Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shit My Dogs Drag In

Don't get me started with shit they destroyed.

1. Ripped plastic bag. 

 2. Cordial bottle. 


3. Flattened box.

Flattened by them I would bet.

4. Bamboo stick. 

Presumably cut for cooking stuff.  Or exploding stuff.

5. Carpentering carcass.  But what they would love more is...

6. ...Bird carcass.

 I really can't tell if it's a bird, one of my mom's escaped chicks, or the neighbours' wandering chick.

7. Cement bucket. 

The carpenter's living nearby.

8. Torn sock.

Definitely the neighbours'.

 9. Clefairy. 

Definitely the other neighbours on the other end's kids' favourite Pokemon.

10. Plastic jar.

Again, definitely not ours.

Look at them enjoying their haul. 

Sometimes I wish I could just be a dog.

Carefree.  Not a care in the whole world.  With the exception of the occasional strangers dropping by.
No need to crack my head for my debate team.  No need to hunt down student athletes for theirs photos to complete their registration forms for the district championship.  No need to prepare for my SPP interview.  No need to prepare test papers.  No need to work.  Not a care in the whole world.

But then again, I do not want my head to be stuck in jar like Sookie.  Gosh, she's just like a mischievious little kid.

**P/S: My mom managed to cut the jar open.  She's safe and breathing happily.  No need to get SPCA on my ass now.

What does your dogs drag in? (Or cat, horse, dragon, whatever pet you keep)


sHeiLa said...

Since my dogs always in my house compound, chances for them to bring things like your dogs is small. But, being a 'jakun' dog, they will play (i guess the police and thief la) with my neighbour's chickens until some of the chix habis bulu kena carik2..jakun betul ba! kesian tu ayam shouting their ass loud needed help! huhu

chegu carol said...

LOL to Sookie. Nasib dapat kasi buka LOL!

Your dogs tidak bawa used sanitary pad or used baby nappies home ka? Cos that's what our dog in Kgau do. Now, we keep the gate closed all the time. Tapi sometimes, pandai juga dorang cepat2 keluar, go dig in at the neighbour's trash bin and bawa balik ''treasure'. Hish...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: hahahaha...i can imagine!nasib tercarik bulu ja, bukan mati! my dogs sampai mati ni. after that dorang kasi biar ja T_T.

carol: panic sudah my mom ko dad yg entertained, hence the photo...Oh, those stuff belum la, coz we dont have much neighbours and mcm teda babies around...haha,nakal juga tu...speaking of treasures, pandai juga ka dorang tapuk? and laaater baru terkeluar balik tu sampah?my dogs ni hebat betul tapuk barang :/

chegu carol said...

urmmm, nope. they dont do tapuk2. tu yang bikin panas tu. everyday ada sampah baru kena bawa masuk rumah.

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

That are bunch of healthy dogs you have in there. I most probably will be running away if I saw them in my neighbourhood. Hahahahaha....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: hahaha...kesian la ur mum mau kasi bersih everyday...

SBC: hehe..oh come on, they won't bite! Well, not yet though. heh.

nc said...

alala..the dogs..memang rough n tough but still a joy :)
its good to have pets around..they make you just being their true selves.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: yes! especially when u come back from work all tired and tension, but when they greet you with their smiling faces, semua hilang :D

Eric Constantine said...

astaga...gelangas juga ur tasu2 sekalian.. u know what, separuh mati sia ketawa when i read ur remark, "Sometimes I wish I could just be a dog." funny post. like it.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

eric: nakaaal ba dorang eric...bikin meradang sometimes. but cair jg la bila tgk muka dorang yg minta kesian. hehe. ya ba, dont u? tidur makan main ja :D

Eric Constantine said...

ya bah..cair trus ni..cute bah ur dogs..sihat lagi tu....mcm gangster oh ur tasu2 ni...reminds me of my childhood memories. my doggies loved to tapau neighbour's ducks..they brought the body except the head, and placed it right in front of our main door. walaupun jajal2, they are still the best companion to play with..(lol, mangkali kan..haha)

gunsirit said...

I could never be a dog. Nanti kana kasi jadi samluk...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gunsirit: LOL! tu ba pla dia fikir...hehe