Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Light at The End of The Tunnel

As most of you know, I'm now in that dark seemingly endless little tunnel called Practical.

Being in that pitch black tunnel, we trudged blindly along the way, feeling so lost and confused, suffocated by the air of overwhelmingness (if that's even a real word), made claustrophobic by shitloads of work, and occasionally suffered from a mild case of sense of time impairment.

Not to mention zombified and robbed off our precious weekend rights. There's no such thing as T.G.I.F. anymore. There's nothing to be thankful for a Friday, as Saturday will whip your ass to get up for school.

I can't remember the last time I write about something optimistic and full of sunshine.

However, today is the day.

A student posted this in her blog:

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope after all. This is the light.

And I am gonna be kick ass awesome.

P/S: Ignore the age mistake. I said ignore it! Why aren't you ignoring it?!

P/S II: Boyfriend, I can explain 'bout the last line...I love you?


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Main siok kalau students sa pun ada mention gini d blog durang.. Haha..

Sengaja kali dia teka2 umur ko 28.. :p

Gladys David said...

LOL! How did u managed to korek ur student's blog address?

Maybe dia sengaja kasi tayang2 in order to get on your good side after the first bad impression XD

Lizeewong said...

This lit up my day too hehe! LOL! So do you know who katak panjang is?

Jasmit Kaur said...

manda.....your students are whats is it about them liking u and saying ur attached but available???????

hahaha.....ur're already looking old hehe
(according to ur student)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

AnnieMing: hehehe...ada juga ba tu kali, mau p kurik la...hehehe :D

Gladys David: she gave me her blog add...heh...know what, maybe la tu kan? waa...

Lizeewong: hehe..i have no idea! i'd like to know though! XD

Jasmit Kaur: just 'coz...hahaha..i think it's coz i wear makeup la! :P

Santafire said...

Looks liek you found your silver lining^^

i like your [P/S II].

chegu carol said...

'attached but available'

didnt you say you teach in an all girls school? :D

Rungitom said...

You see what I mean last time ;) its not all that bad.

Jessica Lyne Andrew said...

see,there's nothing to worry about, you gonna be awesome..oh wait, u are already awesome :D
p/s pity bout losing saturdays but a teacher's gotta do what a teacher gotta do aye? :)

MeMeR said...

Dang, i wanna have students like yours too..
They are dope

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: Yup. and hope i wont get into trouble! :D

chegu carol: mau nampak glamor ba tu...hahaha

Rungitom: yup, i kinda did worry too much...heh

Jessica Lyne Andrew: hehe..i guess i didn't want to jinx the awesomeness in me...heh. i was seriously taken aback with the saturday thing! i was so in denial that i could look forward for a friday :/

MeMer: Come 'ere then :D

sHeiLa said...

all i can say is


me likey the last part..kekekekekekeke

zewt said...

hahahahaha... loads of explainin to do...

and with so many hot hormones driven boys around...

moses said...

SEEEEEEE!!*^%#&^%$@# You were RAPED as well. Im not all alone

Amanda Christine Wong said...

zewt: that's all i got!

moses: eye lebian raped!

zewt said...

that's all you got? which part? hormones or boys or explaination?