Tuesday, May 25, 2010


No more slaving self writing epic lesson plans everyday.

No more collecting useless crap from school for a pompous portfolio.

No more sitting around at the lonely corner of the staffroom waiting for the clock to strike 2.30p.m.

No more swearing at my evil printer.

No more nagging students to bring their books.  Which only half did.  Which the other half won't be my problem anymore.


Though I still have to come back for the brainwashing induction course.

Plus these are only half of the things I managed to pack back home.  Or quarter.

Till then, my six years here isn't exactly over.



~Adorable Alycia~ said...

Horrayy.....no more trying to please people for you till the next phrase comes...^_^...anyway, enjoy your freedom from teaching while it last....there's more to come....;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hi adorable alycia! thanks for dropping by! you're a teacher too huh? nice to meet another one in blogosphere! :D
so yeah, my this phase has ended...but im still not ready for the next!

Daniel Chiam said...

Now that is really messy! Haha

Lizeewong said...

Samaknya...hehehe...So do you know where you're posted?

Btw, I'm glad your blog has come out of quarantine :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

daniel: thinking what to pack ba tuu... T_T

lizee: hehe..not yet..maybe in july, the latest in august..yeah, it feels great to be back out in the open! :D

sHeiLa said...


no more essay-like reflection! heheheee

Kelvin said...

I still wish tat u are my teacher in my school days lol~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila: ya ba! the next time would be one sentenc ja :D

kelvin: im not sure if i want students like u! XD