Friday, August 6, 2010

Testimony of Awesomeness

So it has been two weeks since I started working.

Did that sentence sound ridonculous in your head like it does in mine?

Let's do over.

So it has been two weeks since I started school.

Yes people, I'm still in utter denial.

I don't know why, but it feels like I'm still doing my practical.  It doesn't feel like that thing that adults do, i.e. 'work.'


So I got four classes, three Form 4s and one Form 3.  Working hours are actually great, 'coz the most time I'd be yakking away in class is for four hours (with breaks in between) in a day, and the least is 75 minutes.  And school ends at 12.20 p.m.. So I get the rest of the day off.

This is a little run down of the classes I'm teaching.

4 D (still protecting their privacy in case I wanna bash them someday) is the Science Stream class.  The smart ones.  So I won't have much problems with these guys.  Plus I am now their class teacher who is still incredibly unclear of what am I supposed to do.  Good thing their previous teacher sits behind me so I can cry for help anytime when a kid comes up to me and gives me a wad of cash for some fee to pay.  They kinda remind me of the Science Stream class I thought back in SIGS.  The only difference is that some of them have dicks.

4 A is the Sastera class.  More like, the third, fourth-ish class of the form.  Their English proficiency level is pretty poor, so I opt NOT to speak fully English to them.  I know it's one of the biggest sin of an English teacher, but I AM a teacher teaching English AS A SECOND LANGUAGE, not as first language.  And I strongly believe that getting a message across clearly is way important than leaving them gaping and trying to figure out what the hell I'm saying.  And it is better if they are able to learn a new English word in Bahasa Melayu, rather than not learn anything at all.

4 M is a class that I haven't entered as a practical teacher is taking it till September.  YAY.  But I heard they are the second smartest class and there's only 16 of them. *bliss*

And finally, 3 D.  Oh boy.  They say what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.  These kids have the supreme ability to kill my insanity, or could make me the most awesome teacher ever alive.  Yes, they are the weakest class of them all, and they are the misfits of the school.  With a 100% failure in their last semester exam, they are the ones predicted to fail their PMR and thus, in their lives.  Vocational school is their only option after this, or they might drop out of  school after the exam and be a rough labourer like their parents, and the girls might get knocked up and married, like their mothers.  Their proficiency level is so bad, their previous teacher gave them Primary One exercises for them.  And even that they had trouble answering it.  On a lighter note, on the first day I entered and asked them to introduce themselves, asides acting like monkeys on sugar rush, a couple of them HID UNDER THE FUCKING TABLE.  What 15 year old boy does that?! 

The books that I have studied for the past six years didn't tell me anything about this nor did my teaching practice prepared me for this.

So yeah, I'm in for a frickin' ride. 

My teaching practice was a joy ride, but THIS will be the testimony of my awesomeness.

Again people, pray that I won't murder a kid or hang myself.

In this moment of hardship, no other motivational posters work as well as thisTrue story.


Mark said...

hahahahhahahaa.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA.....nah kotoh kau hahahahhaa....i am so baaaadddd hahahahhaa.....amanda hahahahahhahaha....hahahhahaha.....4 D is 4 Delta kan hahaha....I was a 4 Delta before hehehee....hahahahahahahahahhaa.....sorry, i can't stop laughing hahahahaha......4 M is 4 maxis hehehe...and A is astro kan amanda, kita sbg org2 pintar harus memintarkan durang2 tu tau, supaya kita masuk syurga dan durang pun ikut kta juga, kalo durang yg daluan masuk syurga, kta tumpang ja tia mo balik situ mo p tmpt lain malas tu penget and i had spent my life there for 3 years ...and i don't have any intentions of spending my career (?)for 5 years there huhuhu....bah Cigu ko jadi Guru Kelas kan tu hehehe...liwa2 eh hehee

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sy doa2 ah la ko balik sini...novena, rosary etc...and then suruh pengetua hantar surat recommendation lagi sama PPD utk ko balik berjasa untuk skola...

sHeiLa said...

heehehee..lek ko moi~

ko ajar la dorang menyanyi2 kids'rythm ..ala, yg row-row-row ur boat ka, mary had a lil' lamb ka, london bridge..i guess dorang tau tu tone, tapi nda paham apa suma, from that, ko kasi translate la p BM..nyanyi dalam BM? kekekee..

after all..good luck, baru 2 weeks ba..

Atie Kamil said...

hey babe..i think its the same everywhere. my students were unbelievable. form four with zero vocab..dun even know the meaning of 'eat'..huhuhu..
we gotta start praying harder..

Mimi said...

Enjoy the ride! YOU are awesome!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila: dooi...nda tau pandai baca ka dorang tu rhymes tu :/

atie: and playing harder! to avoid burnout!

mimi: er, thanks? :D

Wiskies said...

wow the form 3 class is scary.. few more months to PMR. Pity them..

chegu carol said...

Bah manda, tunggu ko dapat your first pay (of hard work) baru lah kali rasa sudah kerja hehehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wiskies: right?! i can only do much...

carol: maybe la tu kan :DD

Kelvin said...

Good luck with 3-D XD
Dun give up on them:)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

kelvin: i'll try!

Jessie Yong said...

haha... I think 3D class is the biggest challenge ever. At least you get another 3 'normal' classes. All the best. If you have figured out how to make 3D students sit down and study English, do let me know your recipe. Wanna learn from you. ^^
p/s: don't forget 'the freedom writer' that we watched. when you feel discouraged, watch it again. Be optimistic. At least our students don't carry guns with them in the class. hehe.

Daniel Chiam said...

wakakan mula mengajar sudah cikgu Amanda.... haha all the best in proving your awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

"....or they might drop out of school after the exam and be a rough labourer like their parents, and the girls might get knocked up and married, like their mothers"

how did you know that all those girls' mother was knocked out, and the girls was an illegitimate kid ? i'm sure there's plenty of educated girl out there get knocked out and married as well.. dont you think ?