Friday, January 28, 2011

Server Down





"Hi there how are you?"
"I'm fine here, how bout you?"
"Glad to know, I'm good too."
"Glad to know, do take care, toodle-loo!"

Warning: You have been disconnected.
"What? How can that be?"
"I just said hi, and so did he!"
Warning: You have been disconnected.




Connection lost - cannot be found.
Connection lost - burried underground.
You have just been disconnected from the past.
Notice: Some things just don't last.

Notice: You are fine synthetically.
Warning: You have lost everything, in reality.

**Poet's note:
We have become slaves of technology, socialising more like androids than humans.  Go hug a human today.  


gunsirit said...

Yes, agree agree - life has no meaning without those fancy gadgetry. Happy Holidays!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gunsirit: uh..perhaps? happy holidays to u too!

Memer said...

Yeah, wanna smash my blackberry into pieces!

Asrih Arif said...

technology is never reliable... I like the last stanza!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

memer: blackberry? No!

Asrih: There's a tendency to get swallowed up...thanks! ever the fan :D

sabahblogger said...

Sometimes.., we need to get away from technology and get a piece of minds in an island of something. It will help us to relieve and appreciate more on our gadget.

PS: When I enter your blog, I need to click I am an adult. Maybe you need to change your blog setting?

See you around.
via Sabahan Bloggers Club.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sabahblogger: yeah, we could really use that. btw,yeah,i know...and i set it like that because i have students visiting my blog. and sometimes the content of the blog isn't appropriate for them, or not appropriate deemed by their parents. see u around too!

chegu carol said...

somehow reading this reminds me of the old times when trying to connect to the world wide web...ada bunyi2 segala. hahaha

it's saddening how technology have depletes our quality of life. But without them, today's world is not what it is today. so pandai2 lah kita kan manda :)

happy holidays! cuti juga bah kan skul ko 1 week.

Lizeewong said...

Hehe..very creative.

For a moment there, like 5 seconds, I thought you were writing a narrative with a dialogue...Otak blur suda ba ni hehe...

Happy holidays Manda :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: hehe...that's the point :D. yup2-loves! happy hols to u too!

lizee: hehe. like how i dont get certain poets too. hehe. happy hols!