Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Got Stomped!

Figuratively speaking, but literally, by the rain.

Stompin' Sabah 2010 - did it meet my expectations?


Honestly, I was deflated in the beginning.

'Coz it was freakin' raining!

Luckily I got VIP tickets and I smugly went through the VIP's lane.  Then felt slightly FMLed when I saw the VVIP lane next to it.

The audience arena was divided into three parts:

1. VVIP (RM100)

Food and drinks served, chairs and tables provided plus shelter, and front view but further way back - where all the 'important', rich bastards who would go hysterical if a splotch of mud landed on their Calvin Kleins sat.

2. VIP (Complimentary. Maybe)

Food and drinks served, chairs and tables provided plus shelter, and a side view waaay at the side - where all the cheapskate bloggers and bored looking parents who thought they could relive their younger years with their children sleeping in prams sat.

3. XPAX Arena (RM30)

No food and drinks, no shelter but right at the front where you will be showered with the singers' saliva, get body rubbed and molested once in a while and of course - where the real party's at to go wild!

But then again, where do you think is THE best area to be at?

XPAX Arena view:

VIP area view:

Exactly. But the free food and Jim Beam Coke made everything better though.

Like I mentioned earlier, the rain was a total killjoy, but that didn't stop people from partying.

Some dumb parents even brought their babies wrapped in a blanket under the pouring rain.

Now about the concert itself.

Was it really a child prodigy of the Rainforest Music Festival and MTV's World Stage?

Well, not exactly, but I dare say there were more contemporary music than traditional, and the occasional fusions.

This concert actually served as a platform for new and upcoming local Sabahan bands who are trying to get their first big break - performing covers, introducing their own songs (which were ASTOUNDING) and of course, doing fusions.

Then the stage was set on fire by bringing in our local Malaysian artists and international ones like our very own rock queen Ella and Wicked Aura Batucada from Singapore.

Wicked Aura Batucada, as their name suggested, are absolutely wicked. Period.

But there was one performance that really blew my fucking mind away.

It was Shawn Lee, ranked no.9 in the beatboxing world.

He is the testimony that you don't need music to party when you have a turntable in your mouth.

I recorded his whole performance, including the one with MC Vibe and I don't know how to edit and shorten it for this post because you HAVE to see his whole performance.

For one orgasmic moment there, I wanted to marry him and make cute little beatboxing babies with him.

I didn't stay till the end of the show though, especially when Ella started to take over the stage, so do check out Chegu Carol's.

My parents were getting sleepy.  Yes peeps, my parents wanted to tag along.  Along with my aunt, uncle, cousin...

I managed to hang out with one of the bands playing that night, The Ariez.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Lynn Sagindai

Well actually the head of the band is my cousin's husband hence the look-at-me-I'm-so-cool-hanging-out-with-one-of-the-bands photo.

For those who couldn't make it that night and think pictures can't do justice, here's a compilation video how it was roughly. Note ROUGHLY.  And shaky too.  Also note that I left after Wicked Aura, so there was none with Ella and the others after her.

Though initially I thought the concert's was gonna be put out by the rain, it sizzled throughout and yes, I enjoyed it in the end.

Will I go again? Hell yeah. And this time I'm leaving my parents at home.

**Disclaimer: This is a post sponsored by Nuffnang y'all


Memer said...

Seem like so much fun! Best!!!

Zen said...

WTH? XPAX arena RM 30? VVIP section RM 100?

People pay top dollars to be in the XPAX Arena type of seating (or "standing"!!! I mean, I PAID TOP DOLLARs FOR THAT TYPE OF SEATING!!! FTW!

I think putting that VVIP tag is a clever ploy. So they can give others the VIP tag instead of "Common Middle-class/Cheapskates This Side Please".

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

LOL! I absolutely love your review. Wicked, just wicked :)

My jimbeam kana campur air ujan, ya' know? nda peduli, i just gulped it down..

chegu carol said...

Aaaahhh patut lah...ada 'bodyguard' pula ko tu malam. Kalau tida, sa insist sudah ko tu jangan pulang. Hahaha

I didnt get to tapun the jim beam and the food....but tiapa la, like i said in my need alcohol to get me dancing sebab ada sudah tu wicked aura batucada....i think im having crush on ALL of them! Ha!

Bro Nudist said...

Good review! A friend of mine also attended & is still nursing a bout of flu from the concert until now bcos of the rain. Tapi asalkan u had fun, itu yg penting!

debrajill said...

yerr~ it so nice out there ya~ eventhough its raining but glad it still as fantastic! hehehe..ada jim beam lagi tu! barula~ hehe

nc said...

it was great reading ur post on this stompin sabah thingy ;)
looks like the concert managed to attract people from all stages of family..hehe

n the videos, wow..thnks. now i get a glimpse of the SS: Stompin Sabah.

Mimi said...

Wah.. syiok the videos you take.. I could hear someone (was it your mom?) asking where Shawn Lee is from? Singapore ka? hehehe.. Apart from Ella, I've never heard the rest of the artist but it sure looked so fun.. despite the rain.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Looks you really having fun...what time you got back...I mean are you driving back to Keningau right after that....


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Memer: it was! :D

Zen: Right?! it's ridonculous. so now u know if u wanna attend an XPAX concert someday.

Ennie: Thanks! Alalaa, punya sayang...sadap ni...haha. looking forward for ur post! ;)

Carol: yeah, tu la. sy kesian ba dorang. kaka. u should subcribe to them on youtube! one of them actually commented on my videos! That's probably my closest encounter with someone internationally famous XD

Bro Nudist: thanks! haha. im really impressed with those people who could party in the rain!

Debrajill: i didnt expect it u know! sadap lagi tu...kekeke. ba, u must go next year :D

nc: thanks! it sure did! i hope u dont get a headache watching it..hehe

mimi: u heard that?! hahahaa...ya ba, bising ba my mom...haha. in fact my parents went to google straigh away when we came back home!

Acun: hey! i sure did! but no, we went back to our house in KK, only go back the next day :)

AnnieMing said...

Yay, I love ur version too ;-D

Anonymous said...

I see...where is your place here at K.K.? School holidays are just around the corner...what's your plan then?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: thanks! now we wait till the end of the month :D

Acun: I'm at Delta Heights...You're from KK?Gee, i haven't thought of what i wanna do!

Anonymous said...

Yes Amanda, I'm staying around Likas area. By the way, do you have any IM's so that we could chat...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Acun: I see...yeah i do, but im rarely online...

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I see....anyway, this is my MSN
just add me...:)