Friday, August 20, 2010

Of Teachers and Tattoos

When an old skooler sees a person with tattoos, the immediate thought would be "rebel, drug addict, misfit, drop out, alcoholic, jobless, gangster, ah long" or generally, a bad person. If it's a female, it would be "rebel, skank, tramp, whore, drug addict, alcoholic, prostitute" or generally, a lady who never puts her legs together.

See, I always wanted to get inked since the Spice Girls got famous. And my inspiration was of course Sporty Spice, Mel C. And I'd like to get that arm band like hers when I finish school.

But I realised today that arm band tattoos are incredibly tacky and should remain a 90's thing/mistake.

Then the tatts on your butt crack was really the in thing 10 years later. And I really wanted it so bad.

But I decided to wait till I'm 21 to get a tattoo. That way I'd have a lot of time to think about of what design I'd like to get that I could live with for the rest of my life.

I'm glad I waited as tattoos on your crack is now called a tramp stamp.

Now, what do you think of teachers with tattoos?

Tattoos are generally associated with bad behaviour. If you have a tattoo, means you're bad. Society would never believe that you inked your God given beautiful body because you believe in the arts, survived cancer or you just want to be different. You're just immoral.

So here's the million dollar question: is it okay for teachers, the educator of generations, the ultimate moral compass to have tattoos?

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a parent, and found out that specky, mousy maths teacher teaching your child is heavily tattooed on her back- with dragons, koi fish, lotus flowers and of course, a huge butterfly tribal-ish tramp stamp.

Would you doubt her ability to educate your kid?

But if she could turn any dumb kid into a maths whiz, why should you doubt her, right? So she's not squeaky clean and has a thing for sharp objects and she does not FIT into the role of a morally perfect saint of a teacher that society highly expected out of her, but she does her job and she does it damn well, why do we need to be a moral judge?

If you're wondering if I'm that heavily tattooed teacher, I am not. In fact after turning 21, I still haven't got inked.

I'm still 'clean', like what society expects, like my profession expects of me.

But that doesn't mean I give a rat's ass of what society thinks. I just respect it. I won't get tattoos on conspicuous areas, but rather places where you can only see it when I'm wearing the skankiest clothes or butt naked.

I am still searching for the right tatt that I could live with forever without regretting a single day even when my skin sags and looks far from what it used to be, and especially not being branded skanky name 10 years from now. Plus it has to be meaningful. Like surviving cancer.

I know a couple of teachers who are inked, and I respect them for their I-give-no-shit and carpe diem behaviour.

Will we be able to see the day when teachers can have their whole arm tattooed and they are still entitled to be Guru Cemerlang someday?

Probably, when the non-Muslims are allowed to marry a Muslim without converting.

And that is, NEVER.

People, would you want a Kat Von D-ish teacher teach your kid?

Yeaah...I'm sure you would.


Rungitom said...

*Kat Von D* <-- I'll tap this

Having a tattoo doesn't mean people are bad or gangsta; some of them have em for personal meaning/expression. My dad have a skull with a snake and sword tattoo at the center of his chest; but people around regard him as the best friend they ever had.

Phoebe said...

Gee... I guess it IS a million dollar question if I'd let my kid be taught by a tatooed teacher.. You see,with other professions, as long as you do your job well, most don't really care if you're inked,

When you're a teacher however, you're a role-model (as sick as you are of hearing this) and most of the time students look up to their teacher's even more then their parents. So yeah, parents wouldn't want a Kat Von D look-alike to teach their kid.

If you're gonna do it, it's fine in my opinion as long as it's in a place where the sun don't shine often. Anyway, if the tat is meaningful then the most important person to see it is the person who got it done compared to everyone else.

Do show it to me when you've got it done girl.. I've been waiting for years for you to do it.. Hehehe...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Rungitom: I'm not surprised...Most of the people I know who are inked are like, the coolest people on earth! p/s: oh of course u'd tap her :p

Phy:Yeah...i've been hearing that since the first day I stepped in maktab...haha...Well, if i ever do it, of course I'll tell the whole world :D. And I think u gotta wait for more years to come coz i havent a design in my head yet... teehee

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

If you ask me, I'll say 'just go for it gurl!' But make sure the kids & parents cudn't find the tattoo.. It's about their expectation, which I'm sick of too. Huhuh..

