Saturday, April 3, 2010

Effeminate Men

I have a growing concern towards the younger generation female population. Gone are the days when tall, dark and handsome men are on their crush/stalk list. Fantasies of our men in a mechanic's overall, swabbed with black oil or men with 6 packers, all sweaty and bloody don't seem to arouse them.

Then what does?

I'm not generalising, it may not apply to ALL girls and it also may not be true, but this is just what I'm seeing lately.

Effeminate men are so much hotter these days.

I'm not referring to these chaps though:

I'm referring to men who have traits, tastes or habits that are traditionally considered as feminine.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, here are the 4 main physical characteristics of effeminate men:

1. He has a fair complexion; blemish and wrinkle free.

2. He has hair that looked like he took an hour to do. Not to mention healthy and silky.

3. He has nicely trimmed eyebrows, no facial hair and wears minimal make up: lipgloss, powder etc.

4. He wears more makeup than you, actually:

5. He has a voice that can beat any vocal actress for a princess role of a fairy tale cartoon.

As for Justin Bieber, for my life I have no idea why girls in school are crazy about a hormonally retarded teenager. Maybe if he grows some facial hair and exchanges his vocal chords with Miley Cyrus, I'd get it.

See, they're not gay, they just happen to have extra estrogen yet still loves some pussy. 'Cept for Lambert and perhaps Bieber no matter how hard he tries to convince us in his songs. A little digression here - I think Bill Kaulitz (second picture) and Lambert makes makeup on men look hot, not in a drag queen kind of way, but androgynously, though.

By the way, if you find that more than three of the characteristics above tickle your fancy, you definitely love de-balled men and you can play make over with them.

And if you're into these kinda girls I mean guys, why?

Here are the reasons I can think of:
  1. You can share your skincare regime.
  2. You can share clothes.
  3. You can share makeup.
  4. He can help you do your hair and paint your nails.
  5. He can give wicked fashion advice. And of course, go shopping together!
  6. A guy who cries looking at a sunset is more worth it than a guy who can't for his life tell what's new about your hair.
  7. You can have cocktails together! No more feeling dragged to a tacky pub for cheap beer with his buddies. He can join the girls!
  8. He'll cry with you when watching sad movies.
  9. You would think that there's finally equality in a relationship?
Of course, these may sound like the characteristics of your gay bestfriend, but it's not. That's just how your effeminate boyfriend rolls. Or so you think.

As for me, I like my man all ripped and rough and only takes 10 minutes to dress and get ready. Though I do make sure he follows the 3 steps of facial care regime. And I admit, sometimes a little castration goes a long way.

So, what's your preference?


InsaneOnion said...

No matter war era we are in, girls just dun like fatties huh...

Gladys David said...

LOL! You nailed it right there.

I must admit that I do enjoy ogling at japanese pretty boys though XD

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Haha.. Pretty boys.. :D Nice one from you.. Love reading all your posts. Keep it up Amanda~!

Lizeewong said...

For viewing pleasure, I'd take these pretty boys...I mean, they ARE yummylicious *sigh*

For keeps, I'd take the conventional type - the one who takes 5 mins to get ready, is not vain and will never ever be prettier than me hehe

Phoebe said...

I'm into Alpha males who are not challenged in the hygene department. Not into the pretty boy thing myself... Hehehe...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

InsaneOnion: Hm, you could be wrong you know. some girls like their guys on the round side, no kidding.

Gladys David: haha! guilty!

Annie: hehe...thanks! <3

Lizeewong: hehe..that's rational enough! i like!

Phoebe: you like 'em rough huh ;D

MeMeR said...

ooo,I guess girls need to watch out. These boys are getting prettier than you guys are!!
No offence!!haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

MeMer: that's why you wont see me dating pretty boys! i hate competition!

Mark said...

Pretty Boys, Beautiful Men are just the Era of Narcissism...girls have to watch out, this era is really fattening the man's world...for what?
Sexuality and Sexual Appeals...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mark: ko memang ba mark.