Monday, June 28, 2010

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

The novel.  Not the movie.  I'm downloading the movie once the Streamyx is up in my new crib.

In the meantime, I'm doing lotsa reading.

Anyway, some of you might had already read/watched it and I'm like 4 years too late to do a review on it, but what the hell.  I'm pretty sure not ALL of you have read/watched it.

Ring a bell? Yeah, I'm sure it did.  Or not.

First of all, this book is only 2cm thick with the font size of 14, Times New Roman, so you pretty much can finish reading this book in an hour or two without distractions including bathroom breaks.  Beats me how you're gonna hold it.

I had no idea what the story is about, nor have I heard how great it is, but the cover itself compelled me to buy it.  Besides the fact it was on 50% discount. 

So the 'don't judge a book by its cover' is a crappy adage.  You DO judge something by its appearance.  Initially.

And one of its anecdotes goes like this, "It is a book that will stay with you and haunt you for many days after you put it down" - Palm Beach Jewish Journal.

It sure hell did.  Like a jilted fucked up ghost with bad hair from the 18th century.

Written by John Boyne, it tells the story of a nine year old son of a high ranked soldier of the Nazi who befriends another nine year old Jewish boy imprisoned in the concentration camp in Auschwitz.  The only barrier that kept them apart was the fence between them.

And the ending of this little tale of innocence and friendship is a magnificent, shocking, ironic slap in the face.  You'd just sit up and be dazed and run the whole course of the story in your head for half an hour, thinking how brilliant, how sad, how evil, how kind hearted the author is.

Also, it really is a simple story that could be read by a 10 year old, but there are a lot of things going on and different themes being portrayed through the eyes of a nine year old boy who had a family dinner with Hitler himself.  It is completely brimmed with symbolisms and other literary devices; you could write an academic essay on it so awesome that would send your literature lecturer crying, packing and retiring.

I suddenly miss going back to school :(

So if you're bored with Facebook already, do give this book a try.

"Fences like this exist all over the world.  We hope you never have to encounter one."
- John Boyne

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vintage Part 2

There were other things that I unearthed when clearing out my room besides my cassettes.

If I do throw them out someday, at least I know I have immortalised them in my blog and when the world ends leaving the Internet the only soul survivor, this post could be part of lost history.

1. Walkman

When you have 134 cassettes, you'd need to lug your walkman when you're in the bus or when you want to look less like a dork walking the streets alone.

2. Old magazines.  Like, ANCIENT

They're Singaporean magazines as I thought Galaxie was too thin and Smash Hits became unbearably expensive.

ETC mags were pretty wicked.

And of course, mags that make me go "What the fuck were you thinking?"

And the cassette.  I was a huge fan of wrestling and extremely deluded that everything was real.  You have no idea how dumb I feel right now.

And piles and piles of magazines since 2003.

I donated a few bundles to a salon nearby and the rest to the Tzu Chi Foundation.

3. Platform sneakers

This was how much the Spice Girls influenced my life.  And they were really rad last time.  I'm keeping this for any 90's themed or Halloween party.

4. Colossal mobile phones

Well this is actually my dad's.  But when compared to the latest-but-quite-outdated phone, you gotta be impressed with its evolution.

Especially the batteries.

Way back then the batteries were half of the phone themselves.  Amazing, huh?  And last time, they didn't use sim cards.  I have no fucking idea how it worked last time.  Just incredible.  I feel young again.

5. Old DVD collections

Well, they aren't exactly ancient, but who buys DVDs now when there are torrents practically flooding the Internet?  And yes, I have all 10 seasons of Friends.

6. Tutu

For those who don't know, I WAS a graceful little ballerina.  I swear I didn't steal this from a poor little girl.  And I'm keeping this as a reminder that I was once a graceful, poised little girl.   And no, I can't do the splits anymore.  It would be an awesome bedroom move if I still could.  Maybe it's not to late to continue...

People, what are you gonna do to your vintage stuffs?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Part 1

When you were a teenager, did you buy stuffs you think was so rad at that time?

That they are classics, and they will live on forever and you will love them forever until the day the earth swallows us?

We all did.

If you didn't, you're weird.  I apologise.

