Thursday, December 9, 2010

What does the world need?

A Puppy Channel!

24 hours of footage and documentaries on puppies and only puppies!

It will definitely make this world a better place to live in.

All those anger, stress and depression can be melted just by looking at cute, furry puppies.

In fact, there was a Puppy Chanel in American cable television.

The Puppy Chanel was created by genius Dan FitzSimons:

"Something else is necessary. There's a need for a parking place on television. If you don't want to watch something that is there, you could have the TV set on, and it'd be playing something that didn't bother you, and would hold the place until your favorite show or what you chose to watch." To fill this need, he conceived of a channel that would show "24 hours a day, 7 days a week, footage of puppies fooling around like puppies do, acting the natural comedians and cuties that they are, with no people, no talk, accompanied only by relaxing instrumental music."

Unfortunately, it was short-lived. Read on more about it via the link above.

BUT it lived through The Puppy Channel website. 'Coz people just love to flaunt their dogs on the internet, thinking no other dogs are cuter than theirs.

Our closest to a Puppy Channel now is Dog 101 on The Animal Planet, which I religiously tune into every Monday.

Hopefully, someday when the world is getting darker, we shall get some puppy therapy on TV. Or kitty therapy, if you're a cat person.

In the meantime, I have my little Sookie as my daily therapy whom I honestly wished could stay little forever.

And like those people who just love to flaunt their dogs on the internet thinking no other dogs are cuter than theirs, I too feel the need to do it 'coz I'm pathologically vain.

Here's a clip of her behaving exactly how I described her: a clingy, clumsy and feisty ball of energy.

Oh, and now she yawns aloud too. What manners.

FYI, toys don't make it in the house these dogs live in. They get mauled and chewed into tiny pieces. The coconut husk seems to be the only thing that didn't get destroyed. Much.

So yeah, I think the world needs a Puppy Channel.

What do you think the world needs? And please don't give me serious shit. Free your mind my friend. Free your mind.


fitz said...

We humans at The Puppy Channel(R) and thank you for reminding other bipeds that hundreds of the cutest videos on the planet are collected in the archives and refreshed every week on our site. Heck, it's not TV yet, but won't it be one of these days?

Ask said...

Cutenya.. hehe
singgah n follow.. =) visit me back n follow skali ya.. hehe =)

Melancholic Fool said...

well... there was a website,. i dunno whether it ios still going on or not... it featured all these puppies, kittens, ducks and chicks and piglets and all types of baby animals, they say it gave some therapy to the american vietnam veterans...

then again, Americans always do the silliest thing...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

fitz: you're welcome :). yes, im hoping that very much!

Ask: thanks for dropping by! alrighty!

azhar:'s not up anymore.haha.well, only in America huh...

chegu carol said...

i try not to get too fond to dog show on tv bcos takut nanti ada saja puppy sia mau beli...hahaha...i think before i got my bam2, i had wished for a beagle. and before that, it was terrier. dont ask what i wanted before the terrier. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

How are you....Are you at K.K.?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: LOL! so true! mcm u want all of them kan...but beagles are super cute! i'd like one too, if didnt cost a bomb :/

acun: hi! im back home now...

Anonymous said...

I see...are you free?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

acun: uh, anything?

Lizeewong said...

Mmmmm...As for me, I think the world needs a device that can transform a normal maid/ nanny into a super nanny! hihi :)

nc said...

if u need a puppy chanel..please give me a kitty channel (^_^) hehe

Anonymous said...


Ya, can I buy you lunch?