Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Part 1

When you were a teenager, did you buy stuffs you think was so rad at that time?

That they are classics, and they will live on forever and you will love them forever until the day the earth swallows us?

We all did.

If you didn't, you're weird.  I apologise.

And soon the time came when you just didn't have space anymore in your room, to let 'other' rad stuffs to move in with your old collectibles

So you stored them in a box.  Mom nags you to throw away your 'junks' but you refused.

You believed that you will need them again.  Someday.

So you kept all those things in a box and shoved it under your bed.  Or your little brother's bed.

After all, you're going to continue your studies/work in the big city.  And you're definitely coming back someday.

And one day, you came back.

And decided to open your proud box of teenage glory.

I did that.

Looking at my old stuffs brought back all my teen days memories.

Memories of friends whom you thought you'd be friends forever and now you just keep in touch on Facebook, memories of falling in love the first time, memories of having your heart being torn apart the first time and memories of that time when you sneaked out with your friends one night and got caught by your parents resulting in you cutting yourself thinking no one understands you.  And etcetera.

Also, I realised that big box that I kept remnants of my teen years is also my big box of shame.

Things that would make you go, "WTF, how could I still have my ears attached listening to these rubbish?" or "WTF, why didn't anyone shoot me in the head and allow me to buy these stuff?"  Or something like that.

People, this my box of nostalgic teenage remnants/teenage box of shame:

To avoid your eyes from bleeding, I'm just going to focus on one thing today.


What, late 90's babies?  You don't know what these things are?

Okay, let grandma explain.  It plays music, just like your MP3 player.  Astonishing, no?

I'm going to pull the bandage now and show you my shameful, tasteless music collection.  Which I thought was totally cool at that time.

If I were given the chance to go back in time, the first thing I'd do is burn these obscene things and bury the ashes deep down into the earth's crust.

Alright, now that's done and while waiting for myself to uncringe, I'm going to share with you my collections that may seem embarrassing right now, but I have enough self-esteem to say that I AM PROUD to own 'em.

Like, which 10 year old girl in the 90's DID NOT dig the Spice Girls and fighting among friends about who should be Baby Spice and always letting the weirdo or the last person to pick a Spice Girl nickname to be Scary Spice?

After the crazy girl band phenomena, boys who thought they could sing decided to band up and sing for fawning girls who were just starting to learn how to wear sanitary pads.  I, as you can see was one of the victims of dancing, serenading blue-eyed boys.  Though I admit it is embarrassing to used to like boybands, I think these guys are an exception.

Their music was great 10 years ago, and when I listen to them again, I knew why I was crazy about them.  Especially Ronan  Keating.  He could melt every teenager's heart way back and now I believe he still can melt any single middle aged women's heart.

Okay fine. Laugh.

Then there was that time when I was all angsty and angry at the world.  My music taste had changed drastically.

It used to cure any heartache.  And now it just gives me a headache.  The wonders of being a teenager.

And of course, there are the music that I'd still listen when I get sick of the mainstream.

Now, these are classics since I still like them.  Not so sure in 30 years.

And lastly, who could forget these?

Good 'ol mix tapes!

Don't understand why the cover is handwritten, late 90's baby?  Well see, before the time when we can download music illegally and digitally, money was scarce, and some good bands didn't make it in the local stores.  So what we did was listen to the radio, and every time our favorite song was about to play, we pressed RECORD and tape it using empty cassettes.  But sometimes there were DJs who talk too much and that ruins EVERYTHING.

Aah...Those were the days. 

Thank you Internet for making everything extremely easy and free today.  And also for making me feel old.

**P/S: If you know any weirdo still stuck in the 90's one who collects old cassettes who'd be willing to pay for a piece of musical history, do let me know.


Cynth D said...

I was Baby Spice! Hahahahah~!

nc said...

haha..the good ol' mix tape. how can i forget that..:)boleh tape balik2 lagi kn? haha

Jessica Lyne said...

Don't ever throw those!
you know manda, when i read this I was instantly reminded of the 90s coolness. I have mostly good memories! hahah
p/s I was Sporty Spice

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cynth: By george, i thought u'd be Posh!

nc: ya ba, kalo bosan sudah or desperate...hehe

jess: i chucked 'em all in my lil brother's room! yeah, we were pretty cool huh? No matter what people say...haha.
p/s - me too! (though im not so much sporty!)

Joan said...

me was..err.. posh spice. LOL!

we listen the same music la. hehe. got the cassettes that you have also.

haha. cant believe I can mention cassettes over all these years..sound so good.


kaset..keset!!! hehehe

Mimi said...

OMG! I think I got the same amount of cassettes!! LOL! Similar storage box too! But not sure where they are now though.

sHeiLa said...

hahhaa.. i already throw the cassettes because I cannot find any good space to keep all of 'em. plus, my cassette player~ hurmm, all of 'em here in the hse rosak ya..haha
so, why should I keep all those?
Even some of my movies pun suda sa buang :P

p/s : teda la bahan khazanah untuk cicit sa ni

Santafire said...

do you have bonjovi? redhotchillipeppers?
i kinda lost mine...

or maybe i just cant find my teenage capsule among the boxes in the storeroom =_=

Wiskies said...

LOL.. I even proudly having video cassettes (MTV for those singer group) which still in my hometown at the moment too. oh now I'd recalled everything and gosh..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Joan: haha! how many years you havent said that word? :D

Mimi: hehe...go find and korek it!

Sheila: actually i admire ur er, strength to throw it away...if only i had half of it!

Santafire: i think i have RHCP, californiacation...but i have to find it first...heh.

Wiskies: i had Spice World video! but i dont know where it is already...huhu...

Asrih Arif said...

This brings a lot of good memories..

i think kan manda... one day i'm going to write something about our childhood.... hahahah it's going to be really really interesting... esp the part yg kita berebut pondok during rehat masa time darjah 6... not to forget the kisah 'lukisan' ko yg terlepas dengan cikgu.. hahahha

ALTing said...

you call that collection embarrasing? HAH! you should see my collection... one word baby, MEATLOAF! (wonder if you know who that is?)

anyways, the first sight of all the boyband and girlband cassetes instantly gave me a splitting headache but then i saw something that also eased it immediately... MTV Headbanger's Ball. Oh yeah, they got some really good shit in that compilation... hahahah...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Asrih: you should!as u know i have the memory of an ant, so its quite u should write about it and make me embarrass! XD

Alvin: im afraid i wasnt born in the meatloaf i wouldnt know how embarrassing that is...haha...good thing i had teen angst huh? hehe

chegu carol said...

and yeah, I still help Alvin to KEEP his cassette collection.

Mark said...

hahahahaa.....gila tau time ni, my sisters and i sanggup beli o tu kaset2 and videos, and all of them suda hilang and damaged hahaha...ndak pandai jaga kan hahaha....Spice girls time tu mmg kasi spice up rumah kami hahahhaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Carol: i guess he cant bear to part with meatloaf huh..hehe

mark: haha...i didnt know u're into spice girls :P

Phoebe said...

Yeah, who didn't dig the Spice Girls then? The popular girls would perasan themselves the Spice Girls (so they limit their clique to only 5 people) and the popular guy's perasan Backstreet Boys or N'Sync (also limited to 5 members only).

Oh, I remember your change in taste of music alrite. Quite a shock to my system. Hahaha.. But my dear, you are the reason I am more open to music genres. Thanks to you, I can listen and still listen to Greenday. :)

The mixed tapes are a scream girl.. I HATED it when the DJ starts talking before the song ends.. Adoi, lucu..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

phy: cliques were ALWAYS 5 people! if lebih kena ousted ni...kesian...Those were the days huh? :D

Master Mervyn said...

Hohoho, seeing that cassettes brings out fond memories of my yesteryears.I remembered stashing away part of my monthly allowance to buy these jewels. Still got my tapes around, kept it in a big air tight container to keep those pestering black ants from laying their eggs inside the tape itself ^^