Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stupid Names

I was inspired by Rungitom's post on people referring themselves with dumb names to do this post.

These people are mostly students, whom I'm sure were given pretty, meaningful names by their mother who went through horrific labour. Some are mine, some are friends of theirs who go to other schools that I lazily approved all 'coz I don't give a shit about my second "for students" Facebook profile and some are just creepy people whom I will delete soon when I have the time.

If these teenagers are proud to bear names that are dumb, tacky, and that reflect the total opposite of their personality, then I guess our education system is really screwed.

People, I present to you our future.

And I'm the Queen of England.

Oh wow. I just had diarrhea of glitters and stars and pink hearts.

Sounds nasty - my vagina just twitched.

What does that even mean?

Just cute.

Clearly you are.

Fullblast of what? Dorkness?

We are so proud of you. We really are.

Is that the new Sci-fi-Alien-Starring-A-Heroine-With-Double-Ds? COOL!

You are so cool I wanna throw myself at you, rockstar.

We get it. You have a penis.

You mean that's the name of your dream candy store? Not bad man. Not bad.

You make me want to push you into a giant meat grinder.


Looks great on your resume.



That is a GREAT stripper name. Good luck!

I'm sure the Chinese won't be offended.


Styler huh? Maybe you can do my hair sometime.

Om nom nom.

I'm sure you are.

Don't worry, I'm sure he knows what it means.

I just have no words for this.

Future's pretty bleak, huh?


AnnieMing said...

How about:

Syernah ThepinkypinkpingpOng

Ribbinkkxbinkxblenkzx LOvez

Lalabbydi Lurvepurple Amahatecyentapprvsbndya

Eiyrahsieylahlowverlyr Babalkilixsowtgylabanar

Cqueenchentanafik Sayscellualow

Try search for those names on FB. They really exist.. (-_-')

Melancholic Fool said...

you know what... I always gawked over the names like candee starr... because u'll know that people like that are surely pornstars or strippers...

my personal favourite is pelangi sinakal...

it is like ur localising the porn-ess of the west eh?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: Seriously?! I think the radiation from playing with their handphones and computers has really fried their brains T_T

Azhar: Who knows someday we might have our own stripper scene...haha

Santafire said...

i had a friend who used strange name because he didnt want his parents to check in on his fb. - and a lecturer who changed his name to something funky to hide from gay students adding him.

sometimes, its good if name can be your defense fort. lain la kalau sebagai nama glamer+cheeky yg bikin malu adala.

Rungitom said...

I burst to laughter when I see the name YaYa WanKerS. I guess he like to fap a lot.

All of these people must be moved to a new Social Network site called Facepalm[dot]com.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

santafire: i think so too. there's a teacher in my school who does that, but it was a pretty classic name. but these kids!

Rungitom: u said it! GAAHH

chegu carol said...

Haha!..I warned those students who are in my list that if they changed their profile name to one that I could not recognize, I will straight away delete them from my list. So far, no problem with students with weird profile name. My problem now is with those who are big enuf to know those kind of names are so weird it makes people like us annoyed...but still they are using it. I dislike it when i have to ask who are they again....Hishhhh....

Phoebe said...

I thought that Facebook makes it hard for users to have nonsensical names like that. I guess there is an unofficial competition going on among them on who has the weirdest, porn star- like name ever.

Wiskies said...

LOL.. Yeah I always confuse those in my friendlist too. 1 classic name is ok but I may say I salute those who have so much idea to change their profile cute name every month.

Memer said...

I seriously laughed out loud when i was reading this. LOL

Jasmine Wong said...

This name just appeared in my Facebook homepage today.

ShortDick Bear

Kids nowadays.. = =

Master Mervyn said...

Finally, someone who share the same ruts over those outlandish names. Yep,I despise those kinds of names, big time. Feels like slapping some sense onto the face of that kid using 'BobowawaxChinkyGurLzLoveyx, I saw in Facebook. The overuse of the letters x,v,y,w,and stupid repetition of each alphabets. Even the boys opted that name. Imagine 'AqLLkiMcHoLagiHenSomex'... it's a disgrace to all men and boys alike. Kids nowadays, either they would grow up to be useful or turns out to be a complete dud. Looks like we have a dead future ahead *.sigh

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: very annoying huh?! sometimes i dont even bother....delete trus!

phoebe: ni baru yg students version.i bet my primary profile would be a goldmine.

wiskies: every month huh? that person must have a major identity crisis.

memer:and i was annoyed when i did it. but now its LOL for me to. hehe

jasmine: do they even know what that means?! argh.

mervyn: tu lagi la teruk...haha... i guess they were drunk when they signed up for facebook? or maybe just plain dumb.

Daniel Chiam said...


Merry Christmas Amanda!

nama sayer Daniel 'Lonewolf' Chiam... wakakaka I love irama si pari pari XD

Some really thinks that its cool but oh well, they will look back and said IM THAT IDIOT?!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

daniel: merry christmas! ya, menyesal tu nanti...and i have immortalised their dumbness in my blog XD

Lizeewong said...

LOL!!! Yeah, it's annoying.