Friday, July 23, 2010

Pros and Cons Teaching in Your Own Hometown

Yes people, I'll be teaching in my very own town.

In order to protect the school's privacy in case I bitch the hell out of it when I have a bad day, let's just call it SMK K2.

I don't know whether it is fate, or is it my slight meddling with it.

But it doesn't matter 'coz I'm here already.

So maybe I don't get to venture out into the wild and live independently on my own.

But it's okay. I've been away from home for six years. Maybe it really is time for me to go home.

Though a little part of me kinda want to go to impossiblely remote places and go all Bear Grylls out there, I am nevertheless grateful 'coz people are virtually dying to be where I am now.

So I went to my school already and met my boss (damn, I feel so like a grownup!) and talked to the teachers there.

And this is what I'm able to sum up, the pros and cons of teaching in K2 and in my hometown:


  1. My boss seems nice and he knows my parents.
  2. There are a few of my ex teachers there!
  3. No serious discipline problems. I quote the disciplinary teacher, "The baddest kid here is the nicest kid in SM X." I was from SM X and I rather pay the Rm110k bond to quit the government had I gotten that school. That bad.
  4. The teachers are super friendly.
  5. I'm teaching in my hometown, a small community where everyone knows each other.
  6. My mom will send me to school and my brother will fetch me from school everyday. I feel like a kid again, but at least I can save on transport.
  7. My mom's gonna cook for me everyday.
  8. I could give tuition and earn more moolahs.
  9. I could save money on rent and car. And food and groceries and toiletries and internet bills.
  10. I get to live an easy life.
  1. My boss seems nice and HE KNOWS MY PARENTS!
  2. There are a few of my ex teachers there. OH NOES!
  3. Most students are linguistically retarded. The kind that don't even know what 'paper' is.
  4. So my boss put me up on a pedestal and expects to see better PMR results.
  5. I'm teaching in my hometown, a small community WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS EACH OTHER.
  6. I am eventually going to grow up and pay for petrol and probably get my own car.
  7. I'll never learn how to cook.
  8. I will have no life when I start giving tuition.
  9. My parents are not gonna let me off so easy. It's either RM800 per month or yearly travel expense. But most probably both.
  10. I will never know the meaning of hardship.
So there.

To those who are like me, count your blessings. No matter how hard you have it in school and no matter how much you want to run down the principal with your brand new Viva, you have your family waiting for you at home. Though they are fucking sick to listen to you whine everyday, they would still be there for you.

And to my friends who are banished to god forsaken grounds, cheer up 'coz what you'll gain would be EPIC. You'll get life experiences that no one who is still living with their parents get to get and that will make you LEGENDARY - unlike us losers who still put stuffs at the cashier and run away so that our father would pay for it unsuspectingly.

Above all, it's going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride this year.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Haha! That's d thing lah kalau mengajar di hometown sendiri, everybody knows each other. Susah sikit mau buat hal.. Ngeh3

Anyways, all the best in your sikul, cigu! Ganbate!

Cynth D said...

imagine partying with your students! XD

Mimi said...

Good luck in your new workplace.. The way I see it, the pros & cons are pretty balanced.. So it's a win-win thingy..

Daniel Chiam said...

Wicked~! SMK K2... Almost all the school girl there have a tight and short finafo, haha me like :D

Mark said...

pussy Amanda, u've forgot to mention my BLOODY NAME "MARK" there in your PROs and CONs list hahaha...all the teachers would say that Mark is really a NAIVE boy...MARK THE WORD "NAIVE" hahaha

ahmad suhaizie shan said...

its good if your students is low proficiency...coz u wont get too much of expectation n u can impress them easily...but on the downfall its hard to use current issues or cool stuff to teach coz they will be a long-blur-know nothing-silence.....

ahmad suhaizie shan said...

"all the teachers would say that Mark is really a NAIVE boy" - amanda...if u ever feel bored....just spill to the teachers about the-current-MARK-that-used-to-be-naive....i think this is in the PROS

Memer said...

You're one lucky biatch! ridiculously jealous with you!!!!
Are you sure your parents didnt do anything about your posting??hahaha

Asrih Arif said...

I was hoping u're gonna be sent to SFX so that u could teach my bother there hahaha's not gonna happen i guess..

If I were you, I would ajar tuition byk2 subjek to get more money hahaha PMR subjects are not that difficult to teach haha (I'm so money minded)..

Lizeewong said...

Yay! You're VERY lucky :)
No matter how you put it, the PROS definitely outweigh the CONS.

Welcome to the club Cikgu Amanda..Tu la gelaran ko moi! Hehehehe...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: ya ba...mau p krk pun susah :/.thanks annie!

Cynth: oh i would be so screwed?

Mimi: thanks! i cant complain much...heh

Daniel: haha..ya ka? ba, join me :D

Mark: puhlease mark, that would be a waste of name...

ahmad: i know! so thats why im cracking my head on how to teach students with really low proficiency...and i'll definitely mention mark's name and tell them what a giant gay ass he is now...hahaha

memer: uh, they just kinda prayed for me? hahaha...

asrih: NOOO! i so dont want to go back sfx! hm, good idea o kan...but then i have to study back maths coz now im a fail in maths. not like last time genius berabis XD

lizee: omg! i dont think i can get use to that? i still feel like a student in that school, as in like budak practical..haha...

Zen said...

Yay bear Grylls!!!

nc said...

its good to be home :)
but, like u said.. there's always the negative side of being HoME. hehe
good luck :)

sHeiLa said...

hoho..ok la ba tu.not bad that school..good luck in teaching ya!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Zen: he's awesome!

nc: yup2...heh. thanks! :D

sheila: yeah, all i heard good reviews ja ni...senang juga hati :D.. thanks! :DD

zewt said...

pro number 7 is very good u know... i miss that ... a lot...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

zewt: right?! haha

Phoebe said...

Hm.. SM X is bad? Or SM KH yang ko tidak sanggup mau p mengajar? Hehehe.. Anyway, good luck manda.. With you as a teacher I'm sure SMK K2 is gonna have awesome results for their English subject.. Just don't burn the school down... :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Phy: SM X IS SMKH...haha...there goes its privacy XD

Mark said...

kimak ko amanda hahaha....kasitau ja, msti durang tekejut coz my attitude wasn't like that when i schooled there for 3 years hahaha....They had seen me as _________ (hehehe) fill in the blank if you like hahaha....right now, they have seen me differently hahaha....but they still like me because i am just likeable, loveable, fuckable and OUTSPOKEN ahmad: you are so kejii!!! hahahaha....but you know me kan - Mark Now hehehe