Monday, July 12, 2010


In a week's time I'm going to school already.

Not as a student, but as a teacher.

I'm still getting around the idea of that.

I seriously don't believe it is happening already.

Like, what happened for the past six years?

It is as if it never happened.

But it did.

And this post is to remind me that I DID went through some teacher training course that eventually made me into the person that I am today.


Way back when we were still 13.


Gory, isn't it? Thank God four years later they found a thing called paint.

Chillin' in ma room

Raw. I know.

Gory block party

This is when we turn 14.

Annual Dinner 2004

The dinner that got us into trouble.

Choir girls

It was fun!


And drinking 5L of salt water.


Bending it like Beckham.

Annual Dinner 2005

Consequence of previous dinner - theme stays traditional ONLY.

I danced


UPM Orientation

What's an orientation if you don't get to sleep for 3 hours only?

Annual Dinner 2006

And we got into deeper shit this time.

English Month Play Performance

Ain't I puuurty?

People just LOVE Sport's Day


Annual Dinner 2007

But we escaped the admin's wrath as we were happily scantily dressed (according to maktab) for our dinner in UPM.

Stage makeup course

Behold! My creation!


Never in my life I thought I'd be part of a Malay theatre. But of course, it was a silent role :D

Taming of The Shrew Play

Making Shakespeare proud. Or not.


No, that's not Santa. That's...Oh god, I forgot his name. Gotta check my ESL books. But definitely NOT Santa.

I played volleyball

The world should've ended.

Theatre in ESL

Best. Semester. Ever.

Visiting an artist's home

We get to act 'sophisticated'.

Annual Dinner 2008

The last dinner ever where we can dress as sluts (according to maktab). And that's why UPM rocks.

Goodbye Awesome UPM BBQ

A lil celebration before going back to prison.


Best. TESLian activity. Ever.

Teaching practice

First guinea pigs students :D

Informal Dinner 2010

'Coz there were no longer dinners for TESLians but only high teas with the dress code 'batik' after the deep shit we got into. But screw them, we had our OWN.

I'm glad I'm such a photo whore 'coz at least I have pictures to remind me of the time when we were young and stupid and reckless.

'Coz I don't get to be young and stupid and reckless anymore.

I'd get fired.

But all in all, it was a great six years and I wouldn't change anything about it.

I'd trim my eyebrows earlier though.

So one day when I feel like shoving horse shit onto my students' face, I can always go back to this and say,

"I was once a student too"


Mimi said...

Nice! Good luck in teaching.. Have all the patience in the world ya! ;P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha! ok, thanks! :D

Memer said...

Yup,the long six years will be one hell of lifetime you'll never get back. Will try to enjoy the remaining few months left

Phoebe said...

Bestnya manda.. Bida2 pun looked like you had a lot of good times too bah.. Hehehe.. But seriously, ur maktab looked like a set for a horror movie ni.. Skali bila cat, terover cheerful pula.. Hahaha...

chegu carol said...

Aaah...all the glorious (and inglorious) moment hehe
Best of everything in your teaching career manda :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

All the best to you moi.. Mana lah posting? Dapat tau sudah?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Memer: you really should! no matter how much you hate maktab now...

Phy: haha...ya ba...thats why when i first arrive trus cam mau lompat dari tu building :/

Carol: thanks kay! :D

Annie: thank you! most probably keningau :D

Kelvin said...

Good luck in ur career:)
The 2nd pic is 'awesome' XD

Gallivanter said...

The hostel really looks like a scene from a horror movie. Good luck! :-D

Daniel Chiam said...

Punya siok walking down memory lane, haha. Mimang rock la cara kau duduk... Its been a great journey for you so far, all the best in future... still be wicked then?

Lizeewong said...

You've had a blast! Now,it's time to rock your students' world hehehe.

Good luck Manda :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kelvin: haha! wanna stay there? thanks!

Gallivanter: right?! thanks dan!

Daniel: manada main kontrol2 sudah kalo dlm gonna rock the school, dont worry! ;)

Lizee: ya ba! i will! thanks liz! :D