So, apa punya tatt la ko pilih moi?

chegu carol said...

i did it for something that i regard as personal. so there's no need to shout to the world or to show that i have one. if it happens that people have to see it, so be it. although of course i dont actually fancy whole body tattoo. It just look so...hmmm...samak.

i braved doing it eventho i am a teacher because i know this is what i want and the fact that i balanced it out; doing it in such place that my kids don't have to know about it. cos its personal remember?

so is it ok that a teacher have tattoo like that of Kat Von D? i guess it's alright, so long she's able to not go all loud with the tattoo in school. cos, sometimes, something needs to be kept low cos she's not living in an island. Still have to tolerate with the others juga.

Kelvin said...

I think it depends on wat tattoo teachers have:)

Mimi said...

I think tattoo is of something personal... regardless of your choice of career. And most of the time, people get tattoos to commemorate something or someone special in their lives. Like me, all my tattoos mean something to me. And I'm sick of hearing people asking if it's ok for muslim to get tattoos.. because if I were to care about what the society say, I'd be a hypocrite.. It's something I want to do NOT something I think the society wants me to do.

So, even if a blind teaches my child one day, it'd still be okay for me because really, it doesn't matter as long as the education is there. And I agree with Carol that too many is too samak.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: Hm...dont know yet. last time i like those butterflies and angel wings, but then too many people get them :/

Carol: that's what i think too...we still have to respect their mindset, coz we are living in a still conventional society. Unless we're exhibitionist, personal tattoos are the way to go :)

Kelvin: i think u like tramp stamps, no? XD

Mimi: I guess it's hard for u when facing those really traditional minded and pious people...and kudos to you for doing it! haha. kat von D was just extreme example :D

sHeiLa said...

i sooo want to get tats on my body, too takut tu needles ba..haih!

But then, I don't have issue with teachers on tats. That's what they chose, and I respect them for being 'brave' to have a tats. But then if yang wana show off and too OTT, then I should close my eyes la :)

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

hahaha..dunno about teachers but i'm a secretary with tats :D
my mama, aunties, cousins and uncles are all sporting tattoos!
i'd like to add up another, a vertical one, in my ribcage. Maybe a favourite quote of mine *pondering*

nc said...

u know.. some of my students dont mind spending their $$$ on getting a tattoo..tpi.. pndai komplen kalau time teda $$$..
it is expensive bah kn?
i'd like one..but i dont think i can stand the pain..hehe..:)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: haha...yeah, from what i heard, it's really painful. but once you do it, they say it gets addictive...

WanderingSumandak: oh, then you have no problem AT ALL! tats on rib cages are pretty hot, like megan fox ;)

nc: either dorang tu memang kaya or kawan dorang yg bikin, yg murahan punya...U can start with a small one la dulu :D

Daniel Chiam said...

Thumbs up for Kat Von D!

In my mind, I dont think tattoo is something to be use to justified a person. Practically its just a work of art, and interest, just like golfing, swimming and the list goes on.

We are not there yet... The dilemma is still there... especially your someone thats going to help build a kids future... get a tattoo but make sure its not visible when you are in your teacher uniform. haha.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Daniel: Agreed...but it also can define a person. Anyways, yeah, we all have to be closeted Kat Von Ds then :D

zewt said...

the parents will make noise... but if you have it at your butt crack, i am sure your students would pay a lot of attention every time you turn to the board to write something.

Anonymous said...

obviously i have been stalking ur blog and accidentally stumbled on this post. and i felt lk i just hv to comment on it cos it's something that i have been thinking for a long time. i have been fascinated by the art of it since i was very young but never got th guts to do it. but i'm 21 now, away from malaysia and currently dating a tattooist. i got myself inked lk 4months ago on my right shoulder blade (totally loving it and it has a deep meaning behind it) and my partner's designing a full arm sleeve tat for me cos i'm hooked. but then, the saddest part is, even though m not a "skin virgin" if there's a word for it, i'm still afraid of the consequences cos i have to come home and teach as m doing an eduction program here and like what you said, will i be respected for what i can give to the society if i'm heavily inked and will my credibility diminish just cos i'm not what a "role modal" figure shud be like.

so i guess,there is a high chances of me to forgo my passion for ink to fit in the society which will never ever EVER except individuality and differences.

p/s: U have a wicked blog.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Zewt: Then I'll be like, *snapping fingers* "Eyes here boys!"

