Friday, April 30, 2010

There's a dick on my wall

No, seriously.  There's a dick on my wall.

 Can you spot it?

Ignore the blackened wall.  I didn't cause it.  And no, my back's perfectly fine and I don't have bacne anymore.  I said ignore it!

Now you believe me?

By the way, my final observation's next week.

The culmination of six years studying how to be an English teacher.

This is fucking it. 

Whether I'm cut out to be one or not.

Whether I can inspire generations, or DESTROY 'em.

And also, the resolution of my little blog drama, I will know.  I'm sure you people are dying to know what'll happen to me.  I'm dying too.  Pretty much dead already, though.

Time to write the most epic lesson plans ever.

Wish me luck people.


Kelvin said...

Lol, who drew tat?
Good luck XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

probably the guys who stayed in my hostel before :/. thanks kelvin!

ahmad suhaizie shan said...

alaaa admit laaa u drewit urself torelease ur tense....hehehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ahmad: i did not! i swear! LMAO