Friday, July 9, 2010


How often do you mess with your hair?

As in, drown it with chemicals to make it NOT look like your hair your momma gave you?

Or maybe just a hair cut.  As in, a drastic hair cut that made you look more like your aunt, or the one that made you look twelve.

People, this is my 6 years of hair evolution.

*Warning: Reader might get an overdose of writer's face that would make him/her gouge her eyes.

Once I started, I could not stop.

Here goes!

1. The 'virgin' hair (2004)

Pure, untouched, natural hair.  (Ignore family members)

2. Broke hair's virginity (2005)

Or maybe just had some petting.  (Ignore blacked out friend's face.  She would kill me if she's exposed)

3. Long, sleek hair (2005)

'Coz I had a plan.

4. Tight perms! (2006)

A bit disappointed it didn't turn out American African like I wanted.

5. Gave another try with highlights (2006)

This was when I was a bridesmaid, don't laugh at me!

6. It started to have a mind of its own (2006)

And I could have sworn this photo was taken in the 90's.

7. Short, permed hair (2006)

Chopped it off the day after the Unduk Ngadau.  I just had enough of all of it.  Plus it won't grow long enough in case my mother wanna make me join the contest again the following year.

8. Shoulder length permed hair (2006)

I never had to do my hair!  So easy!

9. Really short hair (2007)

It was a 'now or never' decision.

10. Blond (2007)

I just went crazy with the peroxides.  I didn't know what came into me.

11. Blond with lighter streaks (2007)

I really couldn't help it! Looking trashy didn't occur to me.

12. Light brown (2007)

This oughta fix the trashiness.

13. BLOODY RED (2007)


14. Lighter red (2007)

One week later, can you believe it? What quality...

15. Rusted (2008)

One month later, seriously?!

16. Cleopatra (2008)

Er, 'coz we studied Antony and Cleopatra?

17. Pink highlight (2008)

And that costs a bomb.  FML.

18. Red highlights (2008)

And I got away with this in UPM, can you believe it?

19. Rusted highlight (2008)

Damnit! Again?!

20. Brown with fringe (2008)

I learned my lesson, folks.

21. Fringe outgrew (2009)

And it became lighter?  I didn't do anything with again I swear!

22. Black again! (2009)

'Coz I was going back to maktab the following semester : /

23. Digital permed (2009)

And I almost set the salon on fire.  You call THIS a digital perm?!

24. A REAL digital permed hair (2010)

They should have put a label "Will look like those Japanese girls with perfect hair in 5 months!"  But the chemicals from the perm kinda fried my hair that was dyed black. 

Today, my hair is like twigs as I haven't had a trip to the salon since March.

Will do so after graduation.

'Coz I have a plan.


Memer said...

What's your plan?
Look forward to it!

Mimi said...

Your long wavy hair's nice.. :D And I guess almost everybody has got blonde phase!! I know I had.. LOL!

Mimi said...
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Santafire said...

halle berry pixie cut looks fresh on you.

Memer said...

Just wanna say, the picture number 6 reminded me of Mariah Carey's look in one of her MV!

Anonymous said...

i love No 8!
looks kinda cute.. haha!


lulu said...
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lulu said...

i like no 8 , 21 and 23.
you look nice :)

Lizeewong said...

Wow!! Your hair has been through A LOT! Hehehe...You are definitely 1000x more adventurous than me...Btw, I love hair no 8, 16, the cleopatra, the digital perm and the long straight black hair. The last pic is the latest ka manda? You cut it short?

sHeiLa said...

u look good in 9 and 21 manda!

chegu carol said...

you dare the colors! i like.

i first met you when you still had your tight permed hair. i tot, wow buli tahan rambut ni amoi ni heheh...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Memer: The last pic is a foreshadow on what Im gonna do :D. and yeah! it does look like MC's hair way back when she just started!

Mimi: Yeah, that's my fave hairstyle too :D...The blonde phase is a must have for every growing girl! :DD

Santafire: That's one of my next plan :D

Syahirah: Aw..Thanks! :D

Lulu: Thanks hun! :)

Lizee: teda karaja la, the last one is a wig :D

Sheila: glad u think so! coz plan mau potong ni...heh

carol: haha...dooi...rosak sudah ba ni berabis..if i do anything more botak la sy XD

Phoebe said...

I love you cleopatra phase girl... Tekejut sy nampak muka sy sendiri dalam tu gambar.. Hehehe... Ur recent digital perm looks nice too.. Where did you go to do it? I'm thinking about doing digital perm too... (^__^)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Phy: haha...but punya la susah mau kasi perfect that hair all the time...anyways. i did my hair d jb, but it turned out like pic no.23. i was totally ripped off. then i heard other people who did it, and dorang pun gitu, nda jadi the curls. only few ja yg satu kali buat, trus jadi. so mine turn out like that after what, 5-6 months ja. so, it depends on ur stylist, hair and luck i guess. hopefully jadi when u do it :)

Momo said...

red dye/highlight really is a bitch to maintain. and it cost a bomb too!

zewt said...

suddenly looked so demure in that "black again" pic... so unlike u... lol

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Momo: RIGHT?!

Zewt: But i am demure! or i like to think so XD

v said...

Aiming for no. 22 at the moment ;)

coz i have a plan? lolz!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

V: hehe...why not!