Friday, June 4, 2010

Young Me Now Me

Remember the post on the joyful find of my nanny?

She still has my photos and she promised that she'd upload them on Facebook.

Thank God there weren't embarrassing ones.

If you're wondering how I looked like as a child, here there are, unearthed for your viewing pleasure.  Or not.

This is her.  And me.  Yes, that's really me.  And no, I did not steal anyone's photo.

Yes, I was a poor little bald baby girl always dressed in girly clothes to avoid being mistaken as a boy.

To be honest I don't think this was me either.

When you're the only girl in the family, you practically become your mother's living dress-up play doll.  

And always asked to stand at random places and take photos.  When wearing something deemed 'cute'.

This was at my mom's then salon.  This was also my playhouse.  I made friends with the hair clips and stick curlers and play with 'em.  What?  I don't have sisters and the salon girls won't play with me.

And of course, feeding time. :D

She posted this on my wall before:

She wasn't kidding.


 ...much better!  Thank you Photoshop!

Okay, you can stop comparing the two pictures and be convinced that it's two completely different people...


Shamimi Haniza said...

Lain gle!!!! but, mmg cute la u masa kecik! Rasa mcm nk cubit2 je pipi tu. tp kalau cubit pipi u skrg, mesti kene tampar kan? hahahahaha

chegu carol said...

sama lah bah kan pose yg 1st and 2nd last tu...hahahha

dun worry...i didnt have hair too till i was 2-3 yo.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mimi: haha...told ya!

carol: i cant believe i did that T_T

GladysDavid said...

Hohoho... signature pose!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

GladysDavid: i think u could say that... XD

Daniel Chiam said...

awwww arent you one cute sweet little bunny... hahahahahahahahahaha

nc said...

heheh..nice bah :)
those childhood photos are a million bucks :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

daniel: haha...thanks! :D

nc: yup! :DD

Lizeewong said...

This post tickled me hehehe...When you mentioned about your mum asking u to stand at random places to take photos, I was like REALLY? YOUR mom too? Ahh...I guess most moms do that :P

And the 'now'picture is absolutely gorgeous! :)

Phoebe said...

I love the last 2 pics.. Ur nanny is totally right manda.. Hahaha...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

lizee: hehe...i bet your little ava will be placed in random places too! :D...btw, thanks!

phy: haha...i didnt believe her..till i saw the picture...heh