@Anon: First of all, THANKS for dropping by. Always appreciate stalkers :D. Well I guess it depends on which institute you're teaching. If it's a government institute/school, it's going to take forever for those dinosaurs to get used to the idea of tattoos on 'role models'. But then again, if it really is your passion, you'd do anything for it, right? And that means there will be sacrifices to be made ie. wearing long sleeve blouses/baju kurung only. Hopefully when u get caught with it, you have already built up your credibility, and there is no way that your boss is going to fire just because of your tatts because you are a good teacher. And if you really do it, I really salute you for daring to be different :)

Bec said...

Hey Amanda!

I just returned from Phuket the other day and fell in love with tatts ever since. I am a teacher and I am thinking of getting one! If possible, I would like to get inked on my wrist or my neck nape~ However, since I AM a teacher and also a role model to students, I have to reconsider which body parts to be inked. Huh. If it's up to me, I don't mind at all being a teacher with tatts. But sadly, our society's mindset is still below par, if you know what I mean. They would not be able to accept it.

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Hey Bec! Well, you could get one at the's less conspicuous there compared to at the nape. U could wear an oversized watch :D

Bustednuckles said...

As I am sitting here trying to come up with something to help you with your conundrom, I just noticed your web page looks like it has cum shots all down the side.
Yeah, I have been like that for over forty five years.
I got spanked at school when I was in 4th grade for telling my teacher she was sexy, and she was.
Teachers are people, they do have a large impact in kids lives but which ones do you remember?
The stodgy old biddy or the guy who took a few extra minutes to help you comprehend the theory of what was behind what he was trying to get you to understand while in the back of his mind he was worried about paying the rent?

For me?
Yeah, the sexy one.

Damn, she was hot.

As for tattoos, I would wait. I have one that started out as one I did myself with black ink and a needle and has been covered over twice.

I will end this with one piece of advice I have never forgotten.
"If you get a tattoo, get it where a judge can't see it"

Good luck.

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Now I can't unsee the cum shots, gee thanks. ANYWAYS. Yeah, teachers are suppose to make a great impact on kids, whether the hot ones or the genius ones, right? Well, I do like ur last piece of advice. Might consider it. Thanks for dropping by!

Miss Cookie Cream said...

I am teacher & i tattoo-ed myself when i was 21.personally,i made sure that it would not be visible when im at school but people do know that I have one. I did mine because i just wanted to be different and it has something to do with my past. Truly as said,people just assume that with tatto are BAD people.I have no idea how to prove them wrong.I don't drink or even party,just a typical girl with my own teaching life & a tattoo that many spoil my whole image

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Miss Cookie Cream: It will probably take another century for people to realise that tattoos aren't bad. Until then, just suck it up my dear :)

Miss Cookie Cream said...

People owh people with their assumptions. So,have u thought of having one,senior?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Miss Cookie Cream: Just waiting for the right moment :D

Francesca me said...

Hi; ) to begin with: I was about doin the same mistakes as you, too. I loved the spicegorls and first of all Mel C! (I was here on my : "want to go to "Miniplaybackshow" famous in Germany viodeo that I was to tall for .. I am not now...and now ones interested in aaaa know...) and now well, Pamela has one so.... that might not be the perfect image for a teacher even though the other tattoos your mentioned may not...but... just having a tatoo doesn´t make you someeone I wouldn´t like my children ( that I don├čt have) teach at. Because I would be happy instead not havong such an old fashioned person jugging uppon my children by sone narrowminded limitations like; oooo tatoos are bad.... so hopefully the next generation is going to see things diffrently and if you find the right tattoo for you ( I haven´t till now for the esxact same reasons you mentioned) just do it. As long as it is not in an area where anyone can see it or at least....not huge as a melon I guss most people and eeven parents shpuld be fine with it nowadays, dont they??

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Francesca me: Hey there! Yeah, true that...Those 'holier-than-thou' people are the worst if you ask me. Well here's to hoping we find a design that we like someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Bro that's the problem. If society still have that mindset that's the sign of downfall for our society. Merits should be measured rather than empowering the stereotype.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Exactly. But i think time has changed. Tattoos are pretty normal already these days. It might even be a shocker if you're not sporting at least a tiny one. But for old skoolers,the mindset is still pretty much the same. We just have to wait for them to grow old and die.