And soon the time came when you just didn't have space anymore in your room, to let 'other' rad stuffs to move in with your old collectibles

So you stored them in a box.  Mom nags you to throw away your 'junks' but you refused.

You believed that you will need them again.  Someday.

So you kept all those things in a box and shoved it under your bed.  Or your little brother's bed.

After all, you're going to continue your studies/work in the big city.  And you're definitely coming back someday.

And one day, you came back.

And decided to open your proud box of teenage glory.

I did that.

Looking at my old stuffs brought back all my teen days memories.

Memories of friends whom you thought you'd be friends forever and now you just keep in touch on Facebook, memories of falling in love the first time, memories of having your heart being torn apart the first time and memories of that time when you sneaked out with your friends one night and got caught by your parents resulting in you cutting yourself thinking no one understands you.  And etcetera.

Also, I realised that big box that I kept remnants of my teen years is also my big box of shame.

Things that would make you go, "WTF, how could I still have my ears attached listening to these rubbish?" or "WTF, why didn't anyone shoot me in the head and allow me to buy these stuff?"  Or something like that.

People, this my box of nostalgic teenage remnants/teenage box of shame:

To avoid your eyes from bleeding, I'm just going to focus on one thing today.


What, late 90's babies?  You don't know what these things are?

Okay, let grandma explain.  It plays music, just like your MP3 player.  Astonishing, no?

I'm going to pull the bandage now and show you my shameful, tasteless music collection.  Which I thought was totally cool at that time.

If I were given the chance to go back in time, the first thing I'd do is burn these obscene things and bury the ashes deep down into the earth's crust.

Alright, now that's done and while waiting for myself to uncringe, I'm going to share with you my collections that may seem embarrassing right now, but I have enough self-esteem to say that I AM PROUD to own 'em.

Like, which 10 year old girl in the 90's DID NOT dig the Spice Girls and fighting among friends about who should be Baby Spice and always letting the weirdo or the last person to pick a Spice Girl nickname to be Scary Spice?

After the crazy girl band phenomena, boys who thought they could sing decided to band up and sing for fawning girls who were just starting to learn how to wear sanitary pads.  I, as you can see was one of the victims of dancing, serenading blue-eyed boys.  Though I admit it is embarrassing to used to like boybands, I think these guys are an exception.

Their music was great 10 years ago, and when I listen to them again, I knew why I was crazy about them.  Especially Ronan  Keating.  He could melt every teenager's heart way back and now I believe he still can melt any single middle aged women's heart.

Okay fine. Laugh.

Then there was that time when I was all angsty and angry at the world.  My music taste had changed drastically.

It used to cure any heartache.  And now it just gives me a headache.  The wonders of being a teenager.

And of course, there are the music that I'd still listen when I get sick of the mainstream.

Now, these are classics since I still like them.  Not so sure in 30 years.

And lastly, who could forget these?

Good 'ol mix tapes!

Don't understand why the cover is handwritten, late 90's baby?  Well see, before the time when we can download music illegally and digitally, money was scarce, and some good bands didn't make it in the local stores.  So what we did was listen to the radio, and every time our favorite song was about to play, we pressed RECORD and tape it using empty cassettes.  But sometimes there were DJs who talk too much and that ruins EVERYTHING.

Aah...Those were the days. 

Thank you Internet for making everything extremely easy and free today.  And also for making me feel old.

**P/S: If you know any weirdo still stuck in the 90's one who collects old cassettes who'd be willing to pay for a piece of musical history, do let me know.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Coming Home

I crossed the sea with tears on my eyes
Leaving everyone I knew behind
There were never enough goodbyes
 For all I wanted was to go home

Alone and foreigned in my own country
Being different didn't help me
My heart ached to go back where I belong
For all I wanted was to go home

Time after time you just become numbed
What you have signed for, you succumbed
Grab life by the horns they say
But still all I wanted was to go home

So I grabbed life by the horns
I danced on beds of roses
And I tread on thorns
And sometimes I forget that all I was wanted to go home

Six years ago I was the angsty girl
But then she learned to take on the world
I flew and I soared
I fell and I broke
High on life, shattered with misery
And that's when I found my destiny
Till I'm through with it, I'm not going home

So today I've learned everything I need to know
Yet there are still so many things I don't know
The end is only the beginning, as the cliche goes
And now I'm ready to go home.

