Saturday, September 25, 2010

With First Salary, Comes Great Indulgence

With great powers, comes great responsibility.

And with first salary, comes great indulgence.

People, I present to you my latest addition for more vanity and self-indulgence.

Now I can take videos of random funny/cute/gross/psychedelic stuff and put it on Youtube - with hopes of getting 33 million hits, getting it auto-tuned and eventually winning the top spot in the I-Tunes chart.

Nah, I'm kidding.  Kinda.

And please don't ask me why don't I get a DSLR instead.  It's annoying.

I know EVERYONE is lugging those big ass cameras these days and it makes you look cool and 'professional' till people find out that you only use the automatic function.

I'm not into photography, unless if I'm in it. 

And finally, with your first salary, comes great responsibility too.

In which I failed to control myself.

Why do sales assistants have to be so damn convincing?  I only wanted one item out of the four... : /


chegu carol said...

Woohoo! That's the way girl. Kasi racun lagi bah kan. But then again, it's your own hardwork, so why worry? So long hati puas.

Daniel Chiam said...

Ini baru la... haha great choice of vcam... and perhaps you could spend some quality time doing nothing but cute faces and post it on youtube and at least get a few hundred hits.

one thing I learn about girls, they will NEVER spend too much on cosmetic cause beauty is priceless :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Carol: That's devil talking everytime I'm trying my convincing NOT to buy! But damnit, I deserve it! :D

Daniel: Yup2...i can do more burn series...teehee. OOh, u are absolutely right, every beauty item is 'worth it'...although sometimes it's not! mati o jadi perempuan.

DierdreTheseira said...

"I'm not into photography, unless if I'm in it."

With you on that one! hahaha.

Congrats on your first indulgence babe! =)))

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dedz: aren't we all? :D. Thanks! hope it will be the last too! hee

sHeiLa said...

sa suka ur quote..

"I'm not into photography, unless if I'm in it."

practically, i am doing it every now and to be IN the photo..hahahaa

anyway..sioknya dpt duit banyak

zewt said...

wow... imagine you get your bonus!

nc said...

wowweeeee.. :) first salary :) who would not buy thingsssss - i would!

Agree on what you say about the DSLR haha , better just use a digital la kn (^_^)

Kelvin said...

U're tat kind who listens more to sales than ur parents XD

chris federick said...

Lol, so now we can expect more vlogs from u rite? ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: and u bring ur camera but most of the time org lain yg pigang kan? hehee...yeaaah, gonna enjoy it till i lasts :D

zewt: and that will be a very long time from now :/

nc: HARUS baitu...hehe..ya ba, as long nampak muka cantik, ok la ba sudah tu..hehe

kelvin: im afraid so...ergh, i should have brought my mother along.

chris: maybe ;)

Mimi said...

Have fun with your first indulgence.. Indulgence is good!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mimi: AGREED! :D

Gallivanter said...

It's not bad pampering yourself once in a while, it's your hard earned money anyway! :-)

Eric Constantine said...

lol...i like that idea of 33 mil hits in youtube. okay bah, first salary, no harm to invest on something that u like... do enjoy ur new handy cam.

p/s more things to buy in the future, more temptations to

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Gallivanter: i second that! thanks! :D

eric: i need to do something weird to get that! haha...yeah, this is just the beginning...