Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sports Day Week = Longest Week On Earth And In The Whole Effing Universe

This week was Sports Day Week.

Probably the longest week I've ever experienced.

Apart from juggling between memorising crap for my interview next Tuesday, and writing the debate scripts with my debate kids for the competition next Thursday, I HAD to be at the sports complex for the whole four days, from morning to evening.

'Coz you know, I had the most important job ever that requires me to sit my sorry ass at the grand stand the WHOLE TIME.

I'm the medicine person, remember?  I was on call the WHOLE TIME.  And I couldn't even tell what can of sprays do what.

Luckily there were some nice, willing colleagues who'd take my job for a couple of hours as I needed to rush to school to manage my debate team.   And go back to the sports complex again later on.

And when night falls, after I spread tubes of acne gel on my newly formed acnes due to the nasty mixture of sweat, oil and foundation from the blazing heat, I had to sit down (or more precisely, lay down) to study my notes on NKRA, PIPP, MBMMBI, till I passed out, dreaming in acronyms.

So yeah, longest. week. ever.

The only thing great about this week was probably having the opportunity to realise how some teenagers and children live for sports, and they'd die for it.  To see victory in their eyes as they crossed the finishing lines and to see the despair when they didn't.  To see their peers cheer their fucking lungs out for them, albeit repeating the same damn song/ stealing other schools' song and inserting their school's name in it, and of course, to see  parents and grandparents (yes, awesome grandparents!) who came to support their child and pointing towards their child running on the track telling everyone in the grand stand, "That's my boy!"

I'm not a sportsperson, nor I never get the hype of sports day, but now I saw it.  It was honestly beautiful.

So the first wave of responsibilities is over.

Goodbye sports day.
Hello interview, debate competition, camping and ethnic dance competition.

Second wave, here I come.

*P/s: I hate February and March now too.


Master Mervyn said...

Anyways, your school was awesome!!your athletes were well seeded, and like always, they would shine during the MSSSB ^^ It's nice to know you did enjoyed yourself for some duration of time during the whole four days hehe. So, I guess sports will be a yearly agenda for you Amanda hehe. And, Good Luck for your i'view. Tips: Look Confident, Look Sharp. Be aware that the interviewer would be some Pengarah from other JPN around Malaysia and they really like to make you do Micro/Macro Teaching in front of them, other than twisting your noodles on the acronyms you've memorized ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mervyn: yeah! they were real stars! bangga juga la kijap. heh. Gosh, they're not gonna remove me from the commitee right? :/. Anyways, thanks for the tips! :D

chegu carol said...

im not sure what tips to give you cos i think my lucky stars were on me during my interview. i didnt do studing much, but my interview questions came out exactly what little i have know, say the 5 rukun negara, who's the pm of this so and so country...and lil bit of T&L in classroom. nothing complicated involving all these new policy implementations.

but yeah, just be confident and know what you are talking about la ah.

and i love sports! then and now.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: lucky! I'm just really hoping that they ask T&L questions...but thanks anyway -rukun negara-got it!

Lizeewong said...

Ya la moi. Like Carol, I don't know what tips to give you. I hope you get lucky. I was asked Perdana Menteri Malaysia yg ke-2 and rukun negara. All the best manda.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

lizee: astagaa...i dont know those things! or rather, i never bothered to remember :/. so thanks!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, wow! You sure one busy lady.
Best wishes for your projects.
Keep well. Lee.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: I am! thanks!