Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Curse by Lee Su Ann (Part 3/4: Settings)

*Dear faithful readers who are not an English teacher who will teach this novel in school or a student who will need notes on this, you may want to give this a skip.

Okay, so there's a new novel that our Malaysian Form 5 students need to cram in their heads for exam learn.  Since it is new, there are no reference books in stores for this novel yet.

So yours truly has taken the initiative to do it for you, whether you are a clueless English teacher or a clueless Form 5 student.
Please note that I didn't double check my work for grammatical errors 'coz I'm just too damn lazy to do it by the time I was done - so do/fix it yourself.  I've already done 99% of the work for you.

Also note that everything here comes from the works of my brain alone, so you may agree or not agree on my point of view. 

Copyright notice:
If you plan to turn my notes into those reference books that are yet to be sold like hotcakes WITHOUT acknowledging me and giving me some share of the big bucks pie, I'm gonna sue yo' ass.  I'm serious.  'Coz I really need money right now.

And with that said, YOU'RE WELCOME.  Now go knock yourselves out. Go here for plot summary and here for characters.


1.     London – where Azreen studies
2.     A village in Langkawi Island

1.     Modern day
2.     Flashbacks of the past

1.     Traditional –
·        Way of life – Tough life to make ends meet, depend on the weather for good crops i.e. represented by Pak Cik Huzaimi

·        Way of thinking – Backward

o   Patriarchal – The men of the family makes the ultimate decision i.e.
                        represented by Saleh Abdullah
                    – The women are subordinates to the men i.e.  
                        represented by Haji Ghani and Puan Fatihah

o   Behaviour – Women are expected to be polite and soft-spoken i.e. 
                       represented by Madhuri

                   – The village folks love to gossip i.e. represented by   
                        Puan Normala

o   Women’s role – Women are expected to marry after school and
                              become caregivers i.e. represented by Siti

2.     Modern –
·        Way of life – Education, working in the big city i.e. represented by Azreen, Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli

·        Way of thinking – Outspoken, daring, individualistic i.e. represented by Azreen

3.     Polygamous – Men taking more than one wife i.e. represented by Haji Ghani

4.     Superstitious – Believe in curses and witches i.e. represented by most of the villagers


gunsirit said...

It must be exiting teaching literature..:))

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gunsirit: IF your students are smart.which in my case...sangat tidak :/

Santafire said...

Bagus i ask here before i lupa:
the outcast woman tu kenapa dia heran ubat dia menjadi and what really made the guy's mom died?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

santafire: she heran coz she thought the medicine would not work...but it worked for only a while, then the grandmother died. reason of dying - just coz. she is memang dying hence the Old Lady was surprised it worked...

hiza-RyuuChan said...

hello there, thanks for sharing . hope this will help me in exam.. =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hiza-RyuuChan: hi! no problem. good luck! :D

Dun Bha Nie said...

i hope this idea of yours really works (^^,)..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dun Bah Nie: haha. i hope so too!