Saturday, May 29, 2010

How To Make Awesome Cheapass Bookmarks For Your Students To Bribe Them I Mean To Show Your Appreciation

Fret not my friend! I'm here to guide you!

Of course, I stole this idea from the internet.

But mine's way awesomer.

I needed to get my students something as a parting/thank you gift so that they'll remember me forever.  Or at least HAD one teacher in their lifetime who personally handcrafted something with love and lack of sleep for them.

And the cheapest thing I could think of was a bookmark.  Lame, I know, but it is the cheapest and could potentially remain in their lives forever.  Or at least a month, tops.

However, bookmarks these days aren't cheap!  I have 74 students and my budget was RM74 (what? I bought them enough candies to cause cavities).  And the cheapest I could find was RM1.20 per piece!  That was so over my budget.  And it's fug with random cliche motivational lines.

So hence the idea of making one instead of buying.

So if you're a teacher in need of bribing showing some love to your student, or you just want to make your own awesome bookmark, read on.

Things needed:
1. Coloured envelopes, or the ones with the red and blue stripes or whatever.

2. Stickers (optional)

3. Any smartass type up/writing on a piece of paper

4. Glue
5. Scissors/cutter

Cut the edges of the envelopes.  You don't need envelopes actually - you can just fold and glue papers that resemble it...but that would take another 3 hours of your time.

Paste your smartass lines or if you're the nice type, yawn inducing motivational words lines.  It can be anything besides the following e.g. 'you drooled here', 'this is the part where it gets REALLY boring' etc.

Paste any stickers you want.  Or don't.  Whatever.  If they are emo kids, I think they would like blood on the bookmarks.

And voila, you got yourself your very own awesome DIY bookmark. Yay!

And it's cheap too!  The cost? RM12.90! For 74 students!  That's about 17 cents each! EACH! Double yay!  See how much I have saved?

How do you use this weird looking bookmark?  Just cover the edge of the page where you usually dog-ear it.  See, easy.  But it does take a genius to figure it out.  Trust me.

And you get happy, appreciative, unsuspecting students.

Good luck!


Mack the Dagger said...

OMG THIS IS SUPER COOLNESS!!!!!! my teacher never gave me anything sweet mcm nie tau...*sob sob*

eh manda, if a teacher gives her students bookmarks, what should i give my patients then? "get-well-soon-plasters?" wakkakakak XD

chegu carol said...

very creative and thoughtful!

nanti sa tiru ok :)

Jasmit Kaur said...

Manda, I stole ur idea, as u already know...haha..I made for all the teachers in my school and they really LOVE it=)

sHeiLa said...

at last!

i was waiting this post!

makaseh mandak..hehee

Santafire said...

ive been using dog ears like this for my college handouts; not as bookmark, more like foldering it on all sides ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Max: THANKS! :D...actually, i do like the get-well-soon plasters! do it! :D

carol: thanks! ba, dipersilakan... :D

Jasmit: i know :p...did u take pictures of it?

sheila: hehe...u're welcome :D

santafire: heh...that should be fine too i guess :D

Benedicta*C_J said...

this is super creative! I'm going to do this too..hahaha..great idea.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

thanks carol! :D

~Adorable Alycia~ said...

Wow!!!....that's a really creative way to make people happy and save at the same time.....^_^....

Kelvin said...

This is a great gift^^
But i will prefer a sexy photo if i am ur student haha XD

Wiskies said...

oh my I'm not a teacher & have no student but this is creative & really smart idea. I loike..

Anonymous said...

nice! i managed to make one for my brother :)
i had fun doing it..haha :)