Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stompin' Sabah 2010

I’ve never been to a concert before.

Oh wait.

I’ve been to now-defunct local trio group KRU’s concert, when boys singing and dancing together in gaudy, matching outfits weren’t gay. 

It was great…till I fell asleep ‘coz it was past my bedtime.

I was eight.

So yeah, that doesn’t count.

It killed me to know that Fall Out Boy was in Singapore, and I was just a RM2.30 bus ride away from Singapore; and yet I couldn’t go.

I died inside once again when MTV’s World Stage was playing a stone’s throw away from Serdang, KL, and for my life, I couldn’t attend it too.

And now I’m back in Sabah, my chances to go for concerts are closer to nil.






Well, it may not be MTV’s World Stage but it’s close enough, don’t you think? 
Considering Sabah isn’t quite a place where local and international artists would wanna gather to have a show.   You know ‘coz, we live on trees and we’d probably have to take boats to go to watch their concerts.

But time has changed, we no longer live on trees and wear tree barks as clothing, and the entertainment industry in Sabah is booming.

Think The Rainforest Music Festival in Sarawak getting knocked up by MTV’s World Stage.  This concert is what their bastard child might look like.

Stompin' Sabah is the first and biggest entertainment based event for this state. It features Urban Music and Nature-Inspired Music live on stage.

But of course, you won’t see Katy Perry doing the Sumazau or Chris Daughtry rocking the sompoton.

You will see this bunch of people though:
Ella , DJ Tony , Genderang Toi Angklung , Wicked Aura Batucada (Singapore), Kulahig (Philippines), Shawn Lee (beat boxer), MC Vibe, Toi (Akademi Fantasia 6), Joe Wings, Man Kidal, Dicken (guitarist from Ranau, Sabah), and the top 3 bands from the U.O.X. Campus Tours in Sabah who auditioned in Palm Square last month.

The audition in Palm Square. Were you one of the curious onlookers? Come on, admit it!

Did I just hear you say “Lame!”? Bitch please, P.Diddy was a paperboy before he was famous, so these people gotta start somewhere.  So why not be the first people to see them not fail in the music industry?

So, quit being  a prick and come party at Sabah Port (Jesselton Point) Kota Kinabalu on the 6th of November 2010, from 6pm until 2am the following day.

In case you’re wondering if you can get in for free you little cheapskate, you can just reload RM30 or more and get 1 VIP pass worth RM100, if you’re an Xpax subscriber.

Or if you’re really, really broke to even reload your phone, you can visit the U.O.X. booth at the event venue on 5th and 6th November 2010 to grab FREE passes. Even the toilets in the shoping malls costs 30 cents to enter.

For more information, you can stalk their Facebook page here.

I can’t believe I just wasted an hour writing this post when I have hundreds of essays to mark. (and I still haven’t found my athletes! Halp!)

Meh.  Screw those papers.  I have a motherfreckin’ concert to attend.

Now to rummage my wardrobe to see what can I wear…

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang y'all


Santafire said...

you know, i was an eyesight away from MTV world stage coz i live just beside sunway lagoon.

I saw them setting up the whole pool with stage skeleton, canopy and what not but..

hmm, but i have no regrets missing it. i really wish im there for stompin sabah thou.

Hope you have a blast!

debrajill said...

wa~ its nice that they held it in sabah for a change yeah~ really wish i can go! neway post about it ya manda~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: Ooh..that must've sucked big time! If I were you la. heh. yeah, i hope it doesn't disappoint!

debrajill: COME!

Lizeewong said...

I snuck into a concert once, during Sukom KL 1998. I saw Siti, KRU, Elite, some unknown local singers and M. daud Kilau. I'm so pathetic, I know.

Wish I could go to that cool concert in KK. Maybe next time :)

Have a blast Manda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Lizee: haha! waaay back during those days huh? yeaah, maybe next time. but im sure NZ has more awesome concerts there :). ok, will sure do!

AnnieMing said...

Yay, see you there Manda!

chegu carol said...

the only concert ive been would be the rainforest concert in kuching last year and that was a blast.

see you there!

Memer said...

I am still concert-virgin! arghhhhh

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: okays! :D

carol: it's probably gonna be almost the same la tu kan? :D

Memer: im gonna lose mine this saturday XD

Bro Nudist said...

This should make for a great night out on the weekend. The last concert I went to was when the late MJ came to KL back in 96! Hope you have a great time!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Bro Nudist: uhuh...i will! wow, u're lucky!

nc said... was it :)
waiting for ur updates.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nc: soon :D