Friday, December 3, 2010

And my birthday present is...

...You know I wouldn't let you go on with your life without me filling in on you about insignificant details of my life, say, my birthday present, would I?


You might not be able to handle this.

'Coz I know I couldn't too, initially.



People, meet Sookie.

She's actually a Lab mix German Shepard, but I don't see no police dog in her, so she might as well be trippin' as a pure breed.

Truth to be told, I actually needed a bitch for my other dogs to mate with.

Oh but don't worry. They did try to mount her initially, but gave up after realising she's only a pup. Yeah, she pretty much got molested and you could classify them as paedophiles.

And like humans, there were jealousy and lots of sulking.

And whining.

But they get along just fine now and she's doing mighty swell.

Besides being the cutest thing ever, she's just one tiny furry ball of energy, bursting with personality.

She prances when she walks, and she walks with her hind legs apart like there's a rugby ball in between her legs and she tends to walk sideways like a crab. There must be something wrong with her legs, but it looks cute anyway.

She's a hugger and a kisser, and she'll just throw herself at you and clings on you wherever you go.

She loves roughhousing with the bigger dogs, even if she knows they could just bite her head off anytime, and when they do play a little too rough for her liking, she'd just lunge forward and snap at them like the tough little girl she is.

She is a big tomboy and also a klutz - she never looks when she runs and would always hit something or trip at her feet. She is also unhygienic, she craps wherever she wants, even in her cage and she is always, always hungry. Even after she's fed and her stomach is bloated. And yeah, she eats absolutely anything.

But I fell in love with her the moment I set my eyes on her.

Here's a video of her in all her cuteness and glory.

And here's one more photo of her to make you go "Awwww...."

By the way, yes, I named her after Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood. 'Coz she's exactly like her.

Blonde, feisty, and everyone wants to do her.


AnnieMing said...

Awh she's so cute!!!

Kelvin said...

Can't imagine when all those males hopped on her~

She is so cute ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: I KNOW!

kelvin: gosh, u have no idea what i had to deal with!

sheen said...

she's cute!! i would hit that!! xD

chegu carol said...

It's not fair. I want another dog. And I want a Lab too. :D
She's shoooooo adorable. Btw, the hind legs thingy...dont u think it has to do with her being part german shepherd?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheen: whaaat...bestiality much? :P

carol: hehehe..why not? o ya ka? do german shepards walk like that? then i guess i have nothing to worry about then..heh

dreamChaser said...

OMG. too cute to be true. but she's yours cute so cute so cute (^_^) us sooo lucky

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: i am! :D....i could squeeze her all day :D

Mimi said...

Sookie's so cute! I love large breed but I can't keep them here. I have a Belgian Shepard at my parents though..

Lizeewong said...

Oh the last pic was really adorable :) At least now you have Sookie to keep your mind off crappy essays/ school work. :)

Who gave it to you btw? :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mimi: teehee! oh, they are very handsome dogs too :)

lizee: exactly! maybe i can ask her to eat their homework too. haha. the boyfriend gave it to me :). sy minta. :D

Melancholic Fool said...

because everybody have been saying its too cute...

so i would say...

so kesian that she would need to stay with three grown up males... she will breed like crazy...

but yeah... it's soooo cute!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

azhar: haha...yeah, i predict she'll have teen pregnancy. hahaa