Monday, May 24, 2010

I found the answer

Approximately three months ago, I asked myself these two questions:

Did the profession make a the right choice?

Am I cut out to be a teacher?

I found the answers three months later.

The answer is YES, YES and HELL YES.

And now I do.

Better be ready for me, world.


Jessica Lyne said...

Girl, I'm gonna say the same thing you said to me once - "YOU ARE BORN TO BE A SUPERSTAR TEACHER" :)

Wina Edwina said...

Hi there... Its great to be able to read your blog once again... I believe that u'll be a superstar teacher in the future and I can smell that u r going to be loved by all your students... and of course hated by some of your colleagues (Because u ROCKKSSS) ..Reality bah tu kan.. Famous people often get hated for no reason... LOL!!!

Mack the Dagger said...

OH god - i am so jealous of you! u seem to have a lot of fun!!!! whoopee~~~ congrats again manda. for only a tiny 2% of the population get to do what they really want to do and find it actually their true blue calling XD

Kelvin said...

How i wish u were my teacher in my school days.

Marion said...

Awesome! :DD It is great that they love you, just from your posts I'd knew you'd be great. ;) No bluff.

All the best. :D

Eric Constantine said...

She's back with more superstar traits. lol...congrats babe... :p

Daniel Chiam said...

Congrats! Wow, you really rock those students... I envy you! haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jess: haha! great minds!

wina edwina: thanks...but i think what u said its true, mesti ada tu kena benci...just have to deal with it..huhu

max: i actually did have fun! so im the 2%! :D

kelvin: LOL!

marion: thanks a lot!

eric: thanks! :D

daniel: yes! hehe... :DD

Wiskies said...

Young student will always love sporting & rock teachers coz they hate rules that made them 'can't do this & can't do that'.

chegu carol said...

well done!
punya byk peminat :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Wiskies: now im not so strict as i think im not permanent tia tau la next time when i become a real teacher if they would still love me!

carol: now i like to be a teacher :DD

Master Mervyn said...

See..what did I told ya? ^^ Congrats Teacher Amanda ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

thanks mervyn! :D

emelda said... have a great and such a sweet heart students!! :D