Friday, July 16, 2010

Cotton Balls

Have you ever seen cotton balls?

Not the ones you use to swab your wound or your face.

Literal, cottony testicles.

Cute and disgusting at the same time. But most of the time cute.

Before you go "AACK!", meet the owner of balls made of cotton.

See, not so gross after all, huh?

Don't you just feel like touching it and feel how soft they are?! And perhaps swab your wound or your face with it?! Okay, maybe not the latter.

You'd think this pup's name is Cotton Balls. I'd name him so had I realised he has cotton puffs for his balls.

But I knew what to call him when I first saw this photo of him:

People, meet my dog BUTET!

*Butet is the sago worm called by Sabahans. I'd google and post pics of it if I know I wouldn't have nightmares about it. Yes, peeps, caterpillars and fat worms freaks the hell out of me.


Marion said...

And I kept wondering why 'Butet'. Lol. It's pronounced as 'Butot' back in my place though. :)

And I feel your quesiness looking at em. LOL.

Mimi said...

Your doggy's so cute.. My Shih tzu had "cotton balls" before too but it's gone since I had it castrated.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Punya kiyut si Butet!! Kirim salam dia (sama diapunya cotton balls juga ah LOL) ..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

marion: tomato, tomAto :D

mimi: i guess all bushy dogs have cotton balls! :D

annie: HAHA! ya ba, sayang ni time sy balik kgau besar sikit sudah dia...huhu

chegu carol said...

heyyy Butet!!!

skrg ja ko kekiutan nampak tu cotton balls dia tu manda...nanti sdh dia basar and when all the bulu2 sdh hilang, mcm geli2 tu ko nampak. like what im feeling now with my bam bam's round fur-less balls. weird ni bila nampak dangling2 from his behind. errkkk...

Santafire said...

kiutnya si butet XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

caro: ya ba? eugh...and i thought he'd be special :/

santafire: :D

nc said...

kiut nya si butet...hehe..bulih dukung2 kah..(^_^)