**I just need to get this out of my system...




I am just beyond words. Just profanities in capslock.   

I am finally coming home.

***On a side note, being my last day here EVER, I can't resist cheesiness!

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Things I've Been Using For 6 Years

Today is the very last weekend I'm ever gonna spend here.

 Today is the day I'm going to pay tribute to the things I've used to make my life easier here, or rather, the things I need to survive.  And also things that I don't have a choice to use.

Many things or items have come and go, but these are the things that stayed with me, and rot with me for six years.

1. Homemade bedsheet and comforter

I've been using the same one since day one. 

I may have over-used it.  But I don't care.  I was miserable and missing home so much, this is the one thing that is close to being home.  Plus my mother made it for me.

2. Old school radio

This thing was around probably before I was born.  I could sell this on Ebay and pass it off as a vintage collector's item.  Plus it runs on those giganto balls batteries if not using the electric power.

3. Magi

The ultimate college food.  Good when you're hungry in the middle of night, better when you're sick of eating out, and best when you realised that buying 5 pairs of shoes in one go is a bad, bad idea.  But oh, bad for your health.  Remind me to do a medical check up.

4.  Milo

I've tried numerous cocoa based drinks for the past 6 years, but nothing could ever come close to Milo.  Yeah, the Cadburry hot chocolate 3 in 1 is tasty, but try drinking that for 6 years.  You just can't get sick of Milo.  I need to figure out what they put in there.

5. Lexus biscuits

I swear to God, I have eaten these biscuits EVERY MORNING for SIX YEARS.  There were other biscuits, but like Milo, I never get sick of them.  I believe the amount of biscuits that I have eaten could bill a whole new Munchy factory.  I wanna thank Jess for sharing her cheese flavoured Lexus to me when we first move in to our new room when I was in IPGaya 6 years ago.  Who knew it'd be my breakfast till today. 

6. Hostel bathroom/toilet

I didn't know how I survived this.  But I did.  For six damn years.  You just get used pooping squatting down.  You just get used to it.

I'd  like to include my work table in my list too, even though I've only been using it for a year.  Although it has only been a year, it served me good.

It's where I do my work, eat, go online and watch my TV shows. 

Dinosaurs are way rad than pink dolphins and ABCs, okay?

If you remember this post you'd know why I bought it even though I have a huge table of my own.

It has served me real good.

See the amount of injury it sustained during my teaching practice? It was a brave, brave soldier.

And above all, it's my last weekend here.  The hole that I've been staying most of my life after school.

Though I've been waiting for this day since the first day I came here, some part of me just want time to stop.

I'm just not ready to not be a student anymore.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm currently attending a course as a prerequisite for becoming a teacher.

 They call it knowledge.

Some call it brainwashing.

Do you believe what the papers tell you?  Or not tell you?

See, sometimes I wonder.

Why do they try so hard to bring us all together, but in the end, break us apart?

 So, I call it incitement.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Young Me Now Me

Remember the post on the joyful find of my nanny?

She still has my photos and she promised that she'd upload them on Facebook.

Thank God there weren't embarrassing ones.

If you're wondering how I looked like as a child, here there are, unearthed for your viewing pleasure.  Or not.

This is her.  And me.  Yes, that's really me.  And no, I did not steal anyone's photo.

Yes, I was a poor little bald baby girl always dressed in girly clothes to avoid being mistaken as a boy.

To be honest I don't think this was me either.

When you're the only girl in the family, you practically become your mother's living dress-up play doll.  

And always asked to stand at random places and take photos.  When wearing something deemed 'cute'.

This was at my mom's then salon.  This was also my playhouse.  I made friends with the hair clips and stick curlers and play with 'em.  What?  I don't have sisters and the salon girls won't play with me.

And of course, feeding time. :D

She posted this on my wall before:

She wasn't kidding.


 ...much better!  Thank you Photoshop!

Okay, you can stop comparing the two pictures and be convinced that it's two completely different people...