Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Made It

People, I made it.

6 years was an effing long time.  In the back of my head, I feared I wouldn't make it.

Failing, getting hit by a bus leaving me paralysed, getting knocked  up etc. No offense to anyone who were.

But I made it.

Got my opera house curtains of a robe that made me look more like a gospel singer. Praise the Lord!

Went all Gradzilla trying to settle everything and everyone to make sure everything is perfect.

Took my graduation photo in a studio with an uptight photographer.

Got all drenched with sweat, not to mention sticky armpits in the parade.

Walked across the stage to get my scroll without tripping. 

Joined the other thousands of graduates who couldn't find their parents and coursemates.

But found them anyway and threw our mortar boards in the air.

And took more photos at my faculty and what not.

Not forgetting my parents while I was at it.

And finally, got my scroll.

And went home with it like a proud madafaka.

Damnit, I fucking made it.


chegu carol said...

Heartiest congratulations again!

Memer said...

Envy you byatch! Especially with that first class honours in your hand!
I hate you even more!huh
~walks away~

Kelvin said...

Wow, 1st class honours somemore ^_^

Wina Edwina said...

first class yo... congrates!!!!!

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

1st class honours!

Congrats Manda ^_^ You've made it!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: thanks...again! :D

Memer: Dont hate me coz u love me XD

Kelvin: :DD

Wina edwina: thanks! :D

Annie: teda pa2 ba tu...but thanks! :D

sHeiLa said...


u studied all the way straight 6 years, but u were on the stage less than 6 minutes..unfair isn't it?kekekee

Rungitom said...

Congratulations lady, :)

Zen said...

F- Yeah!

Next month is our turn!

Suhaira Wafiah binti Hasrin said...

Congratulations! =)

Santafire said...

beautiful post!
Congrats, you made it!

"I" the writer said...

1st Class! Congrats!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila: omg, that is SO TRUE! bukan lagi 6 minits, maybe just 6 seconds!

Rungitom: thanks tom!

Zen: yay! be prepared to be all wet and sticky!

Suhairah: thanks darl! :)

Santafire: thank you! :D

"I" the writedr: thanks a lot! :)

Master Mervyn said...

Congrats Amanda, and wow! with a first class honors, you rock ^^

zewt said...

hmmm... i wonder... what if the principal of the school you work in ask the chinese students to balik china... what will you do ah?

Asrih Arif said...

congrats manda... cant wait for my turn next year... yeay!

GladysDavid said...

And i must say: Epic second pic expression. *clicks like*

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mervyn: oh, it's nothing :). but thanks!

zewt: We gon burn his school down fo' sho! but if u havent heard, sabah is racist free, for reals.

Asrih: thanks! and urs will be with leprechauns!

gladysdavid: LOL. Ugly face of the year. thanks! :D

Mimi said...

Congrats congrats again!! Your daddy carried you? So sweeeeett...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mimi: thanks! yeah, i made him! :D

nc said...

pretty2 pictures :) and o gosh..6 years? please..its a OCNGRATS!! x6 then..hehe


CheE-ChEe~智智 said...

wow...first class ar...congrates!