Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm officially a True Blood junkie

So you know I named my new pup after Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood.

Sookie Stackhouse [Link]

So now you won't be surprise how I'm actually highly obsessed with that oversexualised vampire TV series.

Sookie Wong

Don't get me wrong - I'm no vampire fan, and especially not a Twi-hard, although I've read the whole saga (just to see what the big deal is). I think Edward Cullen is a creepy stalker and Bella is a needy bitch that needs to die before younger girls of our newer generation start emulating her and putting feminism back into nothingness.

But True Blood. Boy.

That show is fucking hot.

Everyone is mindfuckingblowing hot, and if girls have boners, I'd definitely need cold showers all the time.

You could even classify it as porn for women (finally! maybe?).

I'm already feeling dirty just Googling their pictures.


Apart from the eye candies and the sex scenes every 10 minutes, the story line is incredibly gripping.

So when the third season was over, I was like a junkie who would empty her grandmother's purse just to sustain the addiction.

Since the wait for the fourth season to show next year is crawling under my skin like a crazy itch, I HAD to get my fix.

So this is what I did.

I bought the Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse box-of-ten collection novels, plus her latest novel from Ebay.

For those who don't know it, True Blood is based on these novels. And I just HAD to get the ones with the True Blood characters on each cover. If I was thirteen, I would've had posters of them all over my wall.

Avid readers would know that when books are turned into motion pictures, it would suck big time. It doesn't matter if you read the book first, or watch the movie first. The movie always, always dissappoints.

But not with these babies.

The stories and characters are mostly the same, but not quite. There are scenes and characters in the novels that aren't in the TV series, and vice versa.

The director Alan Ball didn't want to make a show about Sookie Stackhouse, but he made True Blood, a show just based on it - throwing more sex, blood and violence and of course guys with the bodies of Greek gods and it was GENIUS.

Charlaine Harris on the hand has an amazing flair with writing, making the novels enjoyable and as gritty and gripping as the show.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the gist of the story. Sorry, the hot guys are such a distraction.

Okay, so True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse novels tells a story about a waitress who is a telepath (Sookie) who hooks up with a vampire. See in their world, the vampires just 'came out from their coffin' two years ago. Similarly like the increasing number of gays who came out from their closet in our world. What enables them to go mainstream is the synthetic blood the Japanese created. So instead of hunting and sucking the life of people, they just need to go to a bar and order a warm bottle of TruBlood. You know, very much like beer. Flavours available - AB, A, B and O positive.

So in the meantime, my novels should do.



Memer said...

Best ke Manda? Klau best, I'll start downloading it now

gunsirit said...

hmmm..the only thing i know about vampire is Count duckula..ahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mer: VERY. Do it, now!

gunsirit: haha...that's is like, so 90s...haha

Mimi said...

Adeh.. Not much of cerita hantu fan.. hehe.. But, enjoy the book during the holiday! You ordered from Amazon ka? I wonder if I get CDs, will they open and send it to censorship board?

Asrih Arif said...

aku tahan tingu satu season jak ni hahaha too much explicit scenes... esp yang di Ireland langsung x ada censored.. kin takut! hahahahahha

yes... edward cullen and the konco2 sucks big time... I hate the book and the movie.. hahahha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mimi: hehehe...i ordered from Ebay...but the kastam did open it to check...ala, just download la if u're afraid :)

Asrih: hahaha...opening scene pun ada sdh ba kan. i watched yg downloaded one, so i think we watched the same explicit ones.haha. High-5 for that Twilight statement! :D

Kelvin said...

I heard tat there is nude scenes of Sookie stackhouse, is tat true?

shamimihaniza said...

dis is d story yg u cerita kt i masa kita tunggu our turn during konvo kan?

Melancholic Fool said...

what do u mean if u were thirteen u would poster up ur room?

U have already done all the 13 year-old's obsession exercise...

1. buying the merchandise (in your case the books)
2. googling about it
3. Drooling over the pictures
4. blog about it
5. announcing how they can kick edward cullen's ass
6. promote to your friends and family

u dont have to buy the posters to sound like a 13 year old! haha

(i have the same craze over another show which made me sound 9, that is why i understand)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kelvin: Yup ;)

mimi: yup...haha....go watch it!

azhar: LOL. OMG. I guess I don't need posters to show that! damnit man! XD

Lizeewong said...

OMG. You ARE obssessed hehehe..I'm not a big fan but I do watch it...uncensored kan so siokla LOL!! Btw,the pics are hot.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

lizee:: I AM! hehehe...that's why i just download it ;). mau ja sy mau kasi blow up those pictures and hang it on my wall...hehehe

debrajill said...

OMG! the rolling stone punya picture is super hot! gila! diorg betul2 naked ka tu?? I think its very artistic ni~ niceee~ syok ka true blood? byk ckp tidak ni..cause they prefer vampire diary..