Sunday, October 31, 2010

Starting this year, I'm hating on November

That's right people, starting this year, I'm hating November.

I used to love November.

End of school, holidays rolling in, and most of all, it's my birthday month.

But now I hate it.

'Coz it's exactly when the exams end.

And I hate marking exam papers.

I especially hate marking essays - retarded ones and Nobel Prize winners ones.

They give me migraine and I never have migraines before.

And they give me awesomely huge zits. (for crying out loud skin, I'm not fifteen anymore!)

I will just zone out for fifteen minutes if I mark more than five scripts continuously.

I also have paper works to do, and find athletes for sports day.  What!

All in less than a month.

I hate this part of my job.

Absolutely hate it.

I don't even have to time to write a wise ass post.

So here's a random picture of the day:

Don't you just feel like puking in your mouth?

I sure do.


Mark said...

hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahah.....ya i know sa pun camtu juga nanti, tp tu nanti kan so sa hahahahhahahahhaahhahahahhahaha dulu ah hahahhahahahhahahhahaa.....nt sa kena balasan dia sa tau tp sa still hahhahahahhahahhahahhaa.....manda, relax ko, happy ko marking those papers with a sip of vodka every 2 min interval hahahhaa

Zen said...


sometimes i want to pick my bike and ride up to the student's home. Then punch him in the face for just copying the question instead of an essay.

in varsity, i dreaded March and septmeber.

p/s: I think someone in 7-11 threw up their dessert and decided to call it a flavor.

Memer said...

LOL,wishing you all the best!
I will try to enjoy my last long holidays as a student to the fullest!!

Santafire said...

hmm, because im curious, i think im gonna try that slurpee.

aww, hope you get to pamper yourself after november^^

debrajill said...

omg~ the biggest hassle of becoming a teacher ya~ mm..when u say this, i wonder how my teacher handle reading my wtf essay last time.ahaks! i think tats why she age faster~ hahahha! good luck manda!! cheesecake slurpee.mmmmm..

norbahira said...

you hate november?
i hate both november and december.
i have to be "pengawas peperiksaan" for SPM.
how AWESOME is that?!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mark: Sial. GREAT IDEA though!

Zen: I guess every new teacher hates november now. hey, i think you're absolutely right about the slurpee.


Santafire: Go check out at Berjaya Times Square if you wanna have a go :D. OH I WILL PAMPER MYSELF IN DECEMBER!

bahira: were offered? well, at least you're gonna get paid. more monay.

chegu carol said...

lucky i dont have to check essays. ;P
bah gud luck!

hUiYi said...

it's just the beginning!
and mine is coming real soon=(

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: ya lucky! aaaaaa

huiyi: so better enjoy urself before it comes :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Welcome to the 'sweet' world of teaching!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

annie: sweet indeed T_T

norbahira said...

i was not offered. i was forced into it.

holiday is SACRED!

can't we at least respect that??!!