Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Transaction

The noblest job on earth is what you choose,
without realising what you would lose;
it's no longer a job - when the job consumes you.

You are no longer human,
of flesh and blood.
You are an angel,
sent from the heavens up above.

An angel with mechanical wings.
A sinless android.
An immaculate robot.
A virtuous machine.

No matter how hard your scream,
they can't hear you.
No matter how much you bleed,
they can't see you.

For the mask of purity
is forged on your bloodied face.  Perfectly.
Muffling any sound of defiance.

(All they see now is a saint.)
(All they want to see now is a saint.)

I bet you didn't read the fine print -
It stated  "For the rest of your life,
you have to be an angel -
once you decided to sell your soul to the devil."


Shamimi Haniza said...

I know d story behind this poem. Be strong babe! Buatlah keputusan apa yg terbaik utk u. I sokong u 200% =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mimi: baik lah. after the 5 years bond, we'll see.

Kelvin said...

Wah, ur bond is 5 years?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yes kelvin. 5 effing years.