns of the devil, but rather, they never got any presents?  Every year, they dread Christmas.  Because every tiny of hope of receiving a present is crushed when they see nothing's in the stocking.

Yeah, I was like those kids.  When it comes to Valentine's Day.

See I'm in a long distance relationship.  So when your boyfriend is not around, the only thing next to being less pathetic than wallowing in your room purging on Air Supply, is to go out on a Single Ladies Night Out, or better known as Yeah-I-Guess-Hanging-Out-With-My-Girlfriends-Is-Less-Sad-Than-Stuffing-Myself-with-Chocolates-That-I-Pretend-He-Bought-For-Me Night Out.

But of course, I held no grudge against The Boyfriend as we were seas apart (just a sea actually) and for the past six years, there was never a holiday where both of us were back home.  Yeah we'd celebrate a pre and post Vday and gave each other stuff, but it didn't seem that special when it is not on that stupid date.  Which to think so is equally stupid too.

Plus, I have long accepted that he is not the most romantic guy on earth.  Not the type who'd serenade for you, write poems, publically displaying his affection or give you pleasant surprises on a daily basis.  Just your average Joe. Which I'd take any day.

So when I bumped into a guy in school carrying this:

...and looking for a certain Miss Amanda, I was flabbergasted. For real?! Just like in those fucking movies?!

And really flustered as I walked past teachers who gave cheeky smiles and oohs and ah.  It was even embarrasing to open the card that was stucked in the bouquet.


'Coz it's the type of card that plays that annoying high-pitched tune when you open it.

So now you figured out that this is actually a brag post. You might wanna tell me to shove my flowers and cheesy card up my ass, especially if you had the worst Valentine's Day ever.

But pray my friend, as sad as it is going to sound, I never received these cheesy, unreasonably priced gifts for Valentine's before! Hence the need to shout it out the whole world.  Now you can go wonder in the little corner of your head on whether I was really an ugly teenager growing up.

I was a Valentine's Day celebration virgin. And yesterday, I broke it.  Even if he's miles away.

Only after 25 years (wadafak), I am able to comprehend what the big fuss Vday is about.

Despite all those cheesy cards, ridiculously priced flowers and off the wall booking dinner reservations, it's just simply about love.

Now, who'd like to join me for some orgies, disco and dating in secluded areas?


sHeiLa said...

First : The title baaa..bikin takazut~! hahahaaa

Well, I am having LDR too, and I guess I am marrying a LDR soon :) So, sometimes it's hurting to know that we are not able to celebrate some events with our love one. We did had our post and pre celebration, kecian kan?

The best thing about LDR is, you cherish every single second past to the blast! Melepas kerinduan la ba tu kan?

Well, I guess we both too should do more outing la ni, kita p melalak ka ka,p makan makan ka rather than stucked in the room as u described tu :P come on, kgu not that bad..hahahaa (maka, troublesome btul mencari tempat ba..heh!)

Dedz said...

Absolutely sweet!
I've yet to break mine :|
Same case of LDR equals to zero Vday celebration. I'm starting to believe couples with 6 years and going strong must have something to do with the equation.

mAy said...

nice one..i love ur english and thought !!! :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: Sama la situation kita ni kan...hehe...tu la tu...and everytime jumpa is like a first date kan...heee....yeah we should! we'll set a date soon :D. and in like ur blog, 3 kali cari tmpt mau makan time valentine kan...hehe

Dedz: u're in one too? oh of course, in ur current situation. lupa. heh. well yeah, we made it to our 6 years kan. especially u -1 step further sudah ;)

May: THANKS! really appreciate it :D

kei-1 said...

I've already reached the level of nerdiness where spending time with virtual characters in my Nitendo DS can frigging make my day and at the same time superbly promote abstinence!

She got me chocolates yesterday~ too bad I can't eat data inside a game cartridge

So to everyone who plan to reduce immoralities in Malaysia, that's a plan, turn them to a nerd.

Mimi said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Manda.. the flowers are gorgeous!

Lizeewong said...

Awww..I bet he's smiling from ear to ear when he reads this! Hehehe..A romantic after all. Happy Valentine's Day MAnda xoxo

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

I love your kind of version for Valentine virgin. Its make people think about other version of virginity. Kinky but in the end people read your entire post.
Happy Valentine's day Amanda.

~Adorable Alycia~ said...

OMG that so sweet of ur BF....well, am glad that you had a sweet surprise from you loved one...^_^

chegu carol said...

so, your botak is...after all, a romantic botak. well done rudy! tapi, musical card? suruh si con kasi tutorial 101 sama si rudy pa macam mau pilih card. hahaha

kami laki bini dua2 lupa v-day. hahaha...baru masuk 6 thn kawin pun sdh nyanyuk....but then again, we have wedding anniversary to re-kindle all this lovey dovey, butterfly flutters in the stomach moment. kan?

debrajill said...

hahaha~ itu title memang menarik ba kan~ happy valentine's day~ the flower is superb~ me and hubby pun seberang laut juga..hehe.I think in a relationship you ought to experience being far away from your hubby~ but not for long la~ mau jua hubby sama2 kan~ hehe..HappY Valentine's day to yoU manda~

Asrih Arif said...

when i read the title of this entry i said 'oh no.. she's not...' hahahahhahhahahhahhahhahahhaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

kei: im gonna use that point for my debate team!

Mimi: Thanks! right back at ya!

Lizee: yup! :D. and more pressure to come...hehe...thanks! happy vday to u too!

SBC: hehe. that's the whole point :D. thanks! Happy Vday to u too!

Alycia: yeaah...im surprised too :D

carol: haha...i guess he's learning. baby steps. maybe he thinks musical card is the most romantic ni T_T. Anyway, yeah, anniversaries should be more special right? ;)

debrajill: wah, u too? it sucks but bila jumpa paling best kan? ;). Happy Vday!

Asrih: Pssh asrih! U really think I'd shout about it to the whole world? :P

nc said...

u have one wicked loving boyfriend :)
Happy valentines day to both of u :)

gunsirit said...

Hmm...Happy V-Day...:)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: thanks! happy valentine's day to u too!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

guns: happy vday! :D

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, you just have fun. Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.
We all live for love, and to be loved.
Keep a song in your heart and have a great weekend.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: Thanks! You have a great day ya!

emelda said...

hhahahha.. you made me laugh out loud reading this post!

Happy V-day to you Manda :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Emelda: hehehe.... happy vday to u too! :D