Sunday, July 4, 2010

10 Things I'll Miss About Peninsular

It's been what, two weeks since I'm home?  And it's so odd that I'm no longer gonna packing my things to go back there as I've been doing that for the past six years.

I'm awfully glad to be home, but spending 6 years in a place that is not home, your perspective gets wider.  As much as I love home and always dying to go home every time I'm there, there ARE things to be missed there.  Though home is where your heart is, Peninsular was my second home and I sorta grew fond of it.

Now I'm back for good, I'm starting to miss these things:

1. Redbox 

Once you've been in this karaoke joint, you won't even consider to sing at those RM1 per song dingy karaoke booths.  And please, I know there's one Redbox-like karaoke joint in Karamunsing, but seriously, would you pay Rm80 for a Japanese buffet meal and sing for an hour?  When you can just pay RM10++ for lunch and sing for 3 hours, or 5 hours during Happy Hour?  And I do know there's also one joint in Centre Point where you pay RM10 to sing for half an hour in an OK-looking room.  They are getting there, but definitely not in the hygiene department.  I believe my dogs who haven't been bathed for a week would be cleaner than the sofa and the touch screen controller.  So yeah, Redbox better get their butts here soon and kill it.

2. The club scene

For the first time in my clubbing history, I went home at 1a.m., completely sober, makeup still intact, not breaking a single droplet of sweat, my hair and clothes still smelled like flowers and I didn't break my legs.  I don't know whether the club scene in KK just sucked, or it is just BED that suck to the balls, or I just got old.  That made me missed KL a lot.

3. Shopaholic, Berjaya Times Square

I love shoes but I'm also cheapskate.  I'd buy branded shoes only when they are on 50%-70% discount, but I can always buy shoes from Shopaholic as even the hottest shoes cost about 50 bucks.  Including this monster.

4. Magazines

Magazines are incredibly expensive in Sabah.  When it is supposed to be RM10.80 for East Malaysia price, shops would round up the number to RM16.  And yet it only costs RM8 in the west.  But recently I noticed they have standardised the price, so maybe I won't miss buying magazines there after all.

5. Performance art

Art is food for the soul and it was love at first sight with KLPAC.  I never would have guessed Malaysian plays are frickin' wicked.  Hopefully someday they'd spread some artsy love in Sabah, or we could start our very own Sabah Performance Art Center.  Rather than watch some silly, painful Sabahan telemovie.  The effort is admirable, but has no one told them they are awful?

6. Dominoes Pizza

We have Manhattan Fish Market here but no Dominoes?  It's absurd!  It may not be the pizza in the world, but it definitely could rival New York Pizza (Singapore) which is the best. pizza. ever. and it does not taste like Play Dough, unlike Pizza Hut.  Please come to Sabah! PLEASE!

7. Food in general

Whoever said that KL/JB food is expensive, I'd like them NOT to eat at Tony Roma's and pass that judgement.  It is expensive, IF you eat at the mall or a swanky restaurant.  Who asked you to eat there anyway?  Go to a kopitiam/'kedai kopi' and you'll see the price difference between a restaurant in the west and in Sabah.  You'll realise that in Sabah, it would cost RM2 more.  Even Kuching food is cheaper.  So technically, we are the richer state 'coz we have lots of trees and our food costs a nuke bomb.

8. Indian food

Before going to the west, I've never ever eaten Indian cuisine.  It just won't cross my mind.  I never realised how good they can be.  However, now I'm back here, I doubt I'd drop by an Indian restaurant.  One thing for sure, I don't even know where I can find a true blue Indian restaurant, swanky north indian cuisine restaurant not included, 'coz I've seen them before.  Somewhere.

9. Black pepper pork

Okay, this may sound redonkulous as you can get this dish practically anywhere, including your kitchen where you still expect your mother to cook for you, you lazy bum.  But I have found the Holy Grail of black pepper pork, and it is in JB, tucked in a corner in one of the seriously dirty, murderous looking flats at Larkin.

Don't trust this photo.  It has been manipulated or taken from a 'good' angle.  I'm talking a big dumpster right next to where the uncle cooks the food and rats as huge as cats scampering right in front of your eyes.  And the aunty, his wife?  She probably belongs to a triad.  And she's the head who would take your head if you mess with her.  But the food is just absolutely heaven, despite the ghettoness of the area.  Now that is one thing to miss JB about.

10.  Flying

When I'm there and I see an airplane zooming across the sky, I always wished that I was on that plane home.  Now, when I see one, I wished I was on that plane going back to school.  Being a person who takes a plane like a bus (approximately 63 times since I started! Yes I counted!), I miss flying and publicly shaming Airasia.  I know there'll be more flights to come, but it is never gonna be the same - lugging 15KG of food and clothes and cheating the system by carrying 20KG on my backpack to save money on luggage fees.

Anyway, now that I'm back here, that won't stop me from dropping by Peninsular once in a while and get/do ALL these ten things here.

I'm flying there soon anyway.

Destination, KL.



chegu carol said...

Nasib sa tia pernah study di i dont really have this 10 things to miss. Tapi kalau tepigi KL trus jumpa Dominoes pizza, tus jadi tagas skijap la heheh

Eric G said...

Agree with number 6, 8 and 10. guna bagpack besar ba sumbat barang2. ahahahaha!

Santafire said...

as for me; 4,5,6.
i could live without 10.
i hate planes.

Lizeewong said...

Hehe..Felt the same way when I finished my studies..esp no 6, 7 and 10 :)

Wiskies said...

See, I'd told you that you'll miss things in peninsular & experience some reverse culture shock just like the karaoke u mentioned. LOL.. Last time i was damn miss secret recipe & sushi king, thank god there are in kk after few months i came back here but for dominos, yeah i still hoping they can open 1 outlet in kk soon. for shopping, yes Sabah is really much more expensive in EVERYTHING & not as much as good food in peninsular to b honest. The most reasonable price for the magazine in kk i saw is only in polpular bookshop (compare to most of other small bookshop) & Indian food, i only knew d only nice one can b found in kk - krishna curry house in millenium plaza. fashion, tak payah cakap, here memang lambat update. I told myself b4, wil go kl very often but i only manage 2went back there once since i finish my study which is my graduation too. LOL.

sHeiLa said...

haha..during my stay in Penang, i missed some of those u mentioned..

I missed:

num 2 : the club scene! To date, I reached home at 5.30 a.m..haha

num 3 :! no one can deny..

num 4 : magz..cheaper! agree with u

num 7 : penang is food heaven..i tell u :P

num 8 : indian food..i learnt to eat this food during my Uni days. Back in Sabah, i just cannot even put in those food..macam nda ngam taste ni ba

num 9 : the must flight during xmas! hehehhee..

well..those memories will remain as a best time for us manda :)

Daniel Chiam said...

Definetly Redbox, Greenbox and Neway! KENAPA BA TIADA DI SABAH MACAM TU?!

24 hours of EVERYTHING!

T_T I promise myself that I would work in KL, still waiting for it to come true

zewt said...

if u miss the kl club scene, u will love the singapore ones...

Phoebe said...

i can so relate to this, the redbox, dominoes, cheap yet tasty kopitiam food, the cheap mags and shopping! I loved Nichii there and although there's Nichii in 1B but the clothes are not as nice and not updated every forthnight like it's done in the Peninsular. Also, taking flights home like taking a bus. Haha... Miss al that oh..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: haha...if ada dominoes here tagap trus... hehe

eric: totally! but now if they think u're bag is suspicously heavy, they'll ask you to weigh it. that freaked me out a for a moment.

Santafire: hey, you're in the arts, start something in sabah! :)...that way u wont have to fly that much!

Lizee: it seems like everyone LOVES Dominoes here! :D

wiskies: yeah! we really actually do! same here, like padini, roxy etc...but when they opened it here, u feel like u dont really need to go kl to shop anymore...And yeah, i never really realised that sabah food is expensive, coz my parents would pay for it all the time. only when i start paying for myself then i wanted to faint. As for the mags, yes, bookstores like popular will definitely sell it with the proper price, unlike those tiny bookshops. Krishna curry house huh? alright, im gonna make a date to go there. p/s: airasia is always having cheap fares, thats when u should buy and drop by kl again ;)

sheila: one thing i regretted is not going to penang! huhuu...will probably go there on a budget holiday trip. betul kan pasal indian food?! you just wont eat here, tapi time belajar, malar ba! haha... and yeah, it will always be a memorable experience :). ba, xmas ni camna? ;)

Daniel: anytime ba u can go work there ;). ba, u're the entrepreneur, devise something like Redbox in keningau! :D

Zewt: you know, when im in jb im so damn close to spore and it kills me that i never get the chance to go! :(

Phy: one thing the clothes here in the branded stores are not so up to date as in kl. ba, seberang laut ba kita ni..huhu..