Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jane of All Trades

Some people grow up wanting to be a teacher.  All they want to do is teach.

But nobody told them that they also have to be a/an:

coach, facilitator, writer, editor, artist, model, singer, dancer, actor, producer, police, engineer, janitor, referee, emcee, accountant, secretary, manager, caretaker, judge, jury, driver, president, paramedic, clerk, auditor, director, consultant, administrator, analyst, assistant, designer, lecturer, architect, receptionist, technician, electrician, programmer, supervisor, social worker, estimator, researcher, chairperson, counsellor, shrink, therapist and trainer.

It was in the agreement when they signed their soul away.  It was in the finest print, only the devil can read with super power charged glasses.

Last year, I became the emcee for the school's annual dinner.

I only emceed once in my lifetime - which was for my course's theater night in university.  It was to be done in an informal style, attended by my juniors and students and in English (duh).

The dinner was to be done in a formal style, attended by big guns of the education people and in the Malay Language.  The people who assigned me really didn't what they got themselves into.

 Apart from my false eyelash kept falling off like a nuisance that night, I had invited the guests to eat when there were no food served yet as I read my script blindly, and pronounced the name of our VVIP guest, the big boss of all the big bosses of all schools in Keningau, Encik Raisin, as a certain name of a dried fruit.  It was indeed a face palm moment.  I would've wrecked the whole event into smithereens had not my partner covered most of my lines. 

So yeah, you really don't want me to be your host for any event.  Unless a mess is what your aiming for.

Then recently I was assigned to become the emcee for the district level football match.  What I felt at that moment was a tiny heart attack, I believe.  Was I supposed to speak like a football commentator, running my words in half a breath and shouting "Goooal!" in the end? Are you fucking kidding me?

Good thing I had a meeting in SMK Sook about the debate competition (will go to that in a moment).  I was then reduced to become just a registrant.  Thank you SMK Sook.

But now I'm a debate team manager and trainer. I have to manage my debate team and train them as well.  FYI, as highly opinionated as I am, I never joined debate as debate competitions scare the bejezuz out of me.  I would've snap and break down and cry, or snap and slap the mouthy, stubborn bitch debater. 

So it's the blind leading the blind.  You might as hand us our consolation prize already.

And next week (or was it the week after next?), I'm the 'physiotherapist' for the district level sports competition.

A physiotherapist.  For real?

Like seriously.  Being a teacher - Jack of all trades much?

So youngsters out there, if your ambition is to be a teacher, think again.


sHeiLa said...

eh..u bertugas for MSSD? cool! I also kena appoint as chaperon kunun, sama jak the one u kena appointed tu. paling-paling duduk2 di astaka jak :P

Memer said...

Teachers are a bunch of AWESOME MULTI-TALENTED PEOPLE!!!!

Master Mervyn said...

Hahahaha, I loiike this post. At least you have students who would ardently listen to you Amanda ^^ Imagine us teachers di Sekolah Rendah; with kids who runs around with their heart, and slaps your conscience with their innocent look bila kitorang mau burst out in anger huhu. Tapi begini la kerja kita ni...Jack and Jane of all trades ~ we would be lucky if we do not turn into locos in the process

Lizeewong said...

Yup. so true. When I was a teacher back then, I had to coach the netball team. I never played before, was never an athlete and couldn't even catch a ball. So yes, I feel you girl. Kasian oh.

Tell us more when you're done with it k.

AnnieMing said...

You went to SMK Sook? That means you met si Cynta laitu there kan?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: YA! teda2 ba. yeah, ko blh bawa laptop lagi rilek2...hehe

Memer: When u put it that way :D

Mervyn: Aw...ya ba, budak ba tu. haha. oh, maybe should add to that list - Mental patient.

Lizee: gosh, tu lagi la susah! yeah, blog about the outcome :D

Annie: yup! and si vivi too. and i bet im gona meet more of ur classmates :D

Joan said...

biasa la tu amanda.. we are multi talented people. hahaha..

saya sudah pernah jadi emcee, driver, nurse, babysitter, tukang masak, janitor, physiotherapist, coach, paramedic, name it..all for the students punya hal.

sa jadi guru penasihat kelab lawan pedang lagi..nahhhh..lagi lah..haha

sHeiLa said...

manda : x la sampai bawa lappy ba..just make sure u have full battery, subscribe Daily Broadband, and..tadaaaaaa, u'll enjoy the days..hoho

(tiap tahun sa buat begini.hehe)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

joan: WHAT? lawan pedang? seriously!

sheila: hehe...senang ko bhgn perubatan and motivasi now. do u think i can do that :/

nc said...

so its really encik RAISIN as in california RAISIN? hehe..

Jane of all trade.. because you are :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: YES! tu la fail tu...haha

Bashtiah said...

I'm a teacher. A swimming teacher, though. I don't plan on being one before but somehow the pay's good so yeah. Hello swimming teacher...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Bashtiah: that's actually real interesting :D