Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Things I've Been Using For 6 Years

Today is the very last weekend I'm ever gonna spend here.

 Today is the day I'm going to pay tribute to the things I've used to make my life easier here, or rather, the things I need to survive.  And also things that I don't have a choice to use.

Many things or items have come and go, but these are the things that stayed with me, and rot with me for six years.

1. Homemade bedsheet and comforter

I've been using the same one since day one. 

I may have over-used it.  But I don't care.  I was miserable and missing home so much, this is the one thing that is close to being home.  Plus my mother made it for me.

2. Old school radio

This thing was around probably before I was born.  I could sell this on Ebay and pass it off as a vintage collector's item.  Plus it runs on those giganto balls batteries if not using the electric power.

3. Magi

The ultimate college food.  Good when you're hungry in the middle of night, better when you're sick of eating out, and best when you realised that buying 5 pairs of shoes in one go is a bad, bad idea.  But oh, bad for your health.  Remind me to do a medical check up.

4.  Milo

I've tried numerous cocoa based drinks for the past 6 years, but nothing could ever come close to Milo.  Yeah, the Cadburry hot chocolate 3 in 1 is tasty, but try drinking that for 6 years.  You just can't get sick of Milo.  I need to figure out what they put in there.

5. Lexus biscuits

I swear to God, I have eaten these biscuits EVERY MORNING for SIX YEARS.  There were other biscuits, but like Milo, I never get sick of them.  I believe the amount of biscuits that I have eaten could bill a whole new Munchy factory.  I wanna thank Jess for sharing her cheese flavoured Lexus to me when we first move in to our new room when I was in IPGaya 6 years ago.  Who knew it'd be my breakfast till today. 

6. Hostel bathroom/toilet

I didn't know how I survived this.  But I did.  For six damn years.  You just get used pooping squatting down.  You just get used to it.

I'd  like to include my work table in my list too, even though I've only been using it for a year.  Although it has only been a year, it served me good.

It's where I do my work, eat, go online and watch my TV shows. 

Dinosaurs are way rad than pink dolphins and ABCs, okay?

If you remember this post you'd know why I bought it even though I have a huge table of my own.

It has served me real good.

See the amount of injury it sustained during my teaching practice? It was a brave, brave soldier.

And above all, it's my last weekend here.  The hole that I've been staying most of my life after school.

Though I've been waiting for this day since the first day I came here, some part of me just want time to stop.

I'm just not ready to not be a student anymore.


Jessica Lyne said...

hey, I remember the purple bed sheet! it's really the same one? wow! I've had at least three different bed sheets since Foundation :) When I get to the Lexus biscuit part, i had fuzzy grainy memory of us sitting on your bed n me offering you the red Lexus! haha. How time flies kan Manda :')

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yes, it really is the same one :D. And u wouldnt give it when i wanted more! bertekad ni mau beli terus...hehe...*sigh* Yeah, sure it does :')

Santafire said...

wows at old school radio!
simpan bagus2.
love vintage^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

santafire: as long as its still usable, why not huh? :D

Asrih Arif said...

milo is the best...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

asrih: found it in ireland mate? :D

Asrih Arif said...

yeaah... but only in asian market... they have a lot of cocoa based drinks here... but nothing can top MILO... Are you in sabah now?

Lizeewong said...

Wow. Your photos brought back memories of my college life in UPM, Serdang. Same toilet! same shower room! even the room looked similar hehe.

Big transition Manda :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Asrih: right? nothing! nope, still in jb. final week here :D

lizee: dont u get that warm fuzzy feeling? hehe. but oh, upm is much more better. too bad i dont have photos of it :(. im not ready for this transition :(

Mark said...

hmmm...bila sa tingu tu bilik ko, teda pun spender2 n sotong2 bergantungan, p mana suma itu? ko tapuk? hahhaa....don't tell me you have a good habit of keeping ur bras and undies under the bed ko ja one bloody girl in your family, n ko macm lelaki hahhaa, sa pun kadang2 buat camtu ja kalo sa suda malas tahap babi ni hahaha...i need a butler!!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mark: out of context betul o ko ni T_T...and i dont put it under my bed!

Mimi said...

I love Lexus biscuit.. the choc sandwich ones (purple color packets)! Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll link you up.. I enjoy reading yours too!

chegu carol said...

no college students can disagree to having eaten megi 7 times a week hahaha!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: so true! but me the most is on alternate days la when desperate. takut juga jatuh rambut! hehe