Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don't conform. Unless those cars run on water. Maybe.

I was advised on getting the Malaysia-Boleh-made Myvi.

It's pretty (for them), cheap and economical (maybe).

But honestly, I HATE IT.

Yeah, you can scream "Haters gonna hate!" at me if you love it or own one.

It's absolutely fug, but most of all, it is driven by A LOT OF TEACHERS.

Yes, that is an absolutely ridiculous idea to hate on a car.

I just don't conform. And I don't want to conform. Even if it runs on water. Wait, hm....

Anyway, I did almost consider on getting the pink one.

Just because I was desperate for freedom, peer/family pressure, and a small salary.

But I stuck with my principle. Or rather, I bought a handycam and blew the remaining on my family's flight tickets to go see me walk across the stage for six seconds to get my scroll.

So they told me, "How about getting a Honda City or Vios? Less teachers drive those."

True, but it still has conformity written all over it.

Think of all the people in suits and ties going to work at 8 and trying to beat the jam at 5.


You must be thinking, "Bitch, what the hell you want then? A fucking sports car?"

Uhuh. I want a fucking sports car.

Hell, I'll wait till I make enough dough even if it's gonna take 10 years (I'll be a MILF by then).

No matter how inconvenient or fuel consuming it is. ('Course I know that! Sorta.)

Or even if it's just pre-loved and as old as my mom.

I want one.

But even if I do end up with a 'teacher's' car, I'm gonna modify the fuck out of it. That was my initial plan anyway.

A cousin of mine from Teh Tarik Memoirs personally told me that my dreams will just shrivel and die - just like his.

Oh we'll see.

But of course, you, my readers, will have the royal honour of laughing at my face (or post) and post comments like "I told you so!" if ever I get that pink Myvi.

*P/S: Guys, it is a wishful thinking, and an expensive AND delusional one, but if you know anyone or anywhere that sells a second hand of the sports cars above (except the Lambo though - I know my delusional limits) at a price that can be afforded by a teacher with a measly, just-own-a-generic-local-car-damnit salary, do let me know. No shit.


chegu carol said...

when there's a will, there's a way kan urg tua bilang tu. i think, if you stick to what u want and ur principle, im sure u will get ur sports car regardless of it being 2nd or even 3rd hand...

Memer said...

It's okay to dream, right?

sHeiLa said...

someone is getting a new ride!

like chegu's said, when there's a will, there's a way :)

Mimi said...

If you're not pressured for time, take your sweet time... Hehehe... Good things will come to those who wait.. :P

ah sheen said...

sheenho recommends Mazda3 and Peugeot 308... XD

Master Mervyn said...

^^ Yes, when you put your heart on something, all you need is to work your way to get it ~ no matter how hard it would be hehe ^^

Speaking of which, I drove my dad's Land Cruiser a.k.a Tujuh Lima to school earlier this year. God knows my fellow workmates were screaming for a parking space, since it is a super-sized car hehe ^^

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

If you ever get that sexy dream car, add TILF to that equation :D

Daniel Chiam said...

fairlady.... fairlady.... fairlady.... oh SLK... SLK... Small Little Kancil... hahaha stick up to your principal and get a pink myvi and turn it into a transformer!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: Yeaah...i dont even mind if it's 4th hand! :D. Sanggup ba.

Memer: Martin Luther did it XD

Sheila: if i follow my dreams, lamaaaa lagi tu...haha

Mimi: hehe...right?!I hope i can wait though!

Sheen: yeah, i forgot to include the mazda series. love em too.

Mervyn: Big ol' vintage car huh!

Jess: i will remember that word Miss J! ;)

Daniel: hahaha...or i could turn a kelisa into a minicoop XD

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm acun from Sabah. Nice to meet you....First of all I like your style :) I mean you just being your self and that's great! My advice on the car is you can modify your car but don't ever try to change the fact that your car is your car...what I mean if it's a Proton then it always gonna be a Proton....get what I mean :)

Kelvin said...

Wow, imagine a hot milf in a sports car~

No students will play truant haha XDf

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Acun: Hi acun! thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I know. It's like, some people turn their protons into lancers and in denial that is still a proton...and that is not cool :)

Kelvin: I HOPE! XD

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, how are you?
This is acun again, after reading a few of your blogs, it is confirmed that you are really wierd and funny girl and I like you just like the way where are you now....from your blog it seems you are a teacher....I mean are you still at Semenanjung.....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Acun: hey again...uh, thanks? hehe. Well yeah, I'm a teacher and now I'm back in Sabah working :)

Asrih Arif said...

get any car... it doesn't matter.. you'll still look smoking hot... even in kereta kura2..

about ur dream car.. mhmmh just get a billionaire sugar daddy... problem settled.. hahahhaha

missing u mandak!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Asrih: u mean kereta pek pagung? hahah...dude, if only u can help me find one...LOL. come home la! i miss u too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Where you teaching now?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Acun: i'm teaching in keningau...