Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I found my nanny on Facebook!

Yes, no school stories today.

'Coz I found my long lost nanny!

She took care of me when I was 2 months old, till I turned four.

Or rather, she found me. I never knew her full name.

I only knew her as Aunty Lita, and she is my baptism Godmother. My memory of her is fuzzy, but I do know her existence in my life. Or maybe, the photos told me so.

All I know is that when I was four, she went back to Philippines. I'm not sure if I cried, or I was this douchy aloof kid. And I never heard from her since. But mom made sure we don't forget who took care of us when we were young, and her name stuck the longest.

20 years later, she decided to find me on Facebook. All these while she was trying to find a way to keep in touch with us, but she thought we had migrated to Australia. True story: my parents thought of migrating 20 years ago - and I would've grown up with a sick Aussie accent.

And above all, she remembers my full name, up to my Chinese name (it's Li Yung though - amazing memory still!). And perhaps the crux of this revelation is that she still refers me as 'baby'. I was like a daughter to her before she had her own.

Now that pulled my heart strings. And made me feel like a jerk for having a vague memory :(

(ignore her typo!)

Guess Facebook's true objective of connecting people still prevails. Asides getting people fired, divorced, raped, jailed and killed.

The feeling of reuniting with a person whom I can barely remember, but who cared for me just like a mother would is just so weird. But weird in a good way. The kind that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling, and wishing that you'd remember more. I just wanna run into her arms and hug her! Though seeing that her photo on Facebook may not match the photographic memory in my head, I might hug the wrong person.

She still has photos of us too.

That explains my photo-whoring/hogging/bombing behaviour.

I was doing it before I can say my ABCs :D


Wiskies said...

wow.. this is great and touching! Remind me when my bf met his step parents last two years after long lost contact. They were excited, jumping and shouting when they met after 20 years.

Here's the good thing when u put real full name in fb.

Asrih Arif said...

this is so touching.... *teary eyes*...

chegu carol said...

FB is good. :D

Lizeewong said...

This is so touching :)

Btw, do post those photos for your readers ya...hope you were decently dressed hehehe :P

Joan said...

that's heart warming :)

moses said...

Dear Li Yung,
"...I would've grown up with a sick Aussie accent" WHOAAAAAA....AWESOME!!!

p/s;Asides getting people fired, divorced, RAPED, jailed and killed. Am glad ur aware of the consequences if ur fb account is 1day made known to the Ss/Ts

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Wiskies: The feeling is so unreal, wasn't it? Yeah, i agree on putting your real name - for the purpose of reconnecting with long lost people.

Asrih Arif: I cried too :(

chegu carol: si carol main fb game ja tu ;p

Lizeewong: will sure do! if indecent, censor la...hehe

Joan: it is! :')

Moses: why do i somehow regretted putting my chinese name on the post...and yeah, i would've been DAMN AUSSOME.
P/S: that's why u need ANOTHER dummy account.

chegu carol said...

FB game is good. :D

amieyalen said...

FB is good, and great! =)