Monday, June 28, 2010

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

The novel.  Not the movie.  I'm downloading the movie once the Streamyx is up in my new crib.

In the meantime, I'm doing lotsa reading.

Anyway, some of you might had already read/watched it and I'm like 4 years too late to do a review on it, but what the hell.  I'm pretty sure not ALL of you have read/watched it.

Ring a bell? Yeah, I'm sure it did.  Or not.

First of all, this book is only 2cm thick with the font size of 14, Times New Roman, so you pretty much can finish reading this book in an hour or two without distractions including bathroom breaks.  Beats me how you're gonna hold it.

I had no idea what the story is about, nor have I heard how great it is, but the cover itself compelled me to buy it.  Besides the fact it was on 50% discount. 

So the 'don't judge a book by its cover' is a crappy adage.  You DO judge something by its appearance.  Initially.

And one of its anecdotes goes like this, "It is a book that will stay with you and haunt you for many days after you put it down" - Palm Beach Jewish Journal.

It sure hell did.  Like a jilted fucked up ghost with bad hair from the 18th century.

Written by John Boyne, it tells the story of a nine year old son of a high ranked soldier of the Nazi who befriends another nine year old Jewish boy imprisoned in the concentration camp in Auschwitz.  The only barrier that kept them apart was the fence between them.

And the ending of this little tale of innocence and friendship is a magnificent, shocking, ironic slap in the face.  You'd just sit up and be dazed and run the whole course of the story in your head for half an hour, thinking how brilliant, how sad, how evil, how kind hearted the author is.

Also, it really is a simple story that could be read by a 10 year old, but there are a lot of things going on and different themes being portrayed through the eyes of a nine year old boy who had a family dinner with Hitler himself.  It is completely brimmed with symbolisms and other literary devices; you could write an academic essay on it so awesome that would send your literature lecturer crying, packing and retiring.

I suddenly miss going back to school :(

So if you're bored with Facebook already, do give this book a try.

"Fences like this exist all over the world.  We hope you never have to encounter one."
- John Boyne


Mimi said...

Thanks for the review... I heard about this but I am one of those who haven't read nor watched it... So thanks again...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you're welcome :)

Cynth D said...

a good movie ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

cynth: it is? then it's next on my list!


I will definitely buy this after your awesome review. It is an interesting storyline.I've just finished SPM and gotten my results. I love reading and this is the time to be reading. I normally buy books with good reviews on book could add maturity to my thoughts and my writing.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Naomi: Yes, you should definitely read this. You will be opened up to a whole new world :)