Friday, June 25, 2010

Vintage Part 2

There were other things that I unearthed when clearing out my room besides my cassettes.

If I do throw them out someday, at least I know I have immortalised them in my blog and when the world ends leaving the Internet the only soul survivor, this post could be part of lost history.

1. Walkman

When you have 134 cassettes, you'd need to lug your walkman when you're in the bus or when you want to look less like a dork walking the streets alone.

2. Old magazines.  Like, ANCIENT

They're Singaporean magazines as I thought Galaxie was too thin and Smash Hits became unbearably expensive.

ETC mags were pretty wicked.

And of course, mags that make me go "What the fuck were you thinking?"

And the cassette.  I was a huge fan of wrestling and extremely deluded that everything was real.  You have no idea how dumb I feel right now.

And piles and piles of magazines since 2003.

I donated a few bundles to a salon nearby and the rest to the Tzu Chi Foundation.

3. Platform sneakers

This was how much the Spice Girls influenced my life.  And they were really rad last time.  I'm keeping this for any 90's themed or Halloween party.

4. Colossal mobile phones

Well this is actually my dad's.  But when compared to the latest-but-quite-outdated phone, you gotta be impressed with its evolution.

Especially the batteries.

Way back then the batteries were half of the phone themselves.  Amazing, huh?  And last time, they didn't use sim cards.  I have no fucking idea how it worked last time.  Just incredible.  I feel young again.

5. Old DVD collections

Well, they aren't exactly ancient, but who buys DVDs now when there are torrents practically flooding the Internet?  And yes, I have all 10 seasons of Friends.

6. Tutu

For those who don't know, I WAS a graceful little ballerina.  I swear I didn't steal this from a poor little girl.  And I'm keeping this as a reminder that I was once a graceful, poised little girl.   And no, I can't do the splits anymore.  It would be an awesome bedroom move if I still could.  Maybe it's not to late to continue...

People, what are you gonna do to your vintage stuffs?


ALTing said...

the platform sneakers are so not right... hahahhaah... never understood why girls would wanna wear em then, and definitely not now...

i remembered any GSM phones did use sim card back then EXCEPT those using ATUR..

Mimi said...

I've used the phone without sim card before... When I was in college.. LOL! And my dad almost killed me for the bills.. Wasn't my fault though.. Curi line bah.. LOL!

Sell them on Ebay!!

Lizeewong said...

Yeah...I had all of the above (plus the stuff from vintage 1), except for the tutu and those sneakers la hehe. I've lost the walkman and the ginormous phone but I still keep most of my 'vintage' stuff. I'm such a hoarder. Can't help it! :P

Santafire said...

i bought galaxie and smash hits too b4; but someone stole my galaxie lyrics collection so it kinda made me not wanna buy em anymore.

yeah, and smash hits cost a fortune.

i cant figure out aturs either

Amanda Christine Wong said...

alvin: i dont know either! aah...the extinct atur...too bad my dad threw out his already...

mimi: hahaha...ya kan, pakai bill ba tu kan...and that's ALWAYS the excuse! XD

lizee: that makes the two of us! :D

santafire: oh yeah! people bought galaxie for the lyrics, now i recalled...and the posters!

Phoebe said...

I remember the platform sneaks.. It's a Spice Girl Fan thing.. Oh and I SO remember that Walkman of yours.. That was one of the coolest models ni, the less expensive ones were black and boring. We felt so cool walking around with our Walkmans in our pockets, the dang thing weighing our pants down and the bulge of it in our pockets making us look as if we've acquired a gruesome growth on one thigh.

The handphone? My mum used to have this really big one she called 'Pemukul Gava'. Kalo umban anjing trus coma ni and the phone would still be working.. Haha..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Phy: and somehow we didnt care at all huh? the wonders of being a teen.haha. oh yeah! 'bikin humban anjing" they said last time. kuda even! haha!

nc said...

great stuff :)
though they're not the TODAYs stuff anymore..but its what make you today. right? hehe

ive given away some of my stuff as well. but most of for keep. long as ada tempat kasi muat, antam ja la.

hmmm..TiME capsule anyone? :)

rAymOnD said...


rAymOnD said...

tutu .. ~~~