Friday, January 14, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Oh wait, I'm two weeks late ain't I? :/

So the answer for the previous post is C and D.

Going back to school, as in as a teacher (damnit) got me wrapped up in a whole bunch of things to figure out, especially my kids.

And when I was about to blog my miserable first week, the internet was sort of effed for a couple of days which felt like OH MY GOD ETERNITY!  I played Plants Vs Zombies 8 hours straight in one of those dreadful days.  And yeah, I beat those motherfucking zombies.

So now I'm back.   Let's see, what happened during the first two weeks of 2011.

I went back to work.  Damn, that still doesn't sound right in my ears.  Usually I'll be on a plane feeling miserable going back to college.  But now I have to go to work.  All children grow up. Yada yada.

I was prepared though.  In fact, I already had in mind what I would teach my form 5 classses, as we would normally carry forward our previous year's class.


I only retained my science class, and I got new Form 4 classes.  And as the new kid in school, of course I'd get the worst class.  And the second worst class.  Yay.

But then I thought, it's gonna be a new year, new slate and I'm brimming with optimism - and I was pretty sure I won't see my retarded kids from my last year's Form 3 class 'coz they'd definitely go to the technical and vocational school, and half of them would drop out.

The only thing that drop was my face.

There they were, with their cheeky smiles and eager-to-destroy-my-lesson-and-self-esteem faces.  Optimism had packed her bags and told me to go fuck myself.

The only thing I was grateful for was that Paper Eating Boy isn't in my class.  But the Writing Rude Words About Me On His Exam Paper Boy (whom I tear it right in front of him) is.  An eye for an eye, he already tore my work that I gave him this week.  Next week he'll be standing outside my class for an hour.  And for the next English classes till he apologises.  Even if it's going to take a year.  Two, if I'm taking that damn class again next year.

The past few days since school started, I've been staring into space, figuring out how to teach this awesomely bad class.  And every method has failed so far.  Not even JUST a drawing and colouring activity (they are the arts class for Pete's sakes).  How awesomely bad you ask?  Spelling five as fiev, two as tow and four as fore.  Your six month old baby cousin would probably fare better.

But I'm not giving up yet.  Sooner or later I'll figure out something.  In the meantime, I just have to restrain myself from tasing their brains out till they pee blood.  Yes, I do have a taser.  Given by the boyfriend as self defense.  But in this case, it seemed quite the opposite.

Ok, nuff bout my Work Sucks topic.

How goes my new year' resolution?

Resolution #1
To pass my SPP interview - It seems like I'm the only one who didn't get the interview that's commencing this month when EVERYONE is feeling nervous and clueless.  Insert F word here.

Resolution #3
To make more money - I passively promoted myself as a tutor on my Students Only Facebook...and a couple of students took bait!

Resolution #5
To have flawless skin - I hate that The Body Shop doesn't work on me.

Resolution #7
To go to the gym regularly - I only went once this year.  There was no transport - there's always somebody who needs to use the car for a less vain reason.  And no I'm not making excuses.

Resolution #8
To not use plastic bags when shopping - I bought a cute reusable bag for shopping and I did use it once.  I hate that I look like a complete dork when the cashier refused to put my stuff in my own bag and that I have to do it myself.  But baby steps.  Baby steps.

Resolution #9
To go to New Zealand - Think so far I'm doing good in the saving money department.  I hardly bought any new clothes, even during last Christmas, and it's better if I don't go to KK ever.  Ever. Till I'm on the plane to Christchurch.

Resolution #10
To be an awesome teacher - Can I add Sadistic Bitch From Hell to that?

So yeah.  That's about it.

It's gonna be one helluva ride.

Oh by the way, the only thing that was able to cheer me up was this site:


chegu carol said...

bila ko pakai tu eco shopping bag manda, you literally instructed the cashier to put it on your things ba...'jangan kasi masuk dalam plastic, kasi masuk di sini *show ur eco bag and really shove it to them*...durang mau tidak mau kasi masuk juga tu....but then again, putting in your own groceries stuff into your pretty eye-catching eco bag is so cool bah...i know if i do that, people will start looking. doesnt matter lah what they think...yg penting they see what i do...and perhaps, they will follow. who knows? kan?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: i did tell her! but in a subdued voice with no sense of authority at all la. heh. I hate the sense when people are staring at me with judgemental eyes as if im mother theresa, but then again, who's saving the world now right?and yes, the more people see that it is OKAY and COOL to BYOB,there will be less staring, more people will follow suit!n yes, next time im gonna shove my eco bag at them :D

sHeiLa said...

mana u punya num.2 and 4 resolutions?

btw..headache kan mo start teaching suda. m no macam orang tua dy ni..dunno what happened. too much stress kali..sakit belakang yg sangat melampau lampau suda

about the eco bag..pity kan mentality orang2 sini..haih..*shaking the head, again and again*

Cynth said...

Try Vichy from Watson's. It works for me! But too bad, they don't sell it in kch. Not sure bout sbh tho.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila: ya ba! yeah, i read about ur back pain. hope u're okay already? no 2 and 4 tu nda significant, so nda payah la sebut...heh

cynth: yeah. i'v been meaning to try that out, after i try other cheaper options. but now that u mention kch doesnt sell it, im not too sure about sabah..gotta check then...but thanks then!

Lizeewong said...

Yeah. I agree with Carol. Let people see and stare. Maybe if the stores start charging 50 cents for plastic bags EVERYDAY, people will change their habit. Not just Monday. (Is it Monday?)

Btw, kasian u getting students with 'special needs' lagi...Hope you'll get them to improve..Well, one thing's for sure, you'll be writing lots of interesting posts about them this year :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: mcm saturdays...but i think in kk is more often. if kgau people are still ignorant ni...yeah, expect inneresting stories to come :D

chegu carol said...

In KK and districts yg dekat2 sama KK, it's No Plastic Day on Mondays...So, it's Saturdays in Kgau is it?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: mcm i saw kena lekat banner all over town...but do they actually do it, im yet to find out...

Memer said...

I love your optimism and spirit,hehehe

Mack the Dagger said...

AHAHAHHAHA punya funnnnyy tu comment XD i meant the pic aajjajaja *dratz* i hat e this keyboard

ara said...

yeaa manda i think u shud shove it right in front of their its saturday, sunday and monday..but i use my eco bag almost evryday :) and more n more people doin it, so i dont look weird